Day 11: Bolade

Bolade and I have been friends for a long while. What I cherish most about our friendship is how we might not be in touch all the time, but everytime we reconnect, it’s like we were never apart and we just nicely pick up where we ‘left off’. Those are the best kind.

Today is also Bolade’s birthday. Please leave a pleasant birthday message in the comment section even though…


As I write this, from the comfort of my porcelain throne, unable to get my thoughts together while struggling to meet a deadline in thirty minutes, I realize that writers are the true heroes.

I’m supposed to tell you about my 2013. My hopes, dreams, goals, aspirations etc etc. See, I’ve had a shitty past year. A worse 2011 even. Now, sometimes it’s hard to keep hope alive but I realize that I am destined for greatness and even though it might take a while to get there, I am going to get there. I’m a dreamer, you see and even though I’m lazy as heck, I know that this year I’m going to need to get off my ass, get over my complexes and insecurities and go in search of what is mine.

I have a long list of things to achieve this year, ( I don’t intend to reel them off one by one) just know iz plenty! I can however tell you that i intend to break into the PR industry, and radio. Someway, somehow. Thats at the top of a very long list. Now, it’s possible that I might not achieve them all but it will not be for lack of trying. A friend of mine in high school had a favorite quote “don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. That is what I intend to live by this year. I will try, I will be relentless, I will go for what I want!

I know Tokunbo started this series with the intent to inspire people and some other reasons like that sha. While I doubt I’ve achieved that with this post, it feels good to put it out there still.

It’s the 12th of January 2013, there are 353 days left in the year, we can do it 🙂



Editor’s addendum: another reason I’m doing this is ’cause I was also hoping to get folk to inspire themselves. Look’s like you did/are doing a great job of that yo.

As for you inspiring others, let’s see what the comment(er)s have to say about that…

4 comments on “Day 11: Bolade

  1. Happy birthday Bolade.


  2. y1nka says:

    Happy Birthday Bolade!


  3. laolu7 says:

    Bolade is juzt funny…nice angle to the post


  4. boladè says:

    Tokunbo sweetie, it never even occured to me to read the post, you’re so sweet, thank you darling :* and thanks for the birthday wishes


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