Day 7: Oyin

This pixie-faced, pixie-spirited… piXIe, is my friend. One of those I’m glad to have stuck by. Through her very topsy-turvy, yet very beautiful life and our once-upon-a-time on-and-off friendship and the tears we’ve shared, I’m glad I can (still) call her friend. Largely because she’s a huge testimony waiting to (fully) manifest and I want to ensure I’m a part of it. Selfish of me, abi? *yimu* Go and buy yah own.

Oyin, tell dem…


When I think of a new year, an excitement bubbles within me, sorta like that pink champagne in a clear glass or alabukun when poured in water and excitement makes me make lists. I love lists, and planning and maybe adequate execution might not be my strong suit, I’d like to dream that I might actually do every single thing on my list.

This post, like everything in my life was a little rushed, I wrote it this morning. It’s not because I had not been thinking of what my dreams and aspirations for 2013 are, it’s because if I wrote them down, I’ll start to take them apart and make a fuss out of life. So I just day dream, make mental lists and imagine that they’ll happen.

I feel bubbly about this year, and forget Daydreams, some thing’s are going to fall into place and the excitement is nearly killing me. I’ve been in a kind of way following my dream but you know how it is over here, you have to make money too. That tampon isn’t going to pay for itself except you want to go to your grandmother and tell her to teach you the ways of the “vagina cloth”. Oh God! What is wrong with me?? I didn’t sleep. I haven’t slept.

First of all, in a few short weeks, I intend to move. To just pack my things and move to a different city, the capital city. I’ve been told I’ll fit right in and explaining that I’m going there to find peace and stability is something that a lot of people cannot quite comprehend. But I’m moving. And somehow, I know everything else will just happen and I’m along for the ride. The excitement about my move is threatening to create spasms in my head.

Well, so with the move comes the fact that I intend to go back into the world and resume working freelance. I wanted to prove to myself that I could manage a desk job and I have, I mean it’s been six months and I haven’t killed myself yet. But the truth is: I was not made for it. I’m less of myself when I’m not given the freedom to think. To write. It’s sort of how 2005 was when I had to decide whether I’d go forward with Law or simply sit my butt in the English department. So, I’m going to fling myself back out there and chase my dreams like I’ve got cheetahs on my tail. People ask me, have I saved enough? I haven’t. But if I sat here and continued trying to save more, I doubt that doctors will find a cure to the madness that will plague me.

Do I have a watchword this year? Yes. My watch word is the word “DO”. I intend to do everything that I’ve always wanted to do. I’m not going to let money stop me, or hold me back. “BE”- I intend to be exactly who I want Oyin to be. Unashamed and Unrepentant. I will shave my head if I want to, and laugh about it. I will wear my converses with a straight skirt if I want to and just giggle at people’s gaping mouths.

Life is a circle of relationships and this year, i will not take ANY of my relationships (friendships, family and Victor Akpan) for granted, because I don’t deserve them but they don’t give up on me. Trust me, that’s a humongous task for anyone! I intend to see Singular PR make leaps and take charge.

Most importantly for me this year, I intend to listen to my inner voice. I intend to listen to God and let Him lead me. God is great, He does things we would never understand and I’m not going to question it, I’m going to enjoy the ride.
Anyways, so… here’s my cheers to the New year and her swishy plans, to friendships and the homes they create, to family, to truth, to dreams, to talents, to love as it should be, to support, to thanksgiving and most importantly, to the hands and the hugs that will make me feel like I’m home.

I know every one of my dreams for the year is coming true. Selah!

4 comments on “Day 7: Oyin

  1. I pray that you find everything you seek and more this year Oyin :*


  2. Frankices says:

    Intentions. Hopes. Resolutions. *sigh*

    God help us. O:)


  3. nero says:

    LOOOL I’ve read all the 30-days entries and so far, THIS here is my best entry. Pixie, I LOVE your big personality and free spirit, you’re just like me. I wish you everything God wants for you this year. Prosper.


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