Day 4: Yomah

Yomah is my baby sister. This is sort of funny cos I’ve never even met her. Beneath her somewhat naïve demeanor is a bright and intelligent woman who’s figuring life out and coming into her own. Can’t wait to see her flourish. See for yourself…


Hello everyone, Happy new year! So, it’s the 5th day of 2013… actually it’s the 3rd day now, but you’ll be reading this on the 5th day… okay, I digress. Anyway I’m not exactly a writer so forgive any errors.

Basically I’m supposed to write on my hopes and dreams for this new year, however I’ll have to talk about the past year for you to fully understand them. 2012 was… just a year for me. This because I can’t decide if it was a good or a bad year. The first major thing that happened to me was my surgery that took place in February. It was an ovarian cystectomy. I was 18 and was being burdened with problems way more advanced than my age. The history of how I ended up with an ovarian cyst is too long for me to go into but let’s just say it was a bad case. It had tortioned 3 times, that means it twisted 3 times. Usually when a cyst twists at all, it becomes dangerous so you can imagine the fears I was going through. The twisting didn’t show in any scans so the doctors were reluctant to do a surgery because it only showed about 6cm and was considered small. I insisted because the pain had become unbearable and when it was brough out, it turned out to be over 10cm. The doctor told me to go and thank God because He just didn’t want me to die.

Another major thing that happened to me was that I failed in school, woefully! You see, this cyst thing attacked me in full force during my 200level first semester exams, I wrote most of my papers from the health centre, so yeah, horrible result.

Also in 2012, as usual I had a lot of men/boy issues, thankfully less than 2011, but all the same boy issues. I struggled with letting go of an ‘ex’ who had become someone’s boyfriend, but still wanted to be ‘friends with benefits’ and somehow caught feelings again while at it all the while still with his new girlfriend. I struggled with letting go of the one person I’ve really loved who unfortunately didn’t feel the same way. And then there’s the one I met in 2012 that felt the need to lie about breaking up with his girlfriend which I initially believed but later discovered the truth, same one that also lied about condoms and first times. Thank God for small mercies, I almost fell in a trap here but I realised that no matter how badly you want something, if you have a relationship with God, He won’t give it to you when He knows it is not good for you. Long story short, all these times I faced hurt, pain and unhappiness but we thank God I marched on.

Also in 2012, I formed a bond of friendship with a few girls, friendship that are just like sisterhood, I also met a lot of amazing people, and had good times with them.

Which brings me to my hopes and dreams for 2013.

In 2013, I hope to be a healthy bunny, I don’t want to have any cause to go to the hospital, not even malaria, I also pray to have my hormonal and ovarian issues resolved. Amen.

I hope to get my CGPA to a very good place and get better grades so I can graduate with my second class upper degree next year June in Jesus name. Amen.

I also hope that this year, I do not have any boy issues whatsoever. I also hope to get the boyfriend my heart desires and have a steady relationship that would last years and bring happiness and joy to me, not sadness or constant headache. I hope to solve my emotional instability and confusion this year.

I also hope to get very good offers from notable modelling houses and agencies so I can be financially stable to some extent.

I pray for more financial blessings for my parents and that God continues to bless them and that this year, they will have cause to give a testimony on His goodness in their lives.

Basically these are my hopes and dreams for 2013, and I really hope that it’s a good year for me and mine and for all of you too. I hope that my prayers and hopes and dreams come to pass. All of yours too. May God bless us all. 🙂


11 comments on “Day 4: Yomah

  1. Kemmiiii says:

    Strong somebody.


  2. hahishaa says:

    Amen. 🙂


  3. folkeezy says:

    Wow! Almost my story! God’s strength shall always be your backbone amen!


  4. Temi says:

    I love the honesty and simplicity of this piece. Its definitely my best one yet. May God answer your prayers hun. X


  5. ranchosblog says:

    Amen. God pass devil, Miss Yomah. All izz well. 2013 would bring you joy. And peace. And happiness.

    Mr Toxic, I see how you “baby sister-zoned” this lady. When they put you in “what site can I download this video” zone now you would complain ( ˘˘̯). Continue o.


  6. […] before I agreed to write this, I asked Tokunbo for a link to the one I wrote for 2013 because I wanted to evaluate and see how many of them came […]


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