Day 18: Foluke

A lot of Foluke’s entry reminds me of me. And I particularly loved the way she ended it. Hey! No peeking! Read through first jor… Okay, please… ( ._.)


Good day everyone…. My name is Adefoluke, and I have a story…

The above plays in my head almost daily. It’s what I envisage coming out of my mouth when I have the opportunity to share my success story, cliché you say? Yeah! Yeah! X_x I digress. Before going into my hopes, dreams and resolutions for 2013, here’s just a little gist about my 2012.

2012 was half eventful and half bland, some pretty interesting highs and really disappointing and heartbreaking lows. I descended so far away from God that I only held on just by a tiny thread, yet His grace, mercy and love never departed from me. I made and remade certain mistakes, I recycled lovers even though they added almost nothing to me, I drew back into my life, friends who weren’t really all that.

However, in the last quarter of the year, several incidents and things I came across caused me to re-evaluate my life and I constantly questioned myself. Why do I keep making the same mistakes? Why do I keep going back to the same people that hurt me? Why do I keep walking in circles? These things yield the same terrible results every time! Why do I keep at them? This led into my resolutions for 2013. Now, I’m not a resolution person, in fact, I’m used to taking life as it comes, all that is about to change now though (-_- so help me God), because my lackadaisical attitude hasn’t really gotten me so far.

2013, Year of me

In anticipation of this year, I hope I am able to keep to the various resolutions, first of which is mending my relationship with God. Already, I’ve been tempted twice in the short time since this year started, to break two of the most important resolutions, but by no power of mine, I stood strong. It’s evident that I’m gradually but definitely growing into who I should be.

Most of my life, I’ve had to give up too much of me to satisfy certain people in my life, I’d never been one to demand what I really deserved and I hardly ever complain when my needs are being relegated to the background for other infinitesimal things. I do not intend to pick up nagging, but I am determined this year, to demand as much as I deserve and not let people push me aside and hand me crumbs. I’m leaving friends/people that obviously don’t care or want me in their life behind, I won’t be seeking them out. Sometimes, I start with just calling them up or sending a text and the cycle starts all over again. Sometimes, they call me out of the blues, I give them audience, they break my heart, sometimes set me off the right part, then up and leave again, I’m done with such unhealthy relationships in my life.

I hope I get better in the friend department.. Like really inspire my friends, add value to them and listen when they need to talk. However, I hope I get this and more as I need inspiration too.

I hope true love finds me this year, I won’t be settling for 2nd place anymore, I’ve done that too much in my life, consciously/unconsciously and it really hasn’t gotten me anywhere. This time around, I’m determined to do things right when it eventually finds me. *cues in Gabriel Afolayan’s kokoro ife*

Yaaaaaaay! I’m back in school again! Gosh! I’ve so missed school! The joy of knowledge I get from reading, the tension from assignments, the adrenaline rush from presentations, good times! My best year yet in school, I had 2 B’s out of 8 courses, the rest, A’s, I pray I get A’s in all 9 courses I’m taking this Semester. Yes! Yes! I know I have to work harder -_- sebi a girl can sha pray! I pray God align my finances with my heart desires, I really want to write at least two professional exams this year.

Let me round this up by quoting a Tweet from @The_Daywalker_ – “More God… More opportunities… More money… More love. That’s all I want this year. Can I get an amen?”

Thanks Toks for this platform, I’ve come to admire you, albeit from afar. Thanks to whoever reads this till the end. To those who stopped reading halfway, I’m sorry I can be such a bore *_*. (They won’t see this sha 😦 )

3 comments on “Day 18: Foluke

  1. laolu7 says:

    Brilliant child, go girl, all the best oooh


  2. Oluwanifesimi says:

    All the best.


  3. s_Hotzs says:

    You deserve the best.


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