Random. Too Random.

Hello there, fellow Nostalgians…


That just came out wrong, didn’t it? Or did it? I think it sorta did… Not. I confuse myself… *sigh*

Nostalgians does have this nice ring to it, though. I should probably adopt it. Might work well in a campaign towards winning a Nigerian Blog awards… *pause* next year

(._. ) (‘_’) ( ._.) (-_-)

Well, the Nigerian Blog awards are here again and I feel very one kind because where I should be rallying around for support and stuff to get my blog one of those coveted dancing figures on my side panel, I don’t feel very deserving. I’ve not been nearly as consistent as I would have liked and then this blog just doesn’t really have a theme that would fit into any of the categories. Wish there was a Best Random Blog category or something… 😦

Oh well, we don’t care for spilt milk on here, we just moo-ve on and sturvs… *pregnant pause*

Ok, it’s obvious I wouldn’t qualify for the Best Humour Blog category *sigh* but I know who does… Or is it do? Yeah, who do. No, that is not a gbagaun (-_-). Three of my friends run the (quite obviously) funniest blog around these parts over at The Sirkastiq Centre. Please take out time to vote for them using tscng.wordpress.com

Well, seeing as I’ve already begun campaigning, might as well just get it all done now.

I’ve been blessed to feature on TheNakedConvos, which is one of my favourite sites/blogs and which qualifies for several categories. But the one I’d like to see them win the most and the only one which I’ll promote (also cos I don’t want them to sweep all the awards when I have other friends who I want to also win -___-) is Nigerian Blog of the Year. Anyone who reads TNC knows no other site/blog is more qualified. www.tncng.com

In the category of Best Collaborative or Group Blog, my good friends over at Afrosays to me are most (in my opinion) deserving. To prove this further, they’re expanding at the moment. From just @xoAfro and @UberBetty, there’s now more people on board, all also friends of mine #Famzzzzz ^_^ http://afrosays.com

In Best Fashion or Style Blog, My friends @d3ola and @EdGothBoy defo deserve that award. Them folk have put in some darned hard work on that site yo. And it’s been redesigned recently so it looks really fab and stuff. Like a fashion blog should. www.omogemura.com

Best Music Blog . One that shows a whole lot of talent and creativity (Gosh! You should see the illustrations on there. Sick!) is Musings on Music http://lajidwayem.wordpress.com. Even the blog name is ghenghen. Wait, there’s no copyright on using “ghenghen” yet, is there? ( ._.)

Speaking of ghenghen tinz, @theghenghen would get my nomination for Best Entertainment Blog if it wasn’t that they don’t yet have enough posts to qualify for a nomination. But there’s next year sha, when I sure say awon boys go don blow!!! \(´▽`)/ www.theghenghen.com

For Best Personal Blog, I’m nominating my dear friend ‘London’. Feel free to join me in encouraging her. Some really beautiful and touching stuff on how she’s facing some very tough challenges on her blog: http://letters4rmlondon.wordpress.com

Then there’s one of my fave friends in the world. Her blog inspires ‘Suliat’ and I so much. Really beautiful and growth inducing posts she puts up and so consistently too. Yinkus Pinkus is very deserving of Best Faith-based Blog http://demorrieaux.wordpress.com/

And now I’ve saved the best for last… In the category of Best Book, Poetry, or Writing Blog *drumroll* The best blog in the world… *radadadadada*

Nostalgic Words of Future Me!!!!

Yeah, that’s right, this blog. What? Why are you looking at me like that nah? Is it because I said I didn’t think I was deserving at first? Chill nah. I wasn’t playing you. Who even wants your pity sef? I mean, I really wasn’t going to promote mine but as I was promoting everyone else’s, di tin just dey chook my body someha na im I say mek I kuku just add my own.

Anyway sha, the link to nominate me is sha https://olatoxic.wordpress.com/. If you like, don’t nominate me. Na you sabi. Hmph!… ( ˘˘̯)

Oya wait fest nah, I dey take God beg you… Nominate me… all of us. Just go to http://nigerianblogawards.com/register.php and use the links I posted in red to nominate.

Now, there are some really awesome blogs out there, some even far more deserving and also belonging to other good friends of mine but these are just the ones I feel like promoting in these categories, with all due bias and all. Just in case you just feel like spiting me sha, two blogs that are also awesomely deserving of Best Book, Poetry, or Writing Blog are @weird_oo’s http://phantompages.wordpress.com/ and @Sawalehhttp://sawaleh.wordpress.com/ Some spectacular (sometimes morbid) writing on those two blogs. If you choose to spite me this way, don’t worry, I already forgive you. Not. (°_°)

If you’re inspired to, you can (also) nominate my blog in Best Topical Blog under Inspiration sha, seeing as I have a few posts in the Nuggets category that might just qualify this for a great inspirational blog ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ 

Oya, what are you waiting for again. Go a-nominating, my dear Nostalgians!


17 comments on “Random. Too Random.

  1. cumical says:

    Approved yo!

    This is so freaking awesome!


  2. Sabirah says:

    lol! you are funny. I actually laughed out loud. good luck! to you and all the nominees! 🙂


  3. Sharon Salu says:

    You just pointed out some cool blogs in the process. How kind of you 🙂


  4. weird_oo says:

    Thanks Tox! :’)


  5. Sirkastiq says:

    Just read this Toks…you’re such a dar..yeah.
    Thanks man, of course the same listed blogs are the ones i’m voting for. can’t dull.


  6. Osemhen says:

    Nice 🙂 Biko, do they give money too with this award? Let me know whether I should start campaigning on my own blog too! Do they have a category for “Random” though? I don’t think I’ll fit anywhere else.


  7. d3ola says:

    Just saw this! Thanks Tox!!!


  8. No competition here.

    Larry Sushey and the entire Sushey clan approve.



  9. Ekwe says:

    Aww… I wanna get in on this 😦 Kaiama doesnt give us enough time 😦 nice list tho. Chioma is represented *waving! … except for the sawaleh pipu -________-


  10. DeMorrieaux says:

    Just seeing this *covers face in shame*
    This is what happens when you decide to go on a long break..
    Thanks! 😀


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