Day 13: Tunrayo

Tunrayo is the cutest, sweetest thang ^_^ I thoroughly enjoyed the one opportunity I’ve had to hang out with her. Hopefully, a repeat soon. Many Happy Returns, Tunrie love. May all your days be filled with fulfillment, favour, joy, peace and love. Happy Birthday.

Don’t catch a cold o… ( >_>)


Hi there.

Ugh I’m so reluctant to go on with this. 2013 oh 2013, this year is no doubt going to be different. Well, no shit Sherlock.

Oh hey, it’s my birthday today.

Erm so, 2013 is going to be different, I can’t wait to see how I’ll manage to make it through NYSC alive. Working 2 jobs should be interesting, but somehow I know I’ll make it through victorious. So far, all my devotionals have been talking about is God’s abundant grace which I’ll be taking full advantage of this year.

I’m giving reading the Bible in a year a shot, so far so good.

I can’t say this with a straight face but also, this year I’m not going to buy a single item of clothing, self-discipline is necessary.

2013. I’ll know where I’ll be bagging my MSc. and in what course.

I’m going to tithe this year because I have no excuses.

It will be amazing to travel and see new breath-taking stuff. I should also get an Eiffel tower charm from Eiffel Tower.

I’m keeping in touch better this year. I’ll be a better friend. I’m gonna be a better daughter, sister and aunt this year. *fingers crossed*

Dancing in the rain was fun last year… it’ll be nice to step it up and dance or do some other extra-curricular activity (.-.) in the rain with someone special this year.  >_>

This year, I’m loving harder, laughing louder.

2013 will see a less uptight Tunrie, who wouldn’t be too shy to dance on the road, too quiet to say hello to someone she recognises, too  cautious to make a stranger smile or too scared to devote herself to someone.

In 2013, I’m going to breathe. I won’t over-think a thing.

3 comments on “Day 13: Tunrayo

  1. @shangytee says:

    No comment? I absolutely love this. It feels real and sounds like an adventure in waiting. Hope you get to breathe life into this loveable list.


  2. Luke says:

    I have a friend whose name is also Tunrayo, she is my very best friend.She’s actually like the picture you painted above of yourself.We first met in my first year in the University.Then i was the HOC of my deprtmnt, & i realised she was also in my deprtmnt.I liked her immediately i saw her.I would say she is the most friendly being i’ve ever met.She is always there for everyone who needs help, and she’s the one closest to my heart.I her so much.


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