Dusk 12: Notey

Pretty, naughty Notey moved from my acquaintance zone into my friendzone proper last year. She’s a driven, mature woman from all I can tell.

What can you tell?…


I always make an effort to start each year on a positive note. Why? Because from the 2nd week in December of the previous year, I start planning for Christmas, New Year and 5 days after the New Year… for my birthday!!!! Only now, can I proudly say how excited I am to be a new year baby! When I was a teenager though, it wasn’t as much fun, because my school friends wouldn’t have resumed for the term and there was always the discussion with my folks about throwing me a huge birthday party or toning it down for new school uniforms and books…LOL… but I digress a bit…

YES, I am hopeful for so very many things this year but shall try to keep it simple.

I hope to understand the opposite sex better, and not for any other reason than to understand them better. You see, I grew up with no older sisters and I think somewhere in my teen years, I decided to overcompensate by knowing very many females. I’m now way past my teens, but, I can count the number of male friends (that are not family) that I can confidently call when I am in a tight spot (literally and figuratively).

I hope to grow and understand my natural hair better. Against the advice of close girlfriends, I stubbornly decided to go natural by shaving off my hair almost a year ago. Surely, since that time, I have experienced more bad hair days than good ones with some ‘doubting thomases’ asking me when I will get over this natural look and go back to relaxed hair. No offense against relaxers, but it was a personal decision to abstain and like everything in life, my natural hair is a journey that I hope to succeed at

I hope to be more emotionally accessible this year. For people who think they know me and are shocked at this statement…yeah…I said it. I am not as emotionally open as y’all thought. Though I can be noisy and playful when I want to be, but I am very jealous with sharing my pain and struggles.

I hope to flourish in my career life this year. I am on the threshold of bigger and greater things and I am trusting that the window of opportunities will present itself and when it does, I will be discerning enough to act on them.

I hope to buy a car, or be ‘dashed’ one (tip for loved ones). Usually, I don’t fret too long over anything, but for a car? Gosh! I have stressed, prayed and hoped for one. And it can be a box for all I care, so long as it runs and gives me no trouble as well as conveys me to work and back home safely. Lagos traffic is no joke mehn! Better to be in a car than on the bus.

I hope to laugh more at myself and with others. I hope to cry more for the passions that matter the most to me. I hope to kiss more, I hope to dance more. I hope to flourish even more in my spiritual life and be healthier. I hope for long life and prosperity for my dear family and cherished friends. I hope to love more. I wish! Indeed I wish and I’m hopeful that 2013 will make me an even better person than I am today.

Life in itself is a journey…sometimes of a few seconds or other times a million years; but a journey still. Oh! How much I hope!! Only for the best!!! As the Almighty willeth!!!! Let’s get it started, shall we?

2 comments on “Dusk 12: Notey

  1. Tomboxe says:



  2. sharon says:

    Yay!!! My Notey is a star!!!!


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