Apologies for my long absence on this here platform. Today, a story…


The words come to my blooming consciousness first. The spoken words. Hushed whispers trickling down to this place from another life. Like they have returned to me from a distant civilization, from an alternate reality.

“He’s been such a great husband. I feel so sorry for his wife and kid…”

“The best ones always seem to go first. He had so much potential…”

“No one deserves heavenly peace as much as he does. Such a saint…”

“Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust…”

Then the memories follow. The painfully contradictory memories. In vivid high-definition. More vivid than I ever remember experiencing them…

Borrowing that five naira I knew I would never return from mother’s purse without her permission when I was eight.

Playing truant at fourteen and then changing my grades to cover up.

At twenty one, handing cash to two of my girlfriends, within hours of each other, to terminate the blossoming life I had carelessly planted in them… and then directing them to the same clinic.

Defiling an ex-girlfriend’s matrimonial bed as my best friend smiled down at us from a picture frame on the wall.

Hitting my wife in the face repeatedly the morning of the day I was going to die…

These and many more images flash through my reintegrating consciousness even as my whole being begins to take shape. I feel like I am… how do I put this now? Brand new! Much like a human clone must as it comes into existence all grown up but with memories that it has never experienced but in actuality, belonged previously to an entire other person despite the resemblance in DNA build-up, physical features and even psychological patterns they may share.

Even as this assimilation settles in, more memories flash by. Good memories of myself carrying on genuinely saintly occur now but they are few and far between and in no way as vivid as the ones that have captured me as an unmasked perpetrator of evil. It would appear I did not live the most purposeful of lives. Even now, my last conscious memory replays itself in my mind’s eye and this one also has me playing the antagonist…

*   *   *   *

As my car hurtled down the highway, I muttered under my alcohol-laced breath, in the words of a pedestrian road-farer as he barely dodged the missile I was driving, “…like pesin wey dey crase!”. He was referring to my driving but there was hardly any difference in the way you would have described any other thing about me that night. The very thoughts that raced through my head, a few of them exiting through my lips, were those I would have ascribed to a lunatic only that afternoon but here I was saying things I had sworn never to many years ago.

My seven-and-a-half month pregnant wife was in labour, induced, and I was beside myself with apprehension since I had received the phone call. I had been drowning my few but highly buoyant sorrows at my desk at the office when the call came through from my best friend. He was placing the call from the hospital where he’d rushed my wife after he found her unconscious in our living room. He believed she may have fallen down the stairs, but my still-bruised knuckles and I knew better.

The speed at which I sobered up as I dashed to the car was astounding and thus began my race to the side of my wife and, by extension, my unborn child. She must have been lying on that cold floor all day and I feared for the life within her. This suddenly brought upon me a huge wave of guilt. Not only at the part I had played in putting my offspring in danger, but also for my other offspring whose lives I had played a part in taking many years back.

The guilt, which I had kept at bay for so long then began to bring to the surface other atrocities I, only now, felt deeply ashamed of. The best friend whose trust I had betrayed and never confessed to, was the same one now being a friend in deed. The realisation of the undeservedness of the punishments I had meted out from time to time on my once-beautiful wife drove me to tears and I began to beg for forgiveness from ears that were still all the way across town. I cried out also to the God whom I had purposely turned my back on for forgiveness and begged Him to spare the life of the ones I had almost forgotten how to love.

And the tears flowed, tears of unabashed remorse. But as with any thing that is right, but has come at the wrong time, they only did more harm than good. The tears blinded me and with my emotions raging the way they were, I never though to stop and pull myself together. I drew my sleeves across my eyes to clear my blurry vision but, ironically, only succeeded in blinding myself totally… only for an instant, but one which turned out to be truly tragic. The car struck something, very hard, the impact sending the vehicle spinning and flipping along the bridge across which I had been racing.

I found myself screaming “Jesus!” repeatedly as the car rattled, rumbled and cavorted, pieces of plastic, metal and glass flying everywhere, some making impact with my body and inflicting some damage as they did. The car finally ground to a halt now resting on its roof, leaving me suspended upside down in the driver’s seat. The only reason I was still conscious was the seat-belt that had me still securely strapped to the seat. The air bags which had deployed on impact and the strong hull of the car which had neither crumpled nor fallen apart may have also helped.

The car appeared to be lying across the bridge and with my head crooked at an angle which had me looking out my window, I saw what appeared to be another wreck. One far worse than the one I was in. The danfo bus, which it appeared was what I had struck, lay propped up on the crumpled railing of the bridge like a child’s forgotten plaything. From where I hung, with my head so close to the ground, I could see blood, flesh and body parts litter the tar leading to the mangled bus and could hear a few passengers, alive and still trapped in the yellow and black metal carcass, scream and moan for help. As I watched, horrified to my very marrow, the twisted, distended railings which had hitherto held the bus half-suspended over the lagoon below gave way and the danfo fell out of sight, taking its few living passengers to their watery deaths.

All the pain I was beginning to feel across my body and even the blood rushing to my head and making me feel faint could not keep the horror of the fact that I had just killed all those people, and possibly my wife and child also, from my fading consciousness.

The dust was settling and I knew witnesses and onlookers would soon begin to arrive, some with help and others with accusatory stares. Suddenly, the eerie silence that settles briefly immediately after accidents like the one I had just been involved in was cut by a sharp, increasing sound. I turned my head in the direction it seemed to be approaching from, the passenger’s window, and saw the unlit headlights of a large vehicle bearing down on me. The screeching from the tyres’ frictional romance with the road got louder and louder till it was deafening.

I never even heard the impact that killed me.

*   *   *   *

My new eyes flutter open as the memories come to an end. I look around me and see that my new body, clothed in swaddling apparel seems to be suspended mid-air in some tiny room padded all round with soft fabric. No, this is no room, it is a box… A coffin!

This sudden realisation would ordinarily throw me into a panic trying to figure out how I have come back to life in the coffin I must have been buried in and how I will get out of it but they do not seem like such a big deal at the moment. Somehow, I can tell the answers will present themselves in due time.

As I try to figure first how I can see anything in an enclosed place with no visible source of light, the door opens… I think of it as a ‘door’ because in the apparent absence of gravity, I had not realized that I was actually ‘floating’ upright and not face up and also the lid of the coffin had opened much like a double door and unlike any coffin I had ever seen in my short life on earth.

The door must have been opened by this beautiful, huge, winged person in front of me. Behind him is a huge, huge room that seems endless yet has a sky, mountains and hills, bodies of water and an ecology all its own. The best way I can probably describe this place is as an inverted planet. Creatures fly, soar, hover and walk all over the place as far as my eyes can see.

The winged one speaks holding out one hand towards me

“I am Elon Unya, welcome to The End of the Ages”

With his other hand he makes a sweeping gesture towards the room, which I now notice has its source of light in its centre. I take his hand and he begins to fly me towards The Light at an unfathomable speed.

“We have all just now relived with you the memories that make up the life you lived on earth and it is now your turn to take the witness stand and make account to The Creator how that life was spent.

“It is the life you lived, the decisions you made, that shall determine whether you shall now live… Or die…eternally”

We arrive at The Light of the World and I take the witness stand which is really no stand at all. Just me ‘hovering’ beside Elon Unya in the midst of the greatest presence ever experienced. As I look up on at His tripartite being, I see immeasurable mercy and grace look back upon me, but also see in His eyes that the time for grace is over.

As I open my mouth to speak, to try to make what I already know will be a pathetic attempt to make a case for myself, I hear His unmistakable voice, the one I ignored for so many years on earth, speak into my very heart, but somehow, also to the hearing of every being present.

Judgment is passed.

As Elon Unya takes my hand to take me to the place where I shall be spending eternity, I think to myself:

Apparently, here too, actions speak louder than words.


Considering the scenario painted above, where do you think our ‘saint’ will end up? Does making a careless mistake that results in such a tragedy count as ‘sin’? Would you say he deserves the grace, made available only while he lived, which he had consciously turned down most of his life or do last minute ‘repentances’ count?

Say your piece…

64 comments on “Sentence

  1. weird_oo says:

    I don’t believe we get judged immediately after our death though but that aside. A sin is a sin is a sin, however unintentional it is. Many ‘repent’ but only Yahweh sees the heart and only HE can say who deserves forgiveness. Who’s man to judge? ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ Love the story!


  2. awizii says:

    Very vivid story Tokunbo.

    The truth is all our knowledge of Theology and scripture might not be enough to guess correctly where this man will go to eventually, because only God sees the heart of man. He committed sins in his life, granted. Methinks his tears at the time of his driving were those of repentance, and how timely, just before he died. so who knows…

    Only God.


  3. DrealGenie says:

    Only the Creator can decide which of our actions are truly sinful…. Beautiful,vivid story.


  4. After death is judgement; you give account of the deeds you did on earth, whether good or bad (and that is relative, depending on your motive)…
    As to whether his ‘last minute repentance’ is genuine, that’s btw him and his Maker..
    ***************the end*****************



  5. Ekwe says:

    Hahaha. nice story! some grammatical errors distracted me briefly tho. but it was nice. well,God doesnt care who else he apologised to…he is accountable to God Nd not his friend. Good job


    • 0latoxic says:

      Personally, I believe God IS interested in the way we treat our fellow man. IMO, God expects us to seek forgiveness from those we have offended even when He has already forgiven us, there are, of course, some exceptions to the rule. Such as when revealing past discrepancies only do more harm than good.

      I choose to believe you meant that “God doesnt care who else he apologised to” in terms of divine judgment, though, and if so, I believe we are on the same page

      Perhaps you could help outline the errors so I may correct them?…


  6. Dexter-sama says:

    *runs in with bucket. pours detergent. Shakes lather*
    This is possibly the most thought-provoking post I’ve ever read on a blog. Ever. Your narration style is enthralling, the imagery is vivid (well, for me. I somehow watch these things in my head) and I’m left shaking and pondering my life.


  7. @s_Hotzs says:

    Whoa…Whoa, still can’t catch my breath, wonderfully written


  8. Great story.
    That something wrong was done without intent doesn’t make it less of a sin. Sin is in the doing whether intentional or not. Also, God’s grace is unending and I don’t think that there’s any one being that isn’t deserving of it. That he repented of his sins before his untimely death is good. Last minute repentances count only if they’re sincere. His seemed sincere enough…


  9. edgothboy says:

    Who knows? But I wonder a lot about this, especially how I’ll die and why?


  10. keetkat says:

    Very well detailed and beautifully written. I could not only see a story line, but also those little details that bring the story to life..
    I think as long as your repentance is genuine, “Genuine” being the keyword here, it doesn’t matter whether you repented 5 yrs before your death or the last hour you spent on earth. You just need to mean it from the bottom of your heart, and God ofcourse knows when it’s 100% genuine, as opposed to a quick S.O.S just cos u know you’re about to die.
    Again, beautiful 🙂


  11. Chychy says:

    Oh my…. I guess we can’t really say where he ended. Only the Creator can.

    Beautifully written Tox. Totally loved it :*


  12. @Hug_Hater says:

    Enthralling piece. (Y)


  13. chillysauce says:

    Abeg Slevincalevra; not sure of d religion you were talking about, but in Christianity, you gotta know what you r doing is a wrong, and still do it, for it to be a sin. In other words, there must be d “mens rea”. “actus reus” alone doesn’t make it a sin. Sin comes from within.
    Ehe, for d passage, IMO, where our champ is going depends on d beliefs of them in d passage. If its Christianity, then as long as he repented, he”ll be forgiven and be heaven bound. Like d thief that repented on d cross just before death. He doesn’t “deserve” grace as grace is an unmerited favour. But will be saved by grace because he had that last minute repentance.
    Nice story. Does it have other meanings?


    • I’m talking Christianity. Why then do we ask God for forgiveness of sin commited both knowingly and unknowingly? That I mistakenly poison my neighbour’s baby doesn’t absolve me of the SIN of taking a human life. (Manslaughter/Murder) I’m not sure now. I need to seek forgiveness from God and/or the said neighbour. Bad is bad.


      • weird_oo says:

        I’m with Slevin on this one.
        Random: “Shall we then sin for grace to abound? By no means!” Think about this chillysauce.


        • 0latoxic says:

          Funny enuf, I’m with Chilly on this one. If I poison my neighbour unknowingly, that’s carelessly/negligence not sin. By law, I’m at fault but I don’t believe it’s sin biblically.

          Plus, in some cases, one man’s sin may not be another’s. For example when God gives a person direct instructions, if the person disobeys they’ve sinned but another person who is not bound by those instructions hasn’t. An example is when Peter was instructed to eat the ‘unclean’ animals by God or when Paul said it was okay to eat meat offered to idols ONLY as long as it did not (mis)lead someone else to sin.


          • weird_oo says:

            What is sin but deviation from obeying, intentionally or not. The book of Deuteronomy has rules on unintentional sins like the murder you’re talking about. Ignorance is hardly an excuse these days. Then again, HE is the judge not us. What do we know.


            • chillysauce says:

              Yeah, God is d judge, but think of a little kid, doing something wrong. He doesnt know its wrong, till u then point it out to him. You teach him its wrong. Sin can also be, omitting to do something… it’s more like rebellion/ resistance to d supreme authority. Refusal to follow God’s plan. which still is d ‘intent’
              As for unknown sin, i guess the Lord weighs the heart


              • DeMorrieaux says:

                I wasnt going to say anything, but then I just woke up- and it’s been so strongly on my mind:

                Is 64:6- surely this means that God uses His own standards when “judging”, not ours. His are so much higher (never ever lower than the law); and ignorance is certainly no excuse.
                Doing wrong without intention, doesn’t make it any less wrong. You might be beaten with less lashes, but you’ll be beaten nonetheless.
                With faith, grace is made available.. but that is to empower us to live above sin, not a cover-up for it..


        • chillysauce says:

          Yeah we shldn’t sin for His grace to abound… that’s still us, knowing its a wrong, and still doing it, for His grace to abound. Here, u actually know its a sin, u also know there is grace, and u keep at it… sin definitely


  14. Mz_Shadee says:

    Very well written my love 😀 well IMO, firstly, only God sees and knows our hearts. And some where in d bible, He says “I’ll have mercy on who I’ll have mercy on….” Or something like that, + I have always thought about d fact that the grace upon every man is different, that’s why 2pple can commit same sin and 1 goes scot free, d other is severely punished.
    I might be wrong o, I’m just saying. Also in ur story, just b4 he died, he had prayed for forgiveness, if that was genuine not just on spur, there’s a chance he just might.
    @Weird_oo yes I think we do get judged immediately after our death, its somewhere in the bible. 🙂


    • weird_oo says:

      If we do then what judgement does the book of Revelations talk about ma chere?


      • 0latoxic says:

        On this, I’ll admit I’m quite unsure.

        I don’t believe in purgatory, the bibles speaks nothing of any such but I can’t say with ALL confidence that we go straight to heaven or hell either.

        I guess I’ll just hold my piece until I get something backed fully by scripture


        • weird_oo says:

          Purgatory is a fairytale story backed by the Catholic Church (my opinion). I believe after death, the soul rests in the grave until the Judgement day. Revelations says when the trumpet sounds, those who died in Yashua will arise and be taken up. That is the first resurrection. Then there is the second resurrection as well according to that same Revelations 20.


  15. thatifygirl says:

    Very nice, Toks!
    Romans 10: 9, Romans 8: 1-2, 1 John 2 vs 1,9
    Romans 6 vs 1 through 14.
    My thoughts on the matter. 🙂


  16. afrosays says:

    You should know my answer already. I don’t know.

    The story long small sha.


  17. Honey_wealth says:

    Well the guy was a little late on this his repentance o, how many children has he caused to die from hitting his wife?

    But I love this story because it reminds me of me and all of us, some of us keep on the same sin while others keep moving from sin to sin & most people never get it right at the end of the day.

    I tell my friends that we’d be surprised at those who do or don’t make it to heaven on that final day. So many things are considered, its best to always try to do what is right & with God we know we can.


  18. J says:

    Only God knows…..


  19. jberg says:

    Great story..had me riveted..few grammatical errors,but very deep and thought provoking,
    In My opinion I believe once you’ve sincerely realized your wrong doing just before your point of death at least it should mean something when you are being judged up there(wherever that is)..but that’s just me..Great read…Thank u for this.


  20. Belle Pomme says:

    Wow… Unfortunately, I really have no idea where God may send such a lost being.
    In a sense I completely understand his plight. I too am one who is constantly fighting against sin. To have one’s soul divided and fighting with the other is a situation I pray no one else ever has to face.My twisted sense of entitlement has taken me to places and stages I NEVER want to be or experience ever again!… I constantly worry about what my future holds. Its funny though, I continuously forget that I have NO future without God’s permission. Thank you MuyLinda for the long overdue wake up call and more importantly, disguised Reminder… Thank God for grace!!
    **says a prayer and goes to bed**


  21. MsDuro says:

    *in John Legend’s voice* Heaven only knows


  22. sirkastiq says:

    In the end, our comments, opinions and/or the writers’ grammatical errors mean little or nothing.

    Let’s not miss the big picture, the underlying message. Evaluating ourselves and requesting for Grace and Mercy that we still have ‘access’ to.

    Cool stuff bro..


  23. numburWOHN says:

    Oh! This is Nice. (Y)


  24. Olu says:

    First of all, very nice story, very visceral I could picture it all the way.

    A lot of interesting responses too.

    From what I read it seems like the character had a consciousness of God,right and wrong. Maybe a religious background, but there is no indication that he had ever given his life to Christ.

    Yes he repented but was it repentance out of fear(fire insurance) with no genuine motivation does that count? Would he have return to that life if he survived. If an atheist or occultist regrets/repents cheating on his wife and other. “misdeeds” a few seconds before death does that make him right with God? People of pagan religions repent with their ceremonies all the time but to whom?

    If there is no relationship or commitment to Christ who is acknowledging his repentance? Who is he even repenting to?

    “Not everyone that says Lord Lord, shall enter the Kingdom…”

    Cos it seem more like remorse “oops ma bad” than repentance to a God who he delightfully defied throughout his life. His repentance seemed to be more to the pple he offended than to God. Don’t recall seeing a Lord I have sinned before you,I repent. Forgive and accept me, type of thing there.

    If Hitler had a flashback of all he did and went “oh ma bad, I did a lotta nasty things forgive me” two seconds before death does that make him absolved. When that prayer is not covered by Christ or under his blood due to a commitment to him?

    I guess the moral of the story is that we live a pure, righteous and committed life to Christ so we won’t have have to be in this character’s situation.


    • chillysauce says:

      still brings us back to the sincerity of the repentance, which is what matters .God alone, sees the heart… He will Judge


  25. Seyifunmi says:

    Me thinks that he didn’t go anywhere yet jor. He was just chilling in some place till we all die and then eternal Judgment is undertaken all at once. But I think he is headed for Heaven, because he prayed before he died, he still had time to reflect on all the bad he had done and he felt remorseful and sought forgiveness.
    God doesn’t want anyone to go to hell, so if he had a chance to seek forgiveness before he died and in that split second before he died he didn’t commit any sin, then for sure na heaven get am. In my opinion of course. I may be clueless to the true state of things as I have never almost died or had an out of body experience.
    Thank you for the reminder that the end is real.


  26. ThinkTank! says:

    Excellently well written story, a bit long but highly enjoyable 🙂

    As for the thinly veiled morality lesson and class assignment, all I will say is:

    It depends…


  27. Mohnah says:

    Lately,I’ve been thinking about how and when I’ll die and other such things…don’t make the thoughts creep into my dreams jo.


  28. Pizzazz says:

    I really like the story, but I don’t like how it ends… Your imagination can only take you to a certain length, and I think you could have killed it with a better end. Loved it though. Thumbs up


  29. isetfiretotherain says:

    I have several questions about the after life. One may say I don’t believe in it, but my faith says I must, so believe I shall.


  30. isetfiretotherain says:

    Also, I enjoyed the build up of the story, it could have done with a different ending…but your imagination is different from mine so…


  31. @Qurr says:

    This is a well crafted story. So Olatoxic returns with a deeper style. 😀 We want more please.

    My views on the afterlife are but mine alone. Bliss or agony in the afterlife (read as heaven and hell) are REWARDS of the Eternal God. Only he who gives rewards knows that which he rewards, and only him knows to make exceptions and grant respective rewards when he so pleases.

    As Jesus said in a parable, it will be like hired servants working for a master and grumbling at the end of the day that they worked longer hours than those who joined the crew at the stroke of midnight yet all got the same wage. Jesus would then ask them, was that not our agreement for your wage? What is your business if I choose to be gracious to the stragglers? (Paraphrased by me of course)


  32. habiib. K.O | @hmariine says:

    The story is very thought provoking. It took me more dan a day to finish it unfortunately due to a tight schedule, but it fortunately allowed me more time to digest each part carefully.
    The driving was the last chance given to him by God to seek forgiveness…as i would like to think dat God in his omnipotence already knew d end is near for him. And our subject took it. The only cloud i see is d extra deaths caused due to his own misery&carelessness. i rilli don’t kno towards were dis last action tips his forgiveness scale. Cos “no action or good deed shall go unpunished or replenished”.

    Heaven only knows… (Y) olatoxic.


  33. DeMorrieaux says:

    There are a million and one things on my minds right now, but wanting to be conscious of this comment’s length, I’ve decided to merely point out the different kinds of judgement that await mankind.

    There’s a MAJOR difference between the Great White Throne Judgement and the Judgement Seat of Christ. It’s important to understand the difference.

    1. Judgement Seat (bema) of Christ
    (Romans 14:10-12, 2 Corinthians 5:10)
    In the context, it is clear that both scriptures are referring to Christians, not unbelievers. It does NOT determine salvation; that was determined by Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. Believers are rewarded based on how faithfully they served Christ (1 Corinthians 9:4-27; 2 Timothy 2:5; Romans 6:1-4), etc.
    The Bible also speaks of believers receiving crowns for different things (1 Corinthians 9:4-27; 2 Timothy 2:5 & 4:8, James 1:12, 1 Peter 5:4, Revelation 2:10).

    2. Great White Throne Judgement- at the end of the millennium
    It is the final judgment prior to the lost being cast into the lake of fire. (study Rev. ch. 17- 20). Here, the unbelievers/unbelieving will be judged based on their works and found lacking. Sentence= eternal separation from God.

    (* I left the Judgement of the Nations [after tribulation period, but prior to millennium reign] out on purpose.. obviously not topic of discussion)

    (!) Hades (Gr.) and Sheol (Hbr) in English translates to “hell”, and is the “common grave of mankind”; a non-permanent place/temporary address of the disembodied souls.

    (!) Gehenna (Gr, Hbr) is translated as “hell” too, and is the permanent place for destruction of the “… soul and body …” (Matthew 10:28); lake of fire burning with brimstone (Rev. 20: 12-14)

    Note 1: God is perfect in balance. He is perfect and holy. As kind and merciful, as He is just and judge (the lion and the lamb). He will not violate His law. The one thing determining salvation is FAITH in Christ (alone); not a mere confession by lips, but BELIEVE in the heart.

    Note 2: Note 3: Our faith is shown by our deeds (Mtt. 7:16). While we are not judged based on what we do, what we carry within is to show itself forth/ outwardly (faith and works).

    Note 3: It is not until “the last trumpet,” when Jesus Christ returns, that the dead will be resurrected (I Thessalonians 4:16, I Corinthians 15:49; I John 3:2).

    Note 4: I always find it funny how people refer to the “last second repentance”. God is not mocked.. I believe it was a simple picture of just how endless and unfailing God’s mercy is; in the light of true repentance. Given the chance, the thief acknowledged Christ. Who is to say he had been given that chance before? Surely man must see that denying God throughout ones life and then finally (on the deathbed, having refused and rejected Him a million times and more prior) cannot be deemed “wise”.

    God is not any more merciful, than He is just. He is both- in perfect balance.

    (I must apologize for the length. Might be useful to as many as are interested 😉 )


    • DeMorrieaux says:

      Surely man must see that denying God throughout ones life and then finally (on the death-bed, having refused and rejected Him a million times and more prior) ask to be united with Him, cannot be deemed extremely “wise”.


  34. Great, thanks for sharing this post.


  35. marsh says:

    His entire life seems to have been a sin though…if this man makes heaven, then I need not change my ways…


    • sisijacobs says:

      If he makes heaven, it will simply be because of God’s mercy, and you assume you’d have a similar opportunity to repent before you die. Remember we all have different paths and no one knows tomorrow.


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