Introducing 30 Days Of Hope

Forst of all… (Go down low)… (¬_¬)

Happy New Year, Nostalgians!! \(´▽`)/

#np Together we made it | Busta Rhymes ft Linkin Park

Now on to the meat of the matter… 😀

I’ve never actively made a new year resolution. Never really believed in the ideology. It’s kinda amusing how the thinking that is most closely associated with the idea of new year resolutions is that they never stay upheld. Apparently, by popular belief, they’re more likely to be broken and rather fast too, than any other kinds of resolutions. Well, if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about popular belief, it’s that being the ideology of the majority doesn’t necessarily make it any more right than that of the minority. So I don’t believe, like most people, that new year resolutions are a waste of time. They HAVE worked for some people. Even for a lot of the folk who knock it, if they took the time to think back, there’s probably one or two positive changes in they’re lives that were once upon a time made from putting together a list of new year resolutions.

One pro I can point out for making new year resolutions is that the year in which one is made serves as a sort of milestone when the resolution is actualized. It’s easier to pin point when a change in one’s life took effect and make reference to it later to encourage another than when that change occurs on a more random date. Another argument for new year resolutions is that when made annually and actualized, one builds their discipline in making decisions and sticking to them and this, increasingly as the years go by.

Still though, I don’t see myself making a list of this sort anytime soon and labeling it ‘New Year Resolutions for the Year 20**’. Why? It’s just not my style. Don’t get me wrong, there’s stuff in my life I need to deal with, some have been around for way too long. Heck, one of the things I really need to work on is prioritizing and writing lists is one of the things I’m getting myself to doing to improve my time usage and become more efficient. But still, no list of new year resolutions for me, at least not now.

However, I choose to do something really close to that.

Yesterday, at 6pm, a post written by me went up on 19th street. Like many other young folk had done all December last year and the previous, I evaluated my year as a whole. Writing my review and later, reading others’ comments on it helped me realize two major things:

1. It helped to put my personal growth in perspective- the mistakes, the good choices, the milestones- thereby inspiring me to do better for myself in the following year. And…

2. I realized that it helped inspire other folk in the mistakes not to make and the choices that worked for me. Much like reading others’ posts during the period did for me.

Now, these further inspired me to do something much like what Efe did with that series on his blog: give other people an opportunity. Here, it would be the opportunity to put in writing their hopes, dreams, expectations and targets for the year 2013. How is this different from a list of new year resolutions, you ask?

Well, for the most part, it’s much larger than that. More often than not, a list of new year resolutions is supposed to be a motivation to self, with the only motivator being… again, self. And that’s why so many people fail at it, because when one can no longer motivate self, there’s no one else to turn and you need some external help sometimes when you’re trying to make drastic changes in your life. With this, folk will be ‘faithing’ it out by putting it out there for their friends and for you, to hold them to. Thus, holding themselves to a higher standard.

Also, this goes beyond just putting down goals and targets for the year in writing. Goals, targets and projects are the expectations one can logically make of oneself. This here, on the other hand, will include hopes and dreams; basically those expectations that are largely out of one’s hands/control and one can only hope and pray that (divine) favour comes their way, while putting in the attendant work and playing one’s own part as well of course. And this is why I’ve laid the emphasis on these expectations by titling this series 30 Days of Hope.

Which brings me to faith. Writing these out will be a small step of faith on the parts of all the entrants. Writing this, for most people, will be the first step (hopefully, of many) towards achieving the things they hope and aim for. It is taking these aspirations from their thought process, an intangible, abstract thing, and translating it into action, a tangible and concrete thing. It’s also a form of prayer. You’re telling the heavens (and the earth) that these are the things I want and I’m doing something about it, now please help me out here. Of course, it makes it even better if these people went the extra mile and actually, verbally prayed for/about these things, maybe involving their family and/or friends in the process *hint, hint*

And this brings me to the last reason why I (and by extension, the participants) will be doing this… To encourage others. There may be others going through the same issues one may be going through, by talking about and doing something about one’s issues, one also encourages others. Similar burdens may be shared, someone who has overcome the challenges you may be going through now may be led to encourage you and a stranger may just be inspired to say a prayer on your behalf. Of course, there’ll be the nay-sayers and the back biters. Let them talk. Their reactionary words hold no water to yours. You are the initiator, you have the upper-hand. Just as a precautionary measure however, comments throughout the run of the series will be moderated. This is no place for bile and bitterness, thank you very much. :p

So there we have it, the introduction to the 30 Days of Hope. Posts will go up daily at noon. If you’re not already subscribed, please do so as people will not be individually tagged on twitter (or elsewhere). Welcome to 30 Days of Hope and I wish you, my fellow Nostalgians a purposeful 2013, filled with much actualization and fulfillment. Go forth and prosper!


12 comments on “Introducing 30 Days Of Hope

  1. zifahblogs says:

    I suspect you don’t want many people to read this; no paragraphs and it’s hard to read!


  2. […] Ladies, gentlemen, Nostalgians, welcome to Day One of The 30 Days of Hope. In case you missed the introduction to the series which went up yesterday, please see here. […]


  3. Ibukun says:

    I thought the first story was up *rme* Toks


  4. numburWOHN says:

    Can’t wait.


  5. Thought u said no individual tagging on twitter. so why was i tagged today? hhmmmm…..


  6. Let’s see how this pans out.
    Happy New Year to you.


  7. @Ow_ex says:

    Cool. So how do I get involved, as I wish to?


  8. Ms.francis says:

    Hello . Really love this & have been following it up . Inspired me to right down mine today .. Don’t know if it’s too late for you to want to share it , as I wish to .


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