Day 3: Wande

I stumbled on this good natured and passionate vet (at least from her tweets) on twitter a while back and our friendship is a good one which has, despite efforts to change this on both our parts, remained online. *sigh* This post is special to Wande specifically because of the date. I’ll hand you over to her see why…


*music playing* All I want for my birthday is a big……………………….

It’s been a yearly tradition to set goals and make resolutions, I honestly still don’t get the point behind the tradition. It’s my birthday today, damn it sucks to be a year older, so many unfulfilled goals,unspoken words,broken dreams and would have-should have moments. My mind is nursing the memories of the pain, betrayals,laughter,orgasms,food-gasms, and the weird feelings I can’t put into words.

It’s a new year, I should be drunk but its not yet 9am (oops I said I’d quit) , my goals for 2013 in words, I will probably get them done by June 2013 (who am I kidding) but then again who knows?

* running on the warm sands of Myrtos beach on the island of Kefalonia,the roaring sound of the beautiful sea ringing in my ears, waking up to the mind blowing sunrise in Porto Carras Hotel and Resort Halikidki. I want my vacation in the Ancient Greece.

*I want to walk and dance in the rain, no holding back, not caring about ruining my hair,my make up, my phones,my bag………. I want to get soaked, play my air guitar, dance like I own the stage, have people look at me funny, laugh like I don’t have a single worry in the world under the rain.

* I want to be surrounded by autistic kids, kiss them, tickle them, dance with them, sing to them, get hugs from them. I want spend an entire day or more doing nothing but hanging out with them.

* I want a tattoo , I want to feel the intense pain, to see the blood, groan in pain, beg to feel numb, cry with confused feelings of joy and pain. The tattoo will be on my left wrist so I can pull out my hair with my right hand. Okay this sounds crazy, I probably will get a shot of local anesthetic.

I’m pretty sure most people have goals that are so incredible, and my goals probably sound weird, it’s simple I want the simple things of life, I want to smile like I have no worries, I want to love like I will never get hurt, I want dance like no one is watching, I want to feel my toes curl and moan with pleasure, I want to eat and not get fat, I want to scream on top of my lungs, I want cry and curl up with my favorite teddy, I want to live my life and not care who is talking, I want to enjoy the simple things of life, my favorite rock band’s concert, a butterfly landing on my shoulder, getting that awesome credit alert (money makes everything simple). I want to be happy. I want to make every second in 2013 worth it.


The simple things. We sometimes take the simple things for granted, don’t we?

Well, I pray you achieve these things and many more, Wande. Have you very many Happy Returns, dear. Much favour, joy, peace, love, wisdom and fulfillment. In this year and the many more to come.


7 comments on “Day 3: Wande

  1. Terdoh says:

    Okay, this is beautiful.


  2. Belles Pomme says:

    Very Nice…


  3. I want to do most of these things. Life should be so simple


  4. Only Wande.

    That’s why I love this girl


  5. oyewande says:

    🙂 simple things of life


  6. highlandblue says:

    Haha the Simple bot reporting for duty here


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