Day 19: Naomi

Naomi is a piper; and when the piper plays, you listen. Or read…


My 2012 is kind of a blur to me just because I want it to be. I went through a lot last year I struggled with heartbreak, sadness, pain, hurt and to top it off I lost my self-esteem. It was really a tough year for me so on the 31st of December when I went to church the main thing I prayed for was to be happy and so far it’s been looking pretty good for me.

This year I want everyone around me to be healthy and I say this because last year my mum was really sick, she had to go from hospital to hospital but nobody seemed to have any good answer to why she was sick, so she finally resolved to just believing God and her healing came. So I just want all my loved ones to be healthy because I can’t deal with any loss this year.

Last year at about the beginning of august I kind of lost track of the things that were really important  and I derailed from God and his word, but this year I want to go back to my roots and start a new page with God.

This year I want to start my research in medical parasitology. I have been putting it off for a long time but I’m finally ready to start and who knows where it could lead me (maybe a Nobel prize).

My studies also suffered a bit last year, most of my lecturers complained a lot but I hope I can get back to my very good grades this year.

I’m really not a friendly person so I don’t have a lot of friends but this year I’m hoping to make new friends. Good friends and not the ‘I’m here today gone tomorrow ‘type of friends.

Most of all this year I just want to be HAPPY.

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