Dusk 9: Laolu

Finally, our first brutha man. Laolu and I went to Unilag at about the same time. We met properly this last christmas and got talking a bit. He’s into photography and he certainly shoots some really great portraiture. See the way he hopes his new year goes…


I have decided to approach this year by not setting any goals.

Before the end of each year, I always do a review of how I spent the year and examine the areas I could have done better or differently.

For 2012 I thought to myself: what’s the difference between Monday the 31st and Tuesday the 1st day of January, 2013? My simple maths answer-24 hours.

And there, I decided to work with this year as a week rather than as a whole log of 12 months.

Yes I said week, as I reviewed 2012(God bless her memory and pain), I realised that if I broke the coming year into weeks it would be easier to track my progress.

So I’ll keep it this easy…

For 2013, I do not have any goals, I have weekly assignments.

So for instance each week, I’ll read at least five chapters of my bible and do a written analysis.

I NEED TO: Read five chapters per week of my bible and carry a jotter around, a chapter per day would be wiser, than read the entire book in 52 hours (which is possible by the way).

I’ll write my final tax exam in April.

I NEED TO: cut my social media activities, twitter and BBM have weight but they can’t continue to occupy space in my life and also – TV.

I’m doing a free shoot in April and attending a workshop at the end of the 2nd quarter of this year.

I NEED TO: read more of my photography materials, blog more pictures and meet more photographers whose works really inspire me.

Each week I plan to give more to others, my time and money lol.

 I NEED TO: Withdraw more money…nah…, look out for the guys who need cheering up around me, especially those others won’t like to hang out with, to share their hopes and joy.

Each week I’ll review the areas I did not succeed or partly succeeded and work on them in the coming week.

I NEED TO: Recognise, that habits do not arrive or disappear overnight, if I would become better than I was yesterday, the key is never to wish away my weaknesses or think of my strengths as accidental, I have a duty to work on my weaknesses and grow my strengths.

I currently blog at laolu7.wordpress.com or tweet at @laolu7.

2 comments on “Dusk 9: Laolu

  1. Belles Pomme says:

    *Claps*… It’s about time! 🙂

    Godspeed with everything Laolu!


  2. laolu7 says:

    Yes oh, thanks…I feel time is of the essence


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