Dusk 11: Nimi

One of the reasons I’m glad for this challenge is that it will help and is helping me get to know (better) a few people I don’t already (Yes, there are ulterior motives involved too. Sorry if I burst a bubble or two :p). Nimi is one of them. Plus she’s my baby sister’s namesake ^_^ Here she goes…


2012 was not exactly my year. I can’t point at anything fantastic about the year, spent most of it in a depressed state. I have a strong conviction that this year is going to be entirely different so here goes my hopes for 2013

“Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls”…….1 Peter 1:9

1. The salvation of my soul- I’m tired of running my life by myself, trying to be in control, messing things up and feeling too guilty to turn back to God. I just want Him to take my will, mind and emotions and do with them as He pleases. I want to do and be only what He pleases and live in that state of knowing that I’m on the right path

“Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulations, continuing instant in prayer”……Romans 12:12

2. I’m going to face a lot this year. 2 major exams, my sister who’s my greatest physical support system is finishing school and moving away and many other things I can’t see yet. In all of these, I want to be able to rejoice no matter the odds, being at peace in every situation & giving thanks. I want to be able to be patient and not rush God or worry and I want to be able to lift my voice and pray unhindered, knowing that God is working through me to will and do of His good pleasures.

3. I hope to find purpose this year. I’m turning 20, can’t continue living without knowing the reason why I’m here.

4. I hope my dad finds his way back home and my parents get back to having the beautiful relationship they had before I was born.

5. I hope I’m able to strengthen the healthy relationships I’ve built and cut away those that are unhealthy. My watchword for relationships last year was “Let my words be few”, made my life less complicated; I hope I follow it better this year.

6. Finally, I hope I’m able to let go of all the anger inside of me. People don’t believe that I’m an angry person but I’m angrier than I let on. Holding on to anger is very tiring and honestly, I just want to let go of all of it this year and live a peaceable life.

Here’s to a year that’s filled with hope, joy, new beginnings and maturity.

2 comments on “Dusk 11: Nimi

  1. Oluwanifesimi says:

    I like your name. I’ll like the way you write and my aspirations are concidentally related to yours. I wish you all the best the year offers. Shalom


  2. laolu7 says:

    All the best nimi


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