Day 30: Nathalie

Day 30 of 30. It’s been a long beautiful journey. I’ll be back later to round the series up but for now, please read Nathalie (with her very lovely name)…


2012 was a year that gave me a fresh start and a new perspective on an astounding amount of things.  I took the time to discover many things about myself which prior to the year I would never have known… *crumples page, starts over*


Every second in our lives is filled with opportunities to learn, grow and become whatever we want to make out of our lives.  Mine was quite eventful. I got to take a year off university (not counting the ICP entrance exams in December ’11, the French Grammar exams in May or the ICP stint in the first few months of ‘12),travel, see new things and discover that I love textile and dress design as well as influencing the finished product that is a work of art -thanks to becoming a muse for Nike Art Gallery’s Rotimi Gbadebo’s Art. We love you ‘Timi! #Tangent.

I realised how important God’s will is in all that I do and that love is not the only reason for life but is the reason to hold on when things break you.  Also, I learnt to understand that the reason you like or respect people must not affect your ability to assess character; as character defines who they are without that thing that you like.

2013! *now singing Trybe Records transformer song*

As at 29/01 I’m in the library staring out of a glass window into a dark night…

Why am I telling you this?  Well I’m just realising that inasmuch as I chose day 30 so that I would have lived out most of January, I still am unaware of what the future holds.

However, I have the following goals.

1.    Trust And Obey. Not just trust and try to compromise on some issues that are iffy for me but obey His Word in spite of how hard this must be for me.
2.     Work hard and graduate this year with a result that makes me happy. Not people, but me. Why? In the end, if you are not happy with it, their opinion does not count.
3.    Write more. My blog has suffered from my neglect enough.
4.    Read more- Academic and literary.
5.    Keep in touch.
6.    Love with all my heart.
7.    Ask all those who can’t just be happy with my success…

To “Show some love to a neighbourhood transformer today”.

To as many of us as still wonder how to set out goals in our own lives, try what I do. Work to beat a realistic set or assigned deadline. As many of them as you can beat this year will count towards one or more of the beautiful things that the gift of life has enabled us all to achieve come this time next year.

And to all, I wish joy and peace as we await the morning that is the future.

Bises (kisses),


Day 29: D3ola

d3e, as I like to spell her, is my absolutely fabulous friend. Her dreams always humble me, but not as much as seeing her actually do everything it takes to bring them to reality…


“Hello Miss Adebiyi. Please sit down.”

I smile at her anxiously and sit in the leather chair. I look right at her, trying to keep my mouth from rambling and making a fool of myself in front of her. I’m in the office of one of the top editors at Conde Nast, publishers of the world’s leading lifestyle magazines. Just a couple of months ago, I was slugging it out in graduate school and somehow, I’m here for an interview. I can’t even believe my luck and my fingers slightly tremble from all the excitement and nervousness.
“So tell me, why do you want to work for us?”

I clear my throat and suddenly, I’m blank. I had practiced this answer several times and had it right to the t. she gives me this look like I’m wasting her time and then I start to speak.

“I have always wanted to work for a fashion magazine with such a bold and vibrant personality. Writing and working on my own fashion blog and even creating my own fashion magazine prototype had made me realize that this is what I want to do. My background in hard news reporting gives me n edge because I will always fact check, double edit and correct every single mistake. I believe I can make a difference here and…”


Eff me sideways; I’ve bored this woman to death.

“I have read your work on your blog and both your magazine prototypes. I have to say that I prefer Yanga to the other one you created at the end of your graduate education. So different and fresh.”

Okay …

“Thank you. I also have some other things …”

“And OmogeMuRa has over a million hits per month! Such a feat for such an alternative website.”

Is she trying to insult me or compliment me? I hate fashion speak sometimes…

“The web editor opening needs someone as dynamic and different as you. Your hair, attitude and portfolio show that you are not afraid to take chances and forge your own path.”

At this moment, I’m about to scream for joy.

“I just have one more question….”

Are we about to discuss my salary? All exclusive access to the fashion closet? My Lord has done it for me.

“When are you going to wake up and make your father’s food?”


It is then I blink and realize that I’m not having an interview with one of the editors of Vogue. Instead, I’m in Lagos and waking up to the sound of my mother screaming about food and some stupid thing my brother had done again.
F me.

I have so many dreams and hopes right now for 2013 and the above is one of my main goals. Get a freaking job. At a fashion magazine. Even if it’s just getting coffee and tagging clothes, I do not mind. Every day, I get the whole “print is dying” speech or “you don’t have a serious job” thing. I’ve come to realize I love editing and looking over word and images with a fine tooth comb. It’s such a great and beautiful feeling, doing what you love. I pray I get to do this for the rest of my life or until I become an old, senile but fashionable lady.  I want to prove anyone can make it following their dreams and not compromising. I have worked way too hard to get to where I am, nobody is going to stop me now.

Then I want to move to New York City. Bright lights everywhere, smell of the American hustle and the belief of a better tomorrow. I have wanted to move to NYC since God knows when. Its scary as heck though, moving to the city, entering the rat race, hoping I don’t get mugged, raped, robbed, killed, or generally messed up. But if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough (stolen from somewhere).

Then there is OmogeMuRa. Would it be too much to ask to get a New York Fashion Week press pass (guess who was denied again)? Or ask that more people comment cos when I pitch to brands, they think no one reads it? Or even more views and hits so that I can be like linda ikeji and be raking in cash on advertising? So the main point of this rambling paragraph is just to say, I want OmogeMuRa to get bigger and better. Everyone and their mama has a fashion blog right now so I have to find the secret formula to make mine stand out.

Then there are my body image issues and my new weight loss goals. I started an awesome diet this year and I hope I can be strong enough to carry it to the end. I just added excercise to it and the first workout was HARD. My invisible abs hurt like hell now. In a few weeks, I should have my summer body on deck and get all the boys coming to my front yard. Oh and for some reason, people think I’m losing weight cos a lot of people commented about it when I came back home. LOL. Imma just do me and you do you.

Oh, and I want to kiss a boy. It’s been that long. In the end, I just want to end this year wearing Givenchy and Loubs. Still too much to ask for?

Dusk 28: Fara

Gosh, this world is small. In the course of making the exchange and receiving this entry, I found that Fara knows me from what back. I would never have imagined we’d even ever met. Thank God for good behaviour… ( ._.)

Here she goes…


Hope springs…

Where do I begin? When I saw Uncle Toky’s (the story of how I met Mr Toxic is one I’m sure not even he remembers) tweet about doing this guest blog thing , no one was more inspired than my humble self. At least I’d like to think so and the reason is this: This year is my year of hope.

I know everyone is usually excited about new years. I am so thankful 2012 is over. It was such a hard and difficult time for me in every way. That is, except for the awesome miracle of having all my family members and loved ones hale and hearty and for that I’m grateful. In the course of last year I realized that amongst other things I’d lost my desire to hope and the will to try. I was too scared to hope for a happy ending. Not because I felt I was unworthy of one but because I was too scared that I might not get it. I sank into the pits of despair. To make everything worse I tend to do this thing where I don’t confide in people about thoughts I have not yet processed and understood. Some people say I’m fiercely independent. Others think I’m strong. I think I’m just a case of wonderful contradictions. I’m happy I realized how my life was heading in the wrong direction and that I could do something about it. I am sorry I’m not letting you into the details of how life changing my year was but I’m a bit of a private person and there’s not enough time to wash my dirty linen here even if I wanted to.

Going into 2013, I choose to be happy. No I mean joyful because I have found that joy is a choice that isn’t based on emotions and that there is a certain amount of growth that comes with choosing to ignore the bad and thank God for the good. I now know that I have the power to choose what I dwell on. We are our thoughts. I am thinking happy thoughts. It hasn’t been easy so far but I am not one to give up.

I have decided to stop being afraid. I know that sounds cheesy and ambitious but I mean that I have decided to own my fears and insecurities. I gave up on a lot of things in the past because I was too scared to try and fail. I tend to be that ‘all or nothing’ person. I was so scared of being thought of as insecure or deficient in some aspects that I missed out on all the help and love I could have received. I am going into this year admitting my short comings and looking for ways to make the best of them. I thank God that so far I have done well considering that people who make resolutions rarely ever get this far. Yaay me. I don’t believe in resolutions I didn’t even know about them till I met people from other backgrounds. My father always encouraged me to take stock of the year in little bits and make realistic goals.

I have decided to hope for love. Yup. Before now I have always acted like I didn’t need or want love. Who was I kidding? Not that I’m lonely or needy. I just think I’ve learnt enough about myself right now to be realistic about my expectations. It’s about time I stopped running from love and let it on. It can be such a beautiful thing. Last year I was heartbroken in all the wrong sort of ways. The picture I had always held in my mind as the epitome of enduring love was torn to pieces. I was shaken to the core. Coupled with a heart break that resulted from a non-relationship and I stopped believing in love. At least the kind we all secretly or openly hope to have in our lifetime. Well I’m back. I believe and I won’t hold myself back. Love will find me.

I am going to be more open, honest and in touch with my emotions. If you own your weaknesses, no one can use them against you.

I will give forgiveness whenever I have the opportunity to give it. Not because the people who hurt me but because it deserve it but because forgiveness is gift you give yourself. The peace comes with it is indescribable.

I choose to laugh more and be healthy. To love my body even more than I already do.

I will write. I will not withhold my pen because I want to hide my emotions and writing will bare them all. I owe it to myself to live.

I will be reunited with my family. I miss them so much. I want to tell them I love them, not over the phone but face to face.

This year I will travel, read a few more books, enjoy the changing seasons, cry only tears of joy, adore the woman I’m becoming and give God even more of my heart than ever before because He’s all that I’ve ever needed to get by.

This year, I choose to hope. I you all weren’t bored with my long ass declarations.

Peace , Love and Hope.

Day 28: Vanessa

Vanessa, my dear friend, does something truly unique and admirable with today’s post…


So I see Tokunbo tweeting some dates and go on BBM to ask what the dates are about. Then he gives me a brief sermon about faith, prophesying… and for a moment I wonder if people in the “blogging world” would actually want to blog about faith and their New Year resolutions. In my head I’m like “Huh? Did he say ‘challenge’?”… It all sounded pretty cheesy to me at that moment. I sha picked a date, but asked for a sample and was quite inspired by Miss ChyChy’s post. I saw this as an opportunity to share with whoever cares to read, ways in which we can all make our 2013 a wonderful year and not just my resolution rants … Hi! 🙂

2012 was a truly amazing year for me. Despite the various challenges it presented, I was able to pull through and stand tall. I lost friends, gained some, ran away from some, but in all very grateful for the way things turned out. I have a mentality that as a child of God, all things work together for my good. I carry the consciousness that where ever I find myself, lines will always fall in pleasant places for me. Basically, I live a life of faith. I can’t begin to tell all the testimonies I’ve encountered here, but trust me! They are a lot! Some of them can’t be comprehended by the ordinary mind, but in all are very great. I expect nothing less in 2013.

I know people have the “grace to grass” or “frying pan to fire” experiences, but I can’t be shaken. I’m not shaken because I live this extraordinary life of praise, worship, prayer, gratefulness, humility and above all, a life of studying & practicing of God’s word. In this year, I intend to worship and praise God, pray to God, study and practice his word like never before! The law of diminishing returns does not apply in the things of the spirit, and so I strive to give my all to Him this year.

There might be things I’ll have to forfeit this year that may seem hard, but I know He deprives us of certain things to enable us grow in His grace and glory. It might be losing that friend who always seems to have the latest gossip or not having the time to watch my favorite shows or soccer matches… *sniff*. But those might be the things I need to lose to clear my mind and thoughts for greater ideas :D. I may face challenges that could seem “out of this world”, but I’ll always have the mindset of a victor and would definitely always emerge victorious! I say these things not because of pride, but because I’m very conscious and confident of who I am.

If you still haven’t figured out who I am, then I’ll let you in on it…

I’m a Christian. Born of the word and spirit of God. I have the overcoming life of Christ in me. I boldly declare who I am, because I am very grateful to God for his everlasting Love upon my life. I’ve heard so many people attempt to define love, but then the basis of my wonderful life is Love. So here’s my definition: “God is Love” (1 John 4:8).Simple.

It’s impossible to express true love without the presence of God in our lives. I urge you to accept God into your lives and show more love in the year 2013, as it is a wonderful foundation for a great and overcoming life on earth.

God bless you!

Dusk 27: Olayinka

Olayinka (she refuses to be called Yinka *rme*) and I kept running into each other at different places until we didn’t have a choice but to say hi and introduce ourselves to each other. Her turn now…


I saw @0Toxic’s tweets about 30 Days of hope and without thinking, I said I was going to join.
I am supposed to write about 2013, yeah? Let me remember 2012 a bit.
2012 was about work,work, work, work, work. I didn’t take a moment to stop and smell the coffee. Funny that I ended the year losing the job.
I avoided every possible hang out with friends for no reason.
I learnt that loyalty to the ‘wrong people’ is over – rated.
High point of 2012 was going for #ChristmasOnTheStreetz. Thank you Ada and Maddy.
I want to trust God and pray more. I wasn’t faithful to God last year even though He was more than faithful, I’d want that to changethis year. I also need to pray more and not just when life is rough.
I need to stop, smell the coffee and also drink the coffee.
I want to be selfish and to always think about myself first.
I want to truly love people. I want to say it and mean it.
I am going to hang out with friends whether I like it or not and maybe make new friends.
I am going to genuinely forgive my father and try to talk/see him more than once like I did last year. (the divorce’s been 5years, I should move on).
I want to be patient, really paient. I am probably the most impatient person I know.
I want to trust people.
I need to learn how to ask for help.
I want to do more charity work this year.
Re: work… I am handling 2 new projects this year, I am scared and excited but also trusting God for directions.

Day 27: Kelvin

I don’t understand why Kelvin had to go and write such a lengthy post… *rolls eyes*


Hey Guys, 2013 right? Hopes, resolutions, aspirations yeah? LOL.

Here’s mine.

Ephesians 3:20 God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us… (The Message Bible)

Let’s just say I’m going to let Him do (or not do) and still be Thankful.

Thanks for reading.


*smh* This nucca got jokes. Anyway sha, Many Happy Returns, Kelvin. I pray this year brings to pass all you dream and hope, whether blank bullet(point)s or tangible miracles. Happy Birthday.

Day 25: Wunmi

Wunmi went on this hiatus from online activity last year that made me miss her much, especially her blogging. Glad she’s back. And I’m honoured she’s resuming her blogging here first…


It’s the start of a new year, and it’s like suddenly, a button lying dormant in our brain all this while has been activated to remind us that we weren’t so good these past 350+ days and we must do better so it’s natural we set out resolutions in the new year, so natural it has become an annoying old cliché I know, right up there with the NYE church attendance en masse but let’s look at the idea behind it rather than the notoriety of the half-assed efforts we usually associate with it. Personally, I don’t mind resolutions, they are good for those that can hack it. But I usually can’t. I’m one of those people that forget they ever made one just a few days into the new year. But this time, it shall be different!

Last year for me was a period of mixed emotions. I experienced my first heart break at the start of it and I went through a complete turning-over period. I had accepted that I was gonna be a wreck for a while and I think that seemed to help the healing process. New look, new outlook and a new attitude to boot and the recovery process seemed a complete doddle compared to the train wreck I’d envisaged the rest of my year was gonna be. In the same year, I reconnected with Allah, met some amazing people and completed my masters program. It was a good rest-of-the-year.

I also went through a learning and unlearning phase. I needed to know who I really was but also let go of bad habits and ridiculous beliefs I had picked up on the way up until then. I needed to find the real me, not the me that was jumping high and bending low on the pedestal that was the ridiculous expectations of dear ‘boyfriend’, neither the me friends believed I was. I needed to tear back a lot of layers, get to the gritty one that is Wunmi, true and unadulterated. This year’s resolution is about that – exploring myself.

And so, I’ve gone back to the grassroots:

Writing. My first love. As my dead blog will attest, this is a part of me that has been largely ignored. Mostly down to low confidence brought on by my inability to complete a write up. The jungle that was my mind never enabled me to easily express myself. Long hours staring at the computer screen everytime I vowed to write did just enough to cement my belief that maybe I just wasn’t good enough. Well, this year, I’ll make myself good enough. No matter how many you’ve had or experienced, nothing/no one can ever make you feel like your first love ever did. So like the prodigal lover, I’ve returned!

Family and friends. This is simple. I’m all for family. I will be there for them to the best of my ability. Friends on the other hand, it’s simple. I’ll only look for those that look for me. Those days of regular one-sided attempts at check-up and salvaging are over. We’ll all be fine. Friends like family – very simple, they’ll be treated as family too.

Keeping up. I’m dreadful at keeping up with deadlines and remembering tasks so I’ve bought a diary to help me. It’s the realisation and admission of one’s fault that counts right? Good. Because that diary has been sitting pretty in my bag, so many days blank with no set tasks. That saying that once you don’t succeed, you try and try again, right? So I’ve taken it out just now and decided to fill in every day with tasks, no matter how mundane or little. Bit by bit, we shall get there.

Personal investments. I’ve decided that I’m enough to keep myself entertained and happy and so will be doing things in that vein. I’m gonna start reading again – just got a Jeffrey Archer and John Grisham, safe authors I know but we start from somewhere, no? Also travel more – I just did Amsterdam, next – Venice or Paris; Cook more – I love baking although I’ve never tried it ( is like my own personal porn site) and also eat more -especially delicacies that are foreign to my everyday palate. And although I’m very self-sufficient, I also don’t want to disassociate and do my discovery and enjoyment in seclusion and so I want to go out more with actual people – movies, dinners, parties, whatever. Also, try things at least once e.g skydiving…eek!!!

Positivity. I’ve learnt albeit only recently that hope is a resilient phenomenon. With hope, possibilities never end. You’ll never limit yourself because hope will give you just enough momentum to keep going. My life is not the best right now – I’m currently unemployed, approaching late twenties and constantly reminded by my parents unwittingly that I’m husbandless and still in their house. But that latter doesn’t phase me, husband will always come. I’m more concerned about being ready for him when he shows up. Now is not ideal but he shouldn’t take his time either. In moments and situations I can’t control, I’ve decided to be positive. Worrying is very useless, it’s like a greenhouse for your fears. It’s much easier to do your best and let God’s plans manifest.

Well that’s mostly it. I pray it comes to fruition. We mere mortals only propose but God has the final say and I hope on the 31st Dec of this year, I can look back and say ‘Yup I did it!’

I wish you the very best of the year. Peace and love!

Day 24: Felicia

And it’s now the turn of Fels of the festac fame. She cuts straight to the chase…


Hey everyone! Can we pretend 2012 never happened? Good. Because if we consider the way it raced by and all the things we did not get to do…in fact, it did not happen!

So I am here with a prayer that 2013 will not be too fast (not that it should drag either) but last long enough for us to achieve our goals and get our heart desires before it ends. Amen.

Here are my Goals for 2013:

1. Give up alcohol. I mean, I am not much of a drinker and I believe if you won’t go hard, go home. So I’m packing my bags out of boozeville for good.

2. Be punctual. Without much effort, (obviously) I have earned the title ‘perpetual late comer’ amongst my friends and colleagues. I have decided to change my ways this year and I am making an effort to be punctual (if not early) from this year onward. So far so good, so mini yay!

3. Manners. I talk too much and I always cut people short or finish their sentences for them. I am making a serious effort to bite my tongue anytime I feel the need to interrupt people these days. I hope I can finally break this bad habit.

4. Income/Investment. “Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source” -Warren Buffet To create a second source, I have decided to start baking again. I used to assist my mom in this business but she got too busy with other stuff and now I’ve decided to dust the pans, don my hat and apron and start taking orders again. 🙂

5. Finish the Bible in a year. Yes, I cannot count how many times I started this journey and stopped like 10 chapters in. But what makes this time special is I came across this verse “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ” – Col.2:8 My eyes opened, and now I want to know everything. By myself.

Other things I hope and pray to achieve this year include starting my Masters program, going to Paris, being committed in a deep, meaningful and happy relationship, helping more people and becoming a better person.

Day 23: Funto

Funto reminds me of myself a few years back. Sent into the unknown to discover only God knows what… *smh*


It’s 2013,


New Year. New Me.

Who am I kidding?

It’s same ol’ me.

The one who reads into everything, the one who is rather confused most of the time, the one with the problem of decision making, the one who leaves everything till the last minute.

Still me, same ol’ me.

This year, most of it, I’ll be undergoing the NYSC program here in Abuja. It’s my first time here. Feels like I’ve been dropped in the center of a maze and I’m to find my way. But I think I really need this, you know. Being away from people I have always known, making friends, losing friends, surviving in unknown territories.

Getting lost to get found.

This year, I want to read a little less into things, there is a difference between worrying and thinking. It’s time to Live a little.

This year, I have two major exams to write and I need to pass them, well.

I’m a cake lover so it won’t be a bad idea learning how to bake a good cake this year. Any teacher out there should, biko, get at me. I’ll pay.

I’d want to buy a bicycle just because. I never had one.

I want to plant a tree, just so I can see something that has life grow and know that I made that happen ^_^

This year, gats kiss someone special in the rain, you know. I mean, it always looks good in the movies. So why not?

I hope to improve on my writing and blog, take it to a whole new level, make some impact. I mean, what’s the point of writing if people just read it and forget about it after closing the page.

I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DANCE 😦 .. Like, I can’t dance to save my life. I just know the normal ‘left to right’ church dance. Don’t blame the omo pastor.

I want to open up to more to people, share. Get closer with my family, be friends with them, be family. The ones that really matter. Take them out, all on me B-)

I want to know God. Even more.

I want to be a better friend, to my friends.

I know that the fact it’s a new year doesn’t just automatically bring out a new person, but then, it’s time to work on myself. I mean, ‘man don dey old’. Read more.

This year, I’m going with the ‘Just do it’ mentality, I watched this NIKE ad that made a whole lotta sense. Procrastination never made things easier, it’s time to just get it done. Just do it.

This year, I’d rather have a life of O wells than one of What ifs. I want no regrets. Everything that I do, I’ll do because I want to and enjoy it. Take decisions, regret nothing.

Oh, one more thing… I want to drink Palm wine. Never had it. I want to try it.

For now, that’s about it as it comes to mind, hopefully, in all of this, as this year goes by with each passing day, things make more sense, have more meaning.

I guess it’s time, I finally found out the meaning to “Getting lost to get found”.

In God I trust.

Day 22: April

April is the author of one of the testimonies of/from this project. I can’t share the details (yet), but from reading an entrant’s post, she chose to meet their need and I’m really grateful.

Here’s April’s own entry…


The year 2013 ushered in loud voices in my head, banging and screaming. “You’re going to be 30! Can you believe you’re finally going to end up lonely and miserable?! You have no children! Perhaps you should give your womb up to charity! You’re so fat and ugly! What happens to you now?!”

I’m the type of person that makes lists and write about New Year resolutions, goals and aspirations. My writer friend asked me earlier in the year.

“April, what are your plans for the New Year?”

“Are you talking about my blog or just me?”

She’s a feature writer on my blog and I would have thought she was interested in what I have lined up being the blog author.

“I just need to pass all my exams this year.” I responded.

In August, 2012 while on holiday to Lomé, I took a conscious effort to think about what I’d like to do before the year runs out. Part of my plan was to improve my 9-5 skills as a Human Resources person. The Corporate world is highly competetive and I didn’t want to wait till I get the “Sorry, you cannot be promoted due to your current qualification” mail.

Since I now take full responsibility of my own life, even though I still live under my parent’s roof, I decided to enroll for tan M.Sc. program. I chose to study online because I can’t afford to travel and come back job-hunting all over again.

I realized that if I’d gone back to school immediately after I graduated from the University, I would have made a wrong career choice.

All my life, I’ve always wanted to be a journalist. I was involved in everything related to that profession from primary school till going for the compulsory youth service program. I remember my mentor at CNN doing all she could, from editing my cover letter to coaching me on what I needed to do.

Even though my holiday job was paying me 50,000naira, I opted and took the 10,000naira offer as a youth corper.

“I want to be believe that you know what you’re doing because I don’t understand why you want to dump a better paying job for the stipend you’re being offered.” My mother warned though she gave me her full support eventually.

Three months after I started the youth service program at Silverbird Television, Lagos, I was robbed at gunpoint twice on my way to work. Getting robbed while I couldn’t replace all that was forcefully taken from me with my 10,000naira monthly salary changed my orientation about following my dreams, being happy and making a life.

I was looking forward to becoming a full-blown journalist at the end of the youth service program, but looking and listening to the permanent workers’ woes put me off. I figured at 26, I wouldn’t want to have their kind of lifestyle. I believe passion should constantly put a smile on your face not otherwise. I stopped going to STV immediately after the incident as I wasn’t ready to die for Nigeria.

My experience being a Production Assistant was exciting, fun and challenging. I woke up every morning looking forward to going to work, writing, doing research and meeting people. I was always in the best of spirits even though my meager salary could not keep me for a week.

I started writing after I left STV to Reddington Hospital to complete the youth service program, the comments on my skills was sunshine to my cloudy days. I enrolled at the London School of Journalism with my meager salary for a short course online in Creative Writing and I had the best tutor ever!

I’m currently in the Oil & Gas sector working as a Trade Operator and running my M.Sc. in Human Resources by the side. I update my blog from time to time when I have weeks off school and work duties.

2013 is an awareness for me that I’m going to be highly successful both on my job, in school and life because I’m putting my best to living each day at its best. I’m at the age where I made a lot of promises in the past, one of those promises was that if I was still single at 30, I’d try online dating with many of my interesting readers. I’ve had a bout of terrible, funny and unpleasant dating experiences in the past (including someone who thought I should marry him because he’s British and another who believed I’m better off as a full housewife at my age, and another who thought he couldn’t date me because “your job at Reddington is shitty, you’re not driving your own car and you’ve never been out of your country.” WOW!

I’m also at the age where according to scientific justifications; I’d better hurry up if I want to bear children later in life.

I’m saying to my brand new self that at this stage, it’s really not that bad. I’ve done pretty well for myself and I’m very content with the life I’m living. I’m not going to be single forever, I’m still going to attain greatness, see the world more than I’ve seen, and have beautiful babies for the man that I’m in love with.

I might not be where I want to be, but thank God, I’m not where I used to be. I’m okay, and I’m on my way!

No resolutions, just living each day, knowing I must be better than the day before.