Who We Are

*Le Sigh*

*walks in and dusts cobwebs  lying around blog*

I have not been suffering from writer’s block. I have not been lazy either. I’ve just been quite, quite busy. Not so busy that I would forget my obligation to post here regularly but busy enough not to eventually have. Work has been crippling of recent and I’ve been involved in a project with some friends and yet, I Have been able to write… just not stuff I can put up here. I can share one of these though…

I had the priviledge of being a part of #TheWritersRoundtable, a series on @d3ola’s blog. The project had contributions from twelve of us writers/bloggers and involved a story that was developed and passed along from one writer/blogger to another. We each had the leeway to do with the story as we pleased while the ball was in our court. Deola began the series here and subsequent writers were picked via ‘lucky dip’ which means noone knew when they would be up and so couldn’t prepare ahead as they didn’t know what the next writer would come up with until they read it like everyone else when it was put up. This means we each had only about 48hrs to develop and write our continuing stories, daunting I assure you and the end result was pretty interesting. Well, I came up towards the end of the series and you can find my contribution, Revelations, here. Please read and show Dee some love through your comments.

Well, on to today’s post. In the spirit of our nation’s 51st independence, patriot that I am, I thought I’d share something from a little while back. This was written while I was in NYSC orientation camp all the way up north in Katsina and I believe the message therein is still quite relevant to us all today, whether we’re corpers or not. Enjoy…

*        *       *

We are the beginning, sometimes the end
We are not enemies, we are friends
We are the elements, we are meant to blend
We are conduits, we are instruments
We are the federation, the future of this nation
We are a new generation, we are the intervention
An inspiration, at the mention…
Of which we silence all aberration
We are the members, the placenta
We are the melting point, we are the blender
We are the propulsion and yet the fender
We are the glue that together hold the centre
Remember, remember, we are the future
We are the succour, we are not the furor
In the face of failure, we rise above the stupor
We are superior, we are superior

Fellow corp members, we are Africa
We are from all over Nigeria
From Yenogoa to Minna, we are Katsina,
We are beginners and yet we are winners
We are proud, we get mout’
We fit shout, we get clout
We are scouts, from North to South
We are the pioneers of new routes
We are ambassadors, we are servants
We are on diplomatic errand, we’re not errant
We are elite, no more peasants
We are the ones they await with perseverance
Ladies and gentlemen, we are soldiers
We grow older, wiser, bolder
Sooner or later, the fight will be over
But until then we are proud Nigerian Corpers


This post is dedicated to the memory of the Fallen9 corpers who lost their lives during the tragic post-election crisis that occured in Bauchi state in April this year.

Special shoutout to the 2010 Batch C corpers across the nation who are scheduled to pass out on Oct 4th, 2011, many of them my friends.

God go make una bigger o!