Dusk 8: Rolayo

Rolayo is a dentist in training and writes beautifully as well. Aside: What is it with female doctors and having a way with words? Almost all the ones I know write nicely. (there’s a pun in there somewhere, atink). I narrowly missed meeting her once… That won’t happen again. 😀


New Beginning

Those were the two words I heard during the cross-over service. Two things I really need.

Considering that in 2012, I had a lot of hopes that were dashed and I survived only with the help of God and sustained a few emotional scars, I decided that 2013 was going to surprise me. I didn’t have any thing written down or planned out. Partly, cause I’m scared I’ll hope too much, and then get sorely disappointed and partly cause I’ve learned that I can make plans all I want, if they’re not His plans, I’m wasting my time.

So this year, my main plan is to trust Him.

1. Trust Him enough to know that His my father, and He already knows what I want before I ask for it. Better still, I don’t have to write out a long list of my prayer points. He won’t give me a snake if I ask for fish. So I’ll pray in the spirit instead and with also give thanks for all He’s going to do.

2. My family has been in some state for about 16months now. I trust Him to give us a new beginning this year. I can see changes already.

3. A healthy relationship started January 2nd. I trust that His name will be magnified in both our lives and in the relationship.

4. My BDS Part IIB exams are also this year, alongside my Part III, I trust He’ll hold my hand and guide me and lead me in a triumphant procession all the way.

5. I trust that this year, I’ll do bigger things for Him. Maybe not in the church, but in the society. He’ll make my light shine.

Finally, I trust Him to make me see this world through His eyes and each day I hear a voice behind me saying “This is the way to go. Walk therein.”

2013 is already a great year, because the one who holds it said so.

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