We lurch to one side
Jostled together irreverently
No complaints ensue
We are in a hurry
All fourteen of us

Bleary bloodshot eyes
Staring unseeing ahead
Dreams of a blissful sleep
Still taunting heavy eyelids
She dozes in the corner
He nods in agreement
His chin nestling into his chest warmly

Bang! Bang!!

They are startled awake
Glancing about in alarm
But only for a moment
The calm with which we stare ahead
Reassuring to the dozers
Who are soon nodding away again
To the rhythm of another round
Of backfire

Our nostrils come under siege
As a molue thunders past.
We seem oblivious
Having survived cheap perfume,
Body odour,
The dank lagoon below.
What’s a little,
or maybe a lot,
a whole lot
Of vehicle fumes and smoke?
Just another chorister
In the cacophony of scents
We seem oblivious

Swerve! Shaunt!
Heads knock together
This time around
Complaints ensue…
“Ah ah! Dreva, take it easy!”
“Jo, ma pa mi fun iya mi o!”
(Please, don’t kill me for my mother o)
“Dis man, wetin dey worry you?”
Deafness, it would seem
Seeing as our dreva’s only response
Is marshing the throttle again
We fall silent
We are in a hurry

We arrive
Spewed forth
From the belly of the rickety beast
Squeezing between and around
Other crawling beasts
Yellow and black
And a myriad other metallic colours
Mingling with the multitude of bustling people
Also in a hurry
Also bleary eyed and sleep deprived
Also dressed in much the same way
Trudging and lurching
To get swallowed yet again
By the bustle

36 comments on “Zombie

  1. Intoxyka says:

    It has become our lives, the boring and dreary monotony of living. I always wonder if ever there’ll be a way out and when it’ll come. I like this piece, mostly cause it has been in my head for a long long time. By the way, am I the first??? πŸ˜€


  2. kovieparker says:

    This made me laugh at some point. The hustle and bustle that is our lives…


  3. DeMorrieaux says:

    β€œJo, ma pa mi fun iya mi o!” … lol!

    Thank God.. finally! Post was seriously over-due :p


  4. weird_oo says:

    El Fantastico. Thought i was reading about a zombie infestation in Lagos until the dreva part. lol


  5. 0latoxic says:


    Funny how it takes someone else pointing it out for you to notice these things. But then again, with that dark, macabre mind of yours, I can see how you would think that first before coming down to join us earthlings on earth…. :p


  6. opefasanya says:

    this reminds me of why i don’t miss Lagos. Nicely written


  7. cumical says:

    Honestly…I need to leave this country. By hook or by hook.

    Nicely written piece Toks. I’m guessing Obalende got to you? πŸ˜€


  8. The bustle that is Lagos!
    Good job Tokunbo…


  9. Shomade says:

    *sigh* Story of my present life.


  10. @yuzedo77 says:

    Kai! 😦
    Some Sefi Atta-like shit right there.. This piece fingered my soul!


  11. J.E. Parker says:

    Eko / People bark at each other everywhere / In a day / I’ll be back in my groove / But right now / I am thinking of / All I left behind


  12. ThinkTank! says:

    Just when I thought I would read about zombies consuming the flesh of Lagosians.


    Nice work. though. Personally, I don’t mind being a cog in the wheel, as long as I’m well-greased. Not everyone is built to be on their own.

    But molue sha? I’ll pass…

    Btw, have you prepared your #ZombieSlaughterPlaylist. you cant be killing zombies to the sounds of Wizkid when the times comes. Preparation is everything.


  13. highlandblue says:

    This is the life in Lagos. Reason why people don’t like to stay there. We wait for the opportunity to change things. Well written.


  14. Like everybody else, wasn’t sure what I was reading till I got to the driver part, the title is kinda misleading…thankfully it was well-written enough to keep me reading and a second read proved quite enjoyable


  15. LeBar_ says:

    Breaking out of the rat race is a single important step in a man’s life #IMO

    Lagos city!! πŸ˜€


  16. HoneyBronzed says:



  17. dudubeauty says:

    I think this can be applied to any place…No matter where you live there is a certain monotony to life that sucks. I can definitely relate even though I don’t know what it is to live in Lagos. I love the way you write πŸ™‚


  18. festivalking says:

    Very Impressive piece… for me, come mad traffic, come the hustle and bustle of Lagos streets … its lasgidi/9ja till I ku πŸ˜€


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