Dusk 13: David

David is skinny and Ghanaian. I still have to squint to see him in pictures. *snigger* Ok, stupid joke done. Over to you, David…


I’ve never been real big on resolutions; I usually forget I made any by the end of the first month. Subconsciously however, I set targets for myself to accomplish before the year ends. Last year I planned to cut down on my promiscuity level. I did a head count on the 31st of December and I was pleasantly surprised.

Last year was not a very good one for me and my family. I lost an aunt; my mother’s only sister and friend. I almost lost over 4 years of friendship I had with my best friend. Had he not been taken to the hospital, critically ill, those long years of camaraderie would have been lost.

As trying as it was, last year made me realize how strong and determined I was. I missed 40days of school to join the Electoral Commission of Ghana register people for the elections, came back to school to write my exams a week after and still managed to pass. Then in December I combined exams with training for electoral duties while training others too. It was hectic but very fulfilling. Knowing every night as I go to bed weary and stressed that I was part of history, something big that involved the whole country was worth the early mornings and late nights I pulled.

I interned in a radio station where they praised my (IMO subpar) writing so much that they didn’t want me to leave after my days were over.

Through all the tough times, one thing I never lost was my hope and faith. The story of my faith is another post on its own. The type of faith that rid me of an incurable disease without seeing a doctor or visiting any healing crusade. I knew it would go and it went. The kind of faith that says “as long as God is in approval of what I’m doing, it will be well”.

I hope for a better future.

I hope people would stop judging before they get to know you.

I hope I would be understood

I hope this year brings peace and more laughter

I hope to remain celibate this year

I hope to graduate in June and start working

I hope all my business ideas materialize

I hope to be a better person

I hope I find love

I hope to be a better friend and son

I hope to light up the faces of people with smiles

I hope to be less of a control freak

I hope to be tolerant and a better person

Above all, I hope for life and strength and to see another year.

One comment on “Dusk 13: David

  1. laolu7 says:

    Nicee…God help you


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