Day 20: Bunmi

Bunmi is a med student. I find that I’m becoming friends with an increasing number of female med students. Hmm, is this some sort of sign? I wonder…


Looking back on the past few years, I realise that at some point I became an ‘underachiever’, just coasting along, still dreaming but never really acting, doing a whole lot of settling. 2012 was the year that not a quarter passed without a person(lest expected) pointed out this to me.

I have not made resolutions since forever. But, 2013 happens to be a year that will be the end to many things as I’ve known ’em and I do have dreams, hopes, expectations & things I aspire to do in the course of the year.

*Drum roll* Here goes: I’ll be reaching a milestone age-wise & while I was thinking of what to do for my birthday, I came across a list of aspirations I made when I was 15. ‘Doing things for people, being a blessing was on the list’ and looking back I realised I really have not gone out of my way to do anything for anyone who isn’t a friend or somehow deserving of it. So the plan is to give gifts to a chosen group & not myself for my birthday.

My expectations for this school year by God’s grace; Graduate on honour role, Ace MRTB exams (my mom needs to fully display her Iya Eko style on my Induction day) Do the best work possible on my Project. Have the best damn Final year class outings & programs possible…yes it will be my last year to groove with all these characters in one place.

Relationships: I’d like to be a better daughter to my mom, be more available & understanding. Be a better elder sister. . .close enough for her to talk to me about anything and everything. I know some wonderful people that I’m privileged to call my friends (I love y’all :* )… this year I just want to be there when they really need me & not somewhere hiding out in my head. This doesn’t have any bearing on my calling habits >_>. And as for members of the opposite sex; I just want no drama, triangles, cycles or rollercoasters whatsoever (I can take 365 days off all that right, right?!).


To not stop jogging.

Give time to Gospel On Stage, be a more prompt & reliable member, a great stage manager

Own my smiles (does anything like this even exist? I just want to be the reason why I smile, I don’t want my happiness to be dependent on ‘people’)

Go to Culinary school. . .please don’t switch my bridal yams to cocoyams, I can cook :). I just think there has to be more to it than what I know, so I’d like to learn.

Learn how to drive.

Make a ‘step’ towards learning French, not like I’m done mastering the English language but ¯ \..(• . • )../¯

C.S. Lewis said that it’s funny how day by day ‘nothing changes’ but when you look back everything is different. . .hopefully when I look back on 2013 the differences I see we’ll be those I hoped for and I’ll pat myself on the back, pour a glass & make a toast. 😀

Cheers to a great 2013 people.

2 comments on “Day 20: Bunmi

  1. xavier says:

    my second best post. lovely and goodluck in ur 2013.


  2. says:

    Cheers bunmi!! Lol @ “please don’t switch my bridal yams to cocoyams, I can cook”

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