Day 6: Chychy

Chichi is my sister from another mother. She can be very vocal on many issues but on the issues really close to her heart, she tends to withdraw into a dark shell. A shell I’ve had to invade every now and then. This is why she’s necessarily vague in some parts of this…


When Toks asked for people to write their hopes and expectations on 2013 for his 30 day challenge, I quickly picked a date without thinking. I got over the whole “oh 7 is my lucky number. Let me choose that date.” and realised I didn’t want to do it. Why? I was scared. Of what? I was scared of building castles in the air. I was scared that the demons of 2012 would follow me into 2013, till I realised my faith was ‘timid’ (according to Toks) which really isn’t faith when you think about it. So here I am, writing to a bunch of strangers about my plans/hopes for the new year *sigh*

I’m excited about this year for many reasons. It’s an opportunity for me to try out new things, work on uncompleted things and put an end to stuff that aren’t working out for me.

First of all (go down low), I’ve been given an ultimatum by the parents to “Go back to school for a second degree (not masters o) or get married this year”. Don’t worry, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLed too. They’re still selling JAMB forms abi?

I’ve never been into new year resolutions as I’ve always believed in going with the flow (I’m still wondering where that has gotten me). This year, I intend to put in everything I have into my career and also find alternate means of income. It’s not me, it’s the economy we live in. Plus I’m at my happiest when I’m extremely busy (call me a closet workaholic), although I’d kill before I admit it to my boss or colleagues.

My watchword for this year is discipline. I’m the most undisciplined person you can ever come across but all that is going to change this year (so help me God). I intend to live my life in a way that would seem boring but is the right way (who cares though? So long as I get results). I’m going to push myself to such limits that would amaze both people that know me and I’ll let luck take a rest and hard/smart work take over.

All my life, I’ve had to experience emotional and, sometimes, physical abuse in the hands of a group of people. I endured it for sentimental reasons but in 2013, all that is going to change. I’m putting a distance between myself & them, emotionally and maybe physically. No more will anybody tell me I’m not and will never be good enough for anything and anybody and have me believe it. That shit ended in 2012.

This year, it’s about me & God. Considering the yoyo relationship I had with him last year which left me empty and guilty and made me stay away, I really don’t want that to repeat itself this year. I just need to remember 1 John 1:9. I hope I do.

I’m limiting my use of social networks this year. I can’t keep using them as an escape from the realities of life when issues are chilling in one corner, waiting for me.

I’m going to be a good person and a better friend to my friends. Some of them had my back in 2012 and I hope I can do the same for them from this year on. For those who took delight in putting me down, let’s just say the word ‘friends’ would be used loosely where they’re concerned.

I’m going to read more, eat less, work out (gats prepare for summer), go natural (@MissCoookieGT’s hair is such an inspiration), dress better, dance, laugh and smile more.

*holds champagne flute* Here’s to a beautiful 2013. May all our plans & dreams come through/true this year. Cheers!

7 comments on “Day 6: Chychy

  1. babyg says:

    otoku papi!!! nice one. God’s got ur back. remember to look out for his own interest too brov.


  2. folkeezy says:

    :* :* *raises flute too* *clink* I really can relate to some parts of this. I pray you get to do all you’ve resolved to. I’ll repeat the prayers I said for you on New Year, “may laughter so deep and heartfelt be ur portion all year long”


  3. nayummie says:

    I “broke” my major resolution on january the fifth… I have nothing to say


  4. T says:

    kinda noticed from chychy’s tweets that she hides in a dark shell. Truth is her LOOOOLs or LMOOOs tweets helped me a bit during a difficult time. May you continue to have reasons to laugh.
    Ps: when are you going back to school? :p


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