I am to Blame

Today is December 1st, another World Aids Day.
Today, a poem of sorts…


I am to blame
No doubt it is me who bears the shame,
The fragile frame that bears my name
Is the gain I lost in the game
The game of the dame, my dame the hurricane
The one that swept me away when she came

Most certainly
Put the blame on me
Who else would it be?
Me, definitely
Certainly not the other half of me
My baby, my one and only
To whom apparently
I’m one of many
The only mystery seems to be
How I could have been so full of gullibility
My sensibilities lost in shows of virility
The endless possibilities ending my sterility
My positivity in reality a negativity

I’ve got HIV

But na my fault
Say my baby no better pass pillar of salt?
Say for only a bottle of malt
My baby fit follow you enter cot
Enter cloth, comot cloth
Baby dey floss
But of course for her mind she no be slut
Jejely she just bin dey carry her cross
True, true no be her fault

True, true na me be the mugu
Who knew?
To be truthful, it could be you too
What! You think. Impossible
It’s unimaginable
You’re too true, too good, too cool
You’re too schooled, too beautiful, too faithful
The chances, too minuscule
You’re not that gullible
In other words you’re saying I’m the fool

In other words you are saying I must deserve this
I must have earned this mark on this black list
Me and a million faceless babies
Whose this fate is
Me and several ladies
Who really wanted to encounter their rapists
Mine and a thousand cases
Of mistakes in the basics
Of blood transfusions and infusions
Medical non-vestigations
Tiny incisions in barbers’ salons
And tinier ones still in nursing stations

We are unfortunate preys of chance
Victims of circumstance
Some caught in battle stance, some in victory dance
Others in a seemingly inconsequential instant
Of happenstance
At the speed of a glance
We lost all chance
But one: we are still humans

No less…

This may seem like just fantasy
May only tickle your fancy
I’m no Clancy
But if you look closely enough,
You can see
The clarity, the irony
The fictional reality,
The truth is no candy, it’s candid
Tragic, almost slap-stick
But not quite
Quite sick

Someone says ‘Don’t discriminate’
But disgrace relays the phrase
All priorities misplaced
We escalate the case
Sure, “AIDS no dey show for face”
Except the one that castigates
Yours in this case

So am I to blame?
Should I hang my head in shame?
What difference does it make
When all the same
I hear your eyes saying
With that much disdain

I am to blame

46 comments on “I am to Blame

  1. Frodo says:

    Nice…..Really nice…was already adding tumgba beat to it in my mind.


  2. coolprincee says:

    I like the way it’s witty & blends with pidgin
    Been a while I read a good poem


  3. Dexter-sama says:

    So…do you tolerate bleach?



  4. FF says:

    i really really love it…


  5. sheSays says:

    Nice poetry…I love it! I didn’t like the first stanza though…there was a clear exaggeration of wordplay. But besides that, it was great. Good work.


  6. DeMorrieaux says:

    completely agree.
    absolutely awesome


  7. […] Check out an absolutely amazing poem I just read; written by Olatoxic: “I am to Blame“ GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]


  8. joeyparker says:

    “Some caught in battle stance / some in victory dance” Loved that line.


  9. Kleopahtra says:

    I am ‘wowed’. funny thing is, i was rapping with it. :D.. I really Loved the pidgin part. It really is a beautiful poem. I Love it.


  10. HoneyBronzed says:

    Nicee. Beautiful read, witty too.


  11. vodkaxtra says:

    Nice twist with the pidgin, great job…just that the shame game name came pun is a bit of a lame cliche :p (crucify me). Overall it is good 😀


    • 0latoxic says:

      Thanks for the honest comment.
      I’ll never ever use that lame scheme again…
      Except when it rains,
      and when I’m playing mind games.
      Ooh, and when a friend’s in pain…
      Such a damn shame

      Liked by 1 person

  12. mizztosin says:

    Nice (y)
    The pidgin was a nice 1! Made it “realer”

    Aids is a serious issue in this generation and we all need 2tackle it!
    Protection, abstinence, stick 2 one partner. Get tested regularly!
    Nice work Mr. Toxic!


  13. Awwwww

    I love completely. It’s funny and makes a point ^_^

    PS: How many World AIDS Day(s) do we have in a year?


  14. Harry says:

    Nice one man… feeling it


  15. Adaora says:

    i love it!!! i imagined someone reciting this and i’m sure the crowd would be stunned and a bit confused hehe! lovely!


  16. @bule_jr says:

    Err…first stanza made it look like you just wanted to rhyme by all means but from then on it got warmer and I could actually relate. Cool story bro (Y)


  17. Sirkastiq says:

    You know I ain’t gonna go all “Lovely poem, I really enjoyed it” Neither am I gonna quote some random line and say “oh I liked that one”

    I’m also not gonna say “cool story bruv” or tell you how the rhymes got me nodding to an imaginary beat..Nah

    What I am going to do however is say “STOP TAGGING ALREADY!!!”


  18. Miss Igho says:

    Wow.. Nice. Very nice.


  19. ThinkTank! says:

    Nice and Rhyme-ey.

    A bit too long but still nice.

    Like a serious version of the one I put up on my blog earlier.


    Cool poem-story.


  20. boukeypearl says:

    I L♥√ع d sway 4rm English to Pidgin and back to English. ‎​♈ōϋ did pass a message across *wink*


  21. Olu says:

    Wow, brilliant illustration of an all too farmiliar tale. Too many biting the bait of lust and stirring loins and getting reeled in by disease and turmoil. Nice one Tox.


  22. iskminov says:

    The Rhyme Creator….almost feel inspired to reach for a pen and notepad 🙂 Big up…


  23. Was almost moved to tears… Hate when that happens -_-


  24. Mz_Shadee says:

    Nice. I was actually reciting it like I was in front of an audience. D pidgin also made it a collant sontin. Well done dear. 🙂


  25. @Qurr says:

    Wow I hardly ever enjoy poems, let alone long ones.

    But this one? It’s awesome!! 😀

    And I specially like the code mixing and smooth transitions between English and Pidgin English.

    You’re the man!

    Good job bro.


  26. Miss Em says:

    *sigh* it is unfortunate bt dis is d situation of most AIDs patients. A beautiful piece, would hv been better in spoken poetry I think.


  27. numburWOHN says:

    I’m not the only one that noticed the creative switch between pidgin and (mormal) english then. I should have visited here earlier. Good work all the same.


  28. krimmedic says:

    This is wonderful.
    The second verse made me so sad…I was relating to completely different things.

    I shoulda read this earlier…


  29. pizzazz says:

    If we could stop pointing fingers, and start extending hands of help, maybe less people would feel this way… *round of applause*


  30. bigboiler says:

    Wow! This is the poetry style i’m tryna adopt. OMFG! You killed this one.


  31. smiley says:

    Best poem I’ve read in my life!!!!!
    Thumbs up!


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