Day 14: Yinka

Y1nka is my dear friend, D3ola’s brother. Cool, young dude who’s got a lot to look forward to ahead of him. Here he goes…


As you’re reading this, I’m either getting my flight delayed, or I’m in the air angry; Why don’t these airplanes move faster? I’m not a fan of the airplane, and Arik’s ability to manage your schedule better than you makes local travelling makes it more annoying than it should be. I like the airport though…

Back to the topic…

*drinks Martini*

2012 was the year I decided to widen my scope and take new interests, as I study Finance in school. I have a bad soccer addiction and my Google Chrome always crashes because I’m on 5 different soccer websites, and I think I reduced that addiction seriously this year. I also started blogging last year (, although I’m very inconsistent. My search for variety made me watch food network; and I think it is one of the most interesting channels on Dstv with shows like Chopped and Iron Chef America. Sadly, apart from my search for variety, it was a very average year. The high points were seeing my sister graduate and me performing for the first time in a while (I play the flute); the low point were my average grades. There were hardly any events that I remember this year that I can tell my kids about. 2012 was enlightening, but it completely passed me by. However, I’d rather get buried alive tonight than to see my future in a crystal ball and have a repeat of last year.

I don’t do resolutions normally, but I guess I have to give it a try since last year’s tactic of taking things as they come didn’t really work for me.

This year, the main objective is to kill my grades in the 3 (or 4) semesters I have to do this year. My 2 ½ years in school has highs and lows in equal measure, but this year I sincerely hope I make sure I don’t have any lows by the end of the year. I don’t want any more C’s on my transcript, and even though that’s hard to do, I’m geared up for the challenge.

I also have two very bad habits: procrastination and spendthrifting.

I prioritize things a lot, and as long as the action not in the top 3 or 4, its definitely gonna be done on the last day available to do it. It has affected my grades at times and its quite annoying when I think back, saying “If I had started this earlier…” I hate regretting and while I didn’t do much of that last year, it made me give excuses, and I hate nothing more than giving excuses; makes me feel weak.

As for my money issues, I guess I should stick to the plan I make and ensure that nothing else requires my financial attention until my plan is accomplished. In other words, I have to make my money stay where I want it and go where it needs to. I hope I don’t throw money away like I did last year.

That’s basically it for the resolutions, but I’ll still search for variety and make sure I engage myself with more activity. Maybe play the flute more often and blog a lot more frequently while making sure they don’t affect my academic work. Then I have to start talking To God a bit more.

I hope I can do all I’ve written here.

I leave ya’ll with the words of the @12Signs horoscope account on twitter. I think it sums up everything I’ve written on this post:

“Do more, see more, be more”.

Thank You for Reading and Have a Great Year!

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