My Mama’s kids

So, this would be my first ever blog-post. I’ve been nagging me into opening my own blog after being ‘oppressed’ by a little sector of blogosphere of recent…. Shout out to @Ms_Dania, @KevinWithAnL, @CapoeiraPanda, @FreshPrinceVick, @SamanthaSiren, @JCphoenixx, @UberBetty, @MallamSawyerr, @Adm3on, @JibolaL, @ThePervNerd, @NappyHairedPoet, @theToolsman, @RealistXX, y’all inspire me on a daily. *bows low*

Well, it’s Mother’s Day today in the land in which my mother birthed me; It’s also the birthday of my mother’s last two babies, Funto and Tobi, today. The perfect reason to put up a post if you ask me, how much more my first. So this here is “Happy Birthday” to my beautiful brother and sister, born on the same day, only two years apart, “Happy Mother’s Day” to my beautiful mama, the person who’s made the most positive impact on my life, even in her absence, and “Welcome to my world” to the rest of the world. Enjoy…


Fifteen years ago my mama died
Death raised his ugly head in a victory cry
He thot he’d won but the battle had just begun
The fight was handed over to her daughter and three sons.
The legacy goes on…

So just once more
Show me that gap-toothed wonder
Bring it from yonder, for longer
I see it now but it’s frozen in place
Behind a glass pane but stolen away
I’m here, you’re not
You found me, I’m lost
You fought, won the cause and
Walked into the cross
Leaving me behind

I miss you
You’re irreplaceable
Bloated up, shriveled
Yet so graceful, I’m ever grateful
I was almost hateful, had to emulate you
Had to get that shine
You did, so it’s possible
I too can shine, will shine
Whether I rhyme
Or not…
All you had to do was SMILE

And we miss you
Pelumi, Funto and Rachel too
Through us all she knows you
And Tobi sort of into you grew
He loves clothes too, turned out right
Becomes you when he draws all night
I look at us and swell with pride
Four more yous still shining bright
So we cried, we sigh, we’ll grin
Sure we shine, maybe a little dim
We glowed a little under your wing
And now you are the dream
And we will not wake, not even slowly
We will not return to Ikoyi
You left there a long time ago
Back into our hearts in a blaze of glory
And we’re SMILING

Because that is what you’d have us do
Through tears, fears, jeers, blues
Like you, just SMILE it through
And someday SMILE with you

In loving memory of my dear mother
the best ever
Mrs J.F. Aworinde (110453 – 050896)


56 comments on “My Mama’s kids

  1. adebisi says:

    may her soul continue to rest in perfect peace..
    wonderful piece you have here….


  2. Kelvin says:

    I’m sure she’s smiling down at u for sharing her with us all..thanks and stay blessed bruv.
    Looking forward to more *bows*


  3. Spiffy says:

    May her soul rest in peace…nice work


  4. fairy god mother says:

    Beautiful piece, and more beautiful is d fact that her legacy lives on thru u her children… I must confess frm her pic she is beautiful and I’m guessing she had dat wonderful personality that every1 just loved her…
    May she continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty, till wen y’all shall reunite…
    I’ll visit ur blog more often, as far as @kevinwithanL kips retweeting the link…


  5. *standin ovation wit tears in his eyes*
    Bruv…I always knew u had ish like dis in u…waytago mehn!!!
    Ur mum would be so proud…n on dat note as d “youngest” member of d group u named above…I say welcome to Blogosphere n WordPress…


  6. Uncle Jevi says:

    Writing from the heart… Love it!


  7. love this … may her soul rest in peace


  8. KimoraWilliams says:

    Wow! I’m actually tearing up. May her soul continue to rest in peace in d bosom of our Lord. I’m sure she’s very proud of u. Looking forward to more wonderful posts from u..


  9. missoluwaboba says:

    I absolutely love it! I’m sure your Ma is tres proud of the fine gentleman you are, and I am pleased to be affiliated with the great man you will yet become. Nicely done…


  10. kitkat says:

    Awwww! i know she’s looking down and smiling at you for being a good daughter. Its a vewi lovely poem 🙂


  11. Betty says:

    Why am I just reading this? Why wasn’t I notified? I’m upset.. I loved this. Almost let a tear slip. I just read your next post and had to come back to this. And I’m very impressed. I’m sure she is too..


  12. kola says:

    Nice! Whats ur twitter handle?


  13. BoukkieO says:

    wow. lovely. may her soul RIP


  14. awizii says:

    Your mom sure did win when she birthed you. You’re awesome man…May your mom’s soul rest in perfect peace.


  15. charles_LM says:

    Omg my her soul rest in peace wonderful write btw #bless


  16. terdoh says:

    Is it fair? Ehn? Is it? You didn’t tell me about the post. I had to hear about it from my timeline. I feel cheated on. I no even dey appreciation.

    *sheds alligator tears with pepper*

    On a serious note tho, your mom would be so proud of you. I know what its like to lose a mother so I can relate. I’m sure she’s looking down at you and smiling.

    Lovely post there Olatoxic.


  17. Mia Farraday says:

    This was lovely. May her soul rest in peace.

    PS. Welcome to the blogosphere! x


  18. no1chick says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! She definitely lives on!


  19. aot2 says:

    Moving tribute


  20. highlandblue says:

    Thank you Ola. Sometimes our loved ones affect us much more in death than in life. When I read these, I am all the more thankful for the people God has placed around me. And yes, may He raise all the people needed to take you to your potential height. This is good but just the beginning. *watching your ascension closely*


  21. Chiggy says:

    Love and appreciation creatively penned down…May she continue to live on,better and stronger.


  22. freshprinz says:

    I dunno why I’m just reading this, but its absolutely beautiful. The kind of beauty that can only come from expressions of the heart. I’m sure she’s proud of you guys. All walking in her artsy footsteps. 🙂


  23. theinsanephenom says:



  24. Lagos Hunter says:

    Ola, I am not gonna tell you anything you don’t already know but I will tell you this…..

    The awesomeness of your post is in the relevance of August 5th to your family and your decision to take it a step further by launching your blog today (August 5th) with your mum’s memory.


  25. Miss Em says:

    BREATH takingly beautiful…I love it, May her soul rest in perfect peace and happy bday Funto and Tobi


  26. Georgeenah says:

    Tokunbo you’ve definitely done your mum proud by writing this beautiful piece of poetry. I’m definitely bookmarking and looking forward to more beautiful pieces.


  27. Oh wow…beautiful

    **Hugs** 🙂


  28. Wow!!! Nice one man!!!


  29. leema says:

    This is really good… Am I the only one that thinks it’s will make a lovely song? Awww it’s brill. Very heartfelt. 🙂


  30. d3ola says:

    Lovely piece. So beautiful
    May her soul R.I.P


  31. Julius says:

    That was my lovely aunty that you just talked about. Her memory will forever remain fresh in our hearts. May her gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.


  32. ibetapassmynebo says:

    RIP Mama


  33. BBB says:

    This was really beautiful
    Her legacy lives on in all of you


  34. I’m smiling…


  35. Ighodaro Omoigui says:

    Beautiful piece Ola, indeed your mum’s memory is blessed. Thank God for her life.


  36. @topesmooth says:

    Tox dts a nice piece…….am touched bro


  37. inesqoremis says:

    This is an awesome ode, my friend.

    I totally understand it, I feel the poetry almost like I wrote it myself…. my own mother also died when I was much younger, but 10 and half years ago.

    The memories of the righteous are blessed, man….

    *doffs my hat to the beautiful essence of your poetry*


  38. alahyor says:

    May her soul rest in peace.. Subscribing.. Don’t disappoint me.. So far so good!


  39. Sick_Sage says:

    Lovely piece bro, time might not remove the pain, but it dulls it, so we can appreciate the joy that was before. Her soul lives on in all of you.


  40. God rest her soul..And bless those she left behind. You turned out right! Love :-**


  41. DeMorrieaux says:

    this is (still) lovely


  42. Lots of courage. May her gentle soul rest forever in perfect peace. and i pray you always give her reason to smile down on you.


  43. DeMorrieaux says:

    She'd be proud of you, I am sure.


  44. Belles Pomme says:

    No doubt she is looking down, smiling, imploding with pride as she watches her “human copy” represent her to the best of his ability. She is sooo proud of you! I know… I just do.

    As am I muylinda, as am I.


  45. cindytarfa says:

    And she’s smiling back at you. Beautiful.. The tears in my eyes is all the applause I can give.. Beautiful.. Looking forward to more of your posts..


  46. Hahishaa says:

    God rest her soul bro! Condolences!!


  47. olufunmi Adetunji says:

    Very Original n touching piece ,straight 4rm d horse’s mouth. May her soul continue 2 RIP wit d beautiful SMILE on her face. God bless U’all ril gud.


  48. […] who never hesitate to let us know how much they loved her and what she meant to them. I posted Smile, a poem I wrote in  her memory, on the occasion of her last two babies’ birthday last year. […]


  49. 01ade9 says:

    Moving tribute. Heartfelt.


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