Day 9: Kunbi

I met Kunbi last christmas. Didn’t realize she was the one I’d interacted with several times online until after we’d parted. What struck me atferwards when I thought back to the time we shared with several other people was the eagerness with which she’d come to serve and give of her time to many less privileged. Kindness is something I believe she resonates, plus it appears she is many yards of quality wife material 😉 Read her…


Where there is life, there is hope…I think a wise man once said that or maybe it was written in the bible, but in these days where even ordinary tweets are stolen, what does it matter who said what first, so long as it’s true – but I digress.

Here we are at the threshold of a brand new year and we are alive, thus hopeful (I believe).

As I pondered on what my hopes were exactly, I realized how much I had limited my expectations largely because of disappointments and unfulfilled dreams from last year. As I write this I have decided to free my mind and let it roam free to think of all the things I really hope to accomplish and the dreams I believe will one day soon come true.

In the emotional area of my life, I found myself settling last year and I’m glad that is over, even though I didn’t expect to renew my “team forever alone” membership. I’m still hopeful that love will find me soon and it will be beautiful.

I made a career change and even though it is challenging, it feels good. Feels like I am finally home. I look forward to learning a lot. I started this year and I hope and believe this is the right move for me.

Some doors were shut right as I got to them last year, it was painful I won’t lie. I have looked past that one shut door and so many wonderful opportunities have opened up in front of me, I hope and pray I make the right decisions.

I hope to finish my professional exams by the middle of the year and begin my masters in September. I also hope to have more money saved up this year.

I hope I win the best employee of the year award and get the juicy prize.

I hope I finally make the move to start working on my business idea.

I hope to travel more, visit new locations, be friendlier and make new friends.

It would be fun to read this at the end of the year and see how much I accomplished. I pray at the end of the year I look up, smile and say Thank you God.

4 comments on “Day 9: Kunbi

  1. Annie says:

    First time I’m commenting…cos this resonated. A lot of her hopes are similar to mine. We can only part we get there.
    *hugs* Kunbi


  2. ChikeThomas says:

    Sweet…Work hard. Remain positive. And most importantly, Pray. The sky will be your limit. Bless.


  3. Betty says:

    Dis is d 1st time,I took my tym 2 read thru dis T.K. K.I.U(Keep it up) dearie!


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