Dusk 14: Barida

Barida came to me in the blog sections of the intro post of this series, seemingly completely randomly. That gives me a sense of fulfillment in doing this. I present to you, Barida…


As usual it’s the beginning of another year and we are all (ok, maybe not all but some of us are) thinking about how to make the new year better than the former year. Some people would try to make a resolution or two. They will be trying to change old habits, create new ones, work harder, find ‘the one’, spend more time with family, earn more money, quit smoking, lose weight and so many more aims that would probably be forgotten about before the first month is over.

For me the new year is a great time to review my past and plan for my future, but first I must learn that for any real change to occur, there has to be a long term commitment. To commit to something is a big one for me especially if its not going as planned and I’m one hell of a procrastinator, going to try my best to change that.

It is all well and good to write down a little wish-list and get excited over it for a few days or a few weeks, but that’s the easy part. It takes maybe 20 minutes of commitment to come up with a list of goals and ambitions for the year. It takes a lot longer to achieve them, you will have to continually review your position throughout the year. This I learnt from last year. One big exciting change usually isn’t enough to change our behaviors that we have taught ourselves over a period of many years. Just as we developed our current way of thinking over a long period of time, we have to develop our new way of thinking (to achieve the goals) over a long period of time also. If you are truly committed to achieving your new year resolutions you will forget about calling it a new years resolution! It needs to be a constant living resolution that you are committed to achieving. This living resolution doesn’t fade after January finishes, because it is alive and takes much more than a yearly review to survive. Your living resolution must be reviewed, tested and measured at least monthly or preferably weekly. Without continual adjustments and maintenance we just slip into habits that we know and are comfortable with. Creating something new in our life will take effort and positive action on our part. Most people will fall off the horse along the way as it seems to be human nature to fall off the horse! We have to continually get back on the horse and continue on our way towards achieving what we set out to achieve.

Hi, I’m Barida and these are my hopes/expectations for 2013:

I intend to be closer to my God & worship him truly.

I hope to be a lot more successful in every area of my life.

I also want to be the type of girl that does what she says she’s going to do… So goodbye procrastination.

I need to be more confident too. Not the loud, boisterous, arrogant type of confidence but the sweet and humble at the same time type of confidence.

And finally I choose love and happiness.

Sometimes no matter how much we plan things don’t turn out as we expected but with God by my side I expect to achieve all these. Be unusual this year and make your new year resolutions a living resolution that remains a part of your life for longer than January. The key is to think optimistically. Here’s to a cheerful 2013, may all our dreams be met.

6 comments on “Dusk 14: Barida

  1. Riz says:

    Nice one .. And a Big Amen!


  2. maureen says:

    Nice piece! ‘Goodbye to procrastination’ 4me also 🙂


  3. geeynaa says:

    Nice piece,very inspiring,its great to choose love and happiness and strive to become a better person than we were,I’m lookin forward to meeting the sweet and humble barida,it should be fun..


  4. puttyqat says:

    Yes dear confidence is very important.Put God 1st and by his grace everything will work out well.welldone


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