Day 12: Efe

Efe is my oga. In many ways. The 30 day challenge on his blog kinda inspired this one. I hoodwinked him into doing this and somehow, he still doesn’t know he was played. Sshhh… Don’t tell him o…


Happy New year everyone. Twelve days gone and my year is already shaping up in a certain direction. I expected to be a bit more of an actor in it rather than a spectator but here I am watching events unfold and wondering whether to seize the wheel.

I’m wondering because I haven’t really planned much but the grasp of two or three principles is making so many other things sort themselves out on autopilot that I am surprised I don’t have to chase fires and micro manage things as much as before. Really didn’t take them that seriously till I started seeing the results and it occurred to me that I was onto something I should not let go for the rest of the year. What are these principles then?

Do not procrastinate. I love procrastinating the little things because I imagine they can all be done in a flash. I also love procrastinating the big things because of the investment I have to make to see them through. But this year I decided to just attack everything as it came. Be aggressive. Take the schedule battle to Procrastination herself instead of waiting for her to catch me on her own terms. I’ve seen unforeseen hurdles easily cleared just because I’d already started work on something I thought was not that relevant. I have dodged so many bullets and had ready answers just by this small issue of being proactive instead of postponing things. The only sad thing about this is the realization that I must have been wasting so many of my previous years and causing myself unnecessary pain because of not doing the right thing at the right time without being pushed and reminded. God help me this year.

It’s the little things that matter. Wow I could shout this a hundred times from the rooftops and still I would not have adequately communicated the message. People say I’m stuck up just because of one little thing they heard me say or saw me do. They also say I’m humble because of one little thing they saw me do. I realize now that mighty ships are turned by small rudders, and great forests are set on fire by a small spark. (Biblical). All those phone calls I force myself to make, all those messages I struggle to reply even after days of neglect, the keeping in touch, the little questions asked loved ones, all these are the small edges on which the levers of my relationships turn. Now, no amount is too small, no friend is too insignificant, no need is too little to be considered. Even my mere presence is enough to encourage someone, my smile is enough to make someone’s day, my touch is enough to soothe a hurting soul, and my spare change is enough to answer someone’s prayers. If I accomplished one little thing every day, by the end of the year I’d be a champion. It’s the little things that matter.

God’s favour is the clincher. I found doors opening just because people were inclined to render help. When it says in Scripture that someone found favour with God and men, that is no small blessing. The truth is, God knows the pressure points to push and if He directs you to the corner of the mountain to attack first, you may find the mountain crumbling before you fire a single shot. This means prayer is important. Prayer is not asking God to grant my desires, it is an opportunity for me to align myself with the divine desires. When the Force is with you, tightened screws turn easier, heavy doors swing open of their own accord, and mighty ships are driven by winds far beyond human intervention. I’m going to pray for God’s favour a lot more this year. I’m going to ask Him to show me where to lay the axe. Prayerlessness is the sign of someone who believes God’s past blessings were earned by self-righteousness and that His future blessings will be earned by good deeds. Hard work pays, yes, but the seed multiplying itself into the many seeds of a tree is not a result of the effort of the man who ploughed the earth or the woman who watered the seeds; it’s the result of the miracle of divine growth. I want that, so much more of that. God help me find favour in His eyes, and in the eyes of men I need to get to my highest potential. I pray He reveals the way to me more and more as I seek His face and submit to His will/plans instead of insisting on mine.

These are my hopes, prayers and pledges for 2013. So help me God.

3 comments on “Day 12: Efe

  1. TM.Lucia says:

    My comment is enough to say how happy I am to hear this. Its the little things that matter.


  2. zifahblogs says:

    Nice and Inspiring one bro.


  3. milz_tea says:

    Awesome Read


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