Day 1: Lade

Ladies, gentlemen, Nostalgians, welcome to Day One of The 30 Days of Hope. In case you missed the introduction to the series which went up yesterday, please see here.

We dive straight into the series with Lade. I met this lovely young lady online while she was just 14yrs old and was really, really impressed by her intelligence and exposure, especially for someone so young… And then I had the privilege of meeting her in person on Christmas day last year, a delightful experience. I’ll hand you over to her now to share with you her hopes, dreams and expectations for 2013…


I honestly don’t know why I picked the first date for this ‘series’. I almost DMed Toxic to change my date.

Yesterday was the first day of the new year (like you didn’t know that already).
I wanted to countdown to 2013 but I slept off like 15 minutes before the time. Then I woke up at about 1am. Couldn’t sleep until like 2am. People were throwing knockouts all around. So annoying.

Anyways, I’m really not so excited. Last year, I was excited and 2012 was a huge disappointment.

Last year, I expected to graduate from secondary school in July (I did) and I expected to be in university by September (didn’t happen).

I want this year to be great.

I want to start sewing again. I haven’t sewn anything in like 4 years. So I have to save up and buy a new sewing machine.

To save up, I need a job.
Not being in school, I have nothing to do. So I really need a job. At least till I’m in school in August/September.

I hope I’m in school by August/September. I thought I’ll be in school last August.
I believe that not everyone HAS to go to university to be successful. But I just want to go to uni. I want to have the ‘university experience’. Whatever that is.

Speaking of experiences. I want to travel. I’ve only left Nigeria twice. To the same place (Togo).  It was a school excursion. The first(and only) time I travelled by air was on school excursion(again) to Abuja. This year, the plan is to go to Obudu Cattle Ranch and Idanre Hills. Maybe Badagry. (Again). Badagry is so much fun. Try ‘Whispering Palms’ if you haven’t. That place is BEAUTIFUL. In Africa? Ghana maybe. South Africa

This year I want to work with and for God. Like be better in my walk. And all.

I also want to do more stuff to help people. On Christmas day last year, I went with about 20 other people to Makoko. (ChristmasOnTheStreetz) and I can say that that was my best christmas ever and the best day of last year.
What you feel when you do something to make someone else -who would have otherwise been unhappy- happy, is nothing short of amazing.

Most of all this year, I’m going to put myself first. It seems like a selfish thing to do but when you think about it, it makes sense. When you put other people’s happiness first, you’ll end up frustrated and angry and you won’t be able to make them happy. Making everyone unhappy. But if you’re happy first, you can make other people happy.

Here’s to a (hopefully) wonderful 2013.

15 comments on “Day 1: Lade

  1. Ibukun says:

    You go, girl!


  2. kovieparker says:

    To a wonderful 2013…. 😀


  3. laolu7 says:

    Very nice Lade, looks “doable”. Great start Toxic


  4. Sisi Jacobs says:

    Aww Lade, I’m sure this year will be great. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s loving yourself as you rightly should


  5. hahishaa says:

    I like. Simple and short. Happy New Year


  6. Sally says:

    Have a wonderful year Lade.


  7. @Ow_ex says:

    Brilliant. Cheers to a fulfilling year ahead.


  8. O.S-Hughes says:

    Hi Lade,

    your post reminds me of my university days, where I found another stream of income aside the stipend I got from my parents.

    It wasn’t anything fancy or high-faluting, I had considered taking photographs with an analog camera but derailed when my father tried to teach me to develop my photos in the darkroom with physics.
    Eventually I found my forte. I sold cakes to augment my stipend and it was really rewarding.

    The point of this is that, an idea dropped in my mind while I read and I have a ‘proposal of sorts’. If you are interested. You can send me an mail.



  9. highlandblue says:

    Can’t argue with this.


  10. April Laugh says:

    Do you have a resume? I might have something to keep you sane till August/September. Send an email to Cheers


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