The Birthday Post

Well, the title says it all, doesn’t it? It’s my birthday today πŸ˜€ I should probably just end the post here and know that I have done what nearly every blogger in these parts feels obliged to do at least once a year…

Put a post up on their birthday.

As nice and all as it is, that is clichΓ©…

This would be where you would expect me to add “…and I never do clichΓ©”, right? Which would be me contradicting myself, seeing as you reading this means that I HAVE gone ahead and done the clichΓ© thing by putting up a birthday post. Well, what I was actually going to say/write before I began this deviation was…

But for once, I shall gladly do clichΓ©

But only in my own way…

#Barzzz -_-

Birthdays are usually seen as a time for celebration by loved ones and acquaintances for the life of the celebrant and on the celebrant’s part, sober reflection and the reminder that the biological clock ticks on. Or maybe the latter part is just me… *shrug*. Well, personally, I like to set goals that go something like “By the time I’m so and so age, I’d like to have acheived so and so” or “By my birthday next year, I shall have completed so and so”… You get the idea, yeah?

Well, while I’d like to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate me (hope I didn’t sound too vain and full of self there), I’d also like to ask the favour of whoever is reading this to help me with my sober reflections.

I would like that YOU tell me two things on here:

1. What one thing, if given the chance, would you change about me? That flaw that you first notice about me; that little (or big) thing that, for whatever reason, irks you everytime I do it; that thing that if unchanged, is left only to my own detriment. What is it? Help me become a better me. Afterall, “Even the man who uses a mirror cannot see all of himself at once” #ToxicWisdom


2.What one thing about me would you preserve and celebrate if given the chance?

It does not matter how long you’ve known me, how you know me, how little you know me or that you do not even really know me at all. Perhaps all you know about me is what I tweet, or this blog, or you haven’t seen me in over a decade or have never physically met me. Maybe all you even know about me is what you’ve read on someone else’s timeline or this blog post is the first encounter you have of me. Please, share still.

Both questions can be answered about anything you want. My writing, my carriage, my philosophies, my career, attitude, dressing, gifts, sense of discipline… Anything at all, no matter how mundane or of epic significance it seems.

One thing you would change and one thing you would not.

This post is unashamedly all about the comments. Please use the comment box freely. I would consider it an honour and a birthday gift of sorts if you did…

44 comments on “The Birthday Post

  1. theinsanephenom says:



  2. malota says:

    Your principles, the themes upon which you normally blog, Preserve them


  3. @sirkastiq says:

    *clears throat* looks at question paper, looks up at ceiling, chews biro for a bit then writes…

    1. One thing I would change?
    Your eyes…I defo aint playing God (I can’t even if I tried) but mehn them glasses have set you eyes so deep in that u’ve gotta squint to see normally. So yeah, I’ll change ur eyes or nigga get some contacts!

    I won’t say here how I wish you weren’t a virgin. Not cos I care but cos that shii has brought you stupid popularity while some of us are known for vegetable reasons.

    2. Won’t change
    There’s a lot of things here (these actually make u who u are)… this is your lame way of asking us what we like about you abi? Mumu child..well anyway, your wit, your brilliance, sense of style, oh my your creativity (fashion , computer design and writing wise) and oh of course your spiritual stance!

    *submits script*


  4. t3niola says:

    You have a certain kind of mental strength I wish I had, I think it comes from knowing who you are and where you stand (especially spiritually), imma need you to preserve that. It is priceless.

    Change… hmm I don’t know, have you shaved that ridiculous beard off??? πŸ˜›


  5. *teleports into the exam hall wearing his radioactivity gear carrying his script in a lead box. He walks up to The Toxic Farjin, and places the box gently on the slab in front of him, bows and then teleports.*

    *The Toxic Farjin slowly peers into the box and sees in clear Japanese katakana*

    “Oh great “Man from foreign land”, heed my words.

    1. Stop being such a slave driver…sheesh!!!!! Oh n yeah, u know too much gist about everybody, hian. U be Devil?

    2. Your creativity with all the art forms that you use, your devotion to your friends and family, your love for Jesus, your wit and charm, and your beard (hehehehehehe) DO NOT diminish in any of these.

    Once again Happy Birthday bruv!!!”


  6. terdoh says:

    Remove that head warmer crap from your gravatar!

    After that, I shall comm…oh shit.

    Happy Birthday Uncle Ola.
    Don’t lose your virginity oh. We dey your back.


  7. theinsanephenom says:

    1. The one thing I would change bout u. Hmmmm… Let’s see. I hate liars mehn. They annoy me. I just wish I could change that bout you. Its more like a jealousy-type thing, nahmean?! U just spread this lie bout u saving urself for marriage & stuff like that & now girls be hittin u up on ur phone, work.. Even ur house. I mean that’s pure genius. Mad concept yo. I tried doing the same thing but no1 bought it (tho I’m actually a virgin). So yea. Stop spreading lies mehn.

    2. U’re a pretty good writ.. No no no.. I don’t mean u’re pretty yo. Shit!! I aint gay mehn. I meant ur write-ups are pretty.. U know what just forget it. 😦


  8. KPonja says:

    hmmm, so people actually like your beard?! :s

    1. Change your beard!!! Its so raggy an makes me think you wanna mug me! If all else fails, you can always use that to start your ‘extortion’ business. -____-

    2. Don’t change your BEARD!!!!!!!
    its part of your identity, and anything i said earlier about it is out of Jealousy *rme* -_________-

    Trim it tho


  9. edgothboy says:

    I’d change your beard. We know you’re old, but nobody is ever THAT old.

    I’d preserve your friendliness. You’ve put so many people at ease and helped them feel appreciated. Keep that.


  10. Dexter-sama says:

    1. I don’t know you enough to state anything that needs to be changed. From your work, you seem like a pretty okay person. Then again, I’m pretty fucked so everyone seems okay.
    2. Don’t change a thing. You seem to have figured out who you are and what you’re about, and that makes you a strong character. Which is admirable. Plus all the talent just makes you seem awesomer.

    Your laundry fee is 5000 naira.


  11. NateOblivion says:

    In the name of everything you hold sacred, lose the hair and that beard. You’re not THAT old. I mean, a certain pic that I know nothing about has been giving ladies heart attacks, and if you could look like that again, your virginity would be taken from you at gun-point. Oh and yeah, keep the talent and the wit and biting sense of humor. (I haven’t forgotten what you said the first time we met.)


  12. thatifygirl says:

    I think that it’s important that you learn to face your fears, and stop hiding facts. Like how, you want to have sex with me.
    That’s one thing I think you should change. Honesty is always the best policy. Oh, and change your razz ways.
    Leave the beard. Don’t change it.


  13. Slim says:

    Definitely NOT the beard! J’adore the beard. Its one of the absurd things I like about you.
    …and your open-minded judgementalism. (No, judgementalism is not a word.) I don’t think I need to explain further…If you don’t get it, screw it.

    Not that you screw anything though.

    The Beard!! Just for emphasis. DO NOT!
    …and the packs…*licks lips*

    Is it weird that I think of you as a male Ada??


  14. Mz_Shadee says:

    All I know is dat I like u and want ur virginity + ur abs are killing me I dreamt of them last night *swooning* πŸ˜€

    I think u r a great guy, haven’t known u for too long sha, can’t say I want to change anything.

    Oh I know what I want to change, stop flirting with those girls on twitter, it breaks my poor delicate heart πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯


  15. t3niola says:

    Wait first, where are people seeing these your abs and why can’t I see them? Do I need a special invite? 3D glasses???


  16. Osemhen says:

    Don’t change: your humility & willingness to be corrected. You know what I’m talking about.

    Do change: I don’t know you well enough to know your flaws I suppose. πŸ™‚


  17. ThinkTank! says:

    Well then…

    1. Change – your apparent lack of strong focus. I say apparent because I’m basing this on empirical data. One curse of being very gifted is that one dabbles into so many things that one never truly becomes great at any. You already know this. I’d like to see a specific focus on just 1 or 2 things. Again, this is ‘apparent’

    2. Don’t change – Your apparent friendly nature. Again, apparent because it may be a facade. Or just superficial. Or limited. Even if it is, let it run deeper.

    (And yeah, lose the 6 pack. Real men have big bellies + you’re making the rest of us look bad –_______– )

    Happy birthday.


  18. Over 15 comments on this write-up from yesterday only. There’s something special about you that appeals to people who know you to want to leave a comment here. DON’T Change that.

    As to what you should change,I’d have to go with your glasses. You don’t have to change it totally, just alternate with contacts. You seem like an adventurous character, so it shouldn’t be tough.

    I like this whole write-up idea, so i just might steal it for my own birthday πŸ™‚ consider this as me telling you.

    Happy belated birthday!


  19. pritih says:

    Since you asked. Ehen Olatokunbo. i think that’s your name. okay Ola, like seriously why did you re-name yourself OlaToxic? i would like an answer.

    Not that i can but if i could, i would remove the *”R”* for you and I’d happily change the ‘toxic” from your name. how are you even the Toxic one? you’re not poisonous, or harmful or deadly…i think. but maybe you’re infectious in some sort of good way that is why some of us keep rushing here to enjoy “osho free” reading from you and like seeing you on our TL.
    i think i know “about the blogger” and i did not forget to *subscriber”

    Don’t abandon your blog just yet like some people with an “L” did mbok. Even if you eventually do, because i know God will bless you and place you to a bigger platform, keep writing, and keep the creative streak alive in any other form of expression you’re involved in…some of us salute your talent with words, humor sometimes, “realness” and your overdose of coolness.

    Guard your faith.keep your virginity still…till you’re married.

    happy belated birthday…olanotthetoxicone!


  20. 'Dania says:

    Keep the beard. Oh please keep the beard.


  21. ooluwasegun says:

    You’re friendly. I’m just an acquintance & that’s all i know oh


  22. ChyyChy says:

    I dunno Anything About you Yet……..But imma Observe and tell you Latr!! πŸ˜€


  23. awizi says:

    First of all, Happy birthday once again. Sorry my comment is coming late.

    Don’t change your congeniality. You’re quite the friendly type, open and charming. A true ‘Kingsman’. I also really admire your resolve to remain a virgin until you get married. Stick to it if that’s what you believe in. Add to that your wit and openness.

    What to change? Honestly I wish I knew you that well. I really hope all the comments stating things you should change helps. I promise to tell you as I know you more.



  24. I was going to start this by saying I usually don’t comment on blog posts. Oh would you look at that? I just did. *Dips quill in ink* Anyways, what I would change? Your beard. Shave it off. Its a personal preference of mine, but I think guys tend to look better without them. I appreciate your wit and humour and…….. that body *Sings praises*

    Goodluck on bettering yourself.


  25. Ekwe says:

    one thing to change. the beard!! lose the beard mahn!!! I mean,i looked at ur TNC photo and I was like ‘which zoo wore a jacket on…oh!! that’s olatoxic’ -____-

    what to keep…what to keep…I would’ve said Virginity…but since u have already lost it…
    *sigh..I really don’t know much about you,…..damn. I wil get back here if anything occurs to me πŸ™‚


  26. He forced me to do this…. -______- Why doesn’t anyone believe I’m shy. Its not fair.

    First time I saw tokunbo, I was standing on the stairwell in my hostel, looking out for some tall, mega buff, jock looking guy in a suit…. Then I saw him, janjala, skinny somebody. I was like /:) ‘really?’…. Then I got downstairs and I was like ‘oh wait, wait, he’s cute! And he has haiiiiiiiiir!!!!’ ( Who are u people asking for the beard to go? Who!!!!!!)

    We haven’t gotten to the stage where I’d have something to tell you to change. I don’t know… (Oh, maybe ur phone. Be switching off data service anyhow. What if I’m dying and ure the only one I can ask fr help. Sheesh).

    1. I love your hair
    2.I love ur beard
    3. I love ur glasses
    4. I like the watch u were wearing
    5. I love the way you write. Simple words that carry so much meaning. People like you don’t have to ‘try’ to appear intelligent or whatnot, the underlying depth in the easy flow of your words say it all… (Does this make sense? I’m drugged. If u have doctor friends, ask, if I OD on piriton will I die? Will I be able to have ur kids in future? They’ve not taught us this part in class… Or maybe I skipped class that day. Dunno. Ask)
    6. Urm… I saw this picture kelvin tweeted yesterday and er… Tokunbo, say the truth is that you? No photoshop enhancement or anything? U know if I enlarge it I will know o. Say d truth! Becasue ehn…
    7. Any man who can draw has my heart… You know this. πŸ™‚

    Oh dear, jik has almost finished and I’ve not washed my payint. 😦 have to go now.
    P.s- are u left handed? I think I asked the other day.


  27. Chychy says:

    I really can’t say what I want to change & what I don’t seeing as we haven’t known each other long. But I’ve gotten the impression that you’re a good friend & I know we’ll get along just fine πŸ™‚


  28. Its people like me that I used to hate in secondary school. I listed 7. Sorry. Just saw that part now. -___-


  29. sheSays says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, dear.

    TOKUNBO……….that’s all I know about you. Your real first name. X_x. So, I’m not worthy of stating what I like and what I don’t. I think you’re a really good writer and I like that you don’t force it. Very shallow, huh? I’ll have to return with an actual answer.
    Again, happy birthday in arrears.


  30. t3niola says:

    OLATOKUNBO!!!!!!!!! to think THAT was what was hiding under that blue polo shirt when we met, chei!!!!! Issoke…


  31. raihanah says:

    Don’t change my dear Intoxicating one.. Morph into that thing,that person you’ve always dreamed to be..

    I like a man who knows what he wants..who goes for it and who finds it..without getting lost in the warp or keeling over to the pressure. So you already know I like you.

    Leave the beard…No whiskers please.I don’t want you to burn my delicate skin when *ahem*

    Wear your glasses or you’ll become me (squinting all the damn time)..

    keep the Abs,..A man shouldn’t be soft and loose..but to be HARD (-__-)

    One teensy thing I’d want you to change?… Your workaholic/Procastination habit. It pulls us back.



  32. @bule_jr says:

    don’t change your friendly attitude and openness and approachable nature. DON’T. stop dabbling as well, agba tin dey, find a niche and become the best at it.

    also keep the beard, its your identity but biko toks, enough of the funny hairdos and that wrist band. oya, off with them now now :p.

    happy birthday bro.


  33. says:

    Dude, lose that scruffy look. Cut the hair and shave the beards.

    I have no idea idea what you shouldn’t change about you because to be sincere, I will need to know you well enough to give an honest & sincere answer to that one.

    Many happy returns….


  34. Osho says:

    *ok, now m ready*
    over the years, you have come up with alot of ‘crazy shii’ .Back then I just figured it was cos u were in creative art so u had to be ….’creative’. -_-

    Now. I think your just trying to be unattractive and form down to earth guy. Is a LIE!!! We are nt buying that story.

    You! Dnt change you, that’s d Tokunbo I knw. And (bleh!) luv. Ok mayb alil adjustment in ur dressing sha, on second tots..nah. Ur alwite

    Ok so I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to confuse u as I did me

    Pls the glaSses stays. Ve seen u withour them. U looked lost 😦


  35. mzcarol says:

    I celebrated my birthday only hours ago. I undersatnd what you mean by goals made after one birthday to be achieved on/before the next one. I just made some goals to be achieved on/before my next birthday.
    We only got to be friends on twitter recently so I can’t say I know much or anything about you.
    I can judge that you’re friendly and that you’ve got so many love ones. Twitter couldnt have exaggerated that even if it tried.
    And it’s not something everyone has got so you should be grateful to God for.
    Many happy returns!!!


  36. fab_melz says:

    I jst started following u on twitter…soo ain’t got any deep stuff to write bt frm previous comments i can confidently say i like u already(i’m also a farjin)..i think u’re a beautiful writer and ur creativity turns me on (oooh la la) dnt change dis,,and i love d scruffy,edgy,jungle-man look wit dat beard (hence d beard stays)…too much yarns for sum1 dat doesn’t know u,abi


  37. Adiya says:

    Happy birthday πŸ˜€


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