Day 21: Tosin

Tosin has been the absolute sweetheart, supporting this project every step of the way by sharing pretty much every single post so far. Her turn now to share…


I would never understand how/why I told Tokunbo I wanted in on his 30days of Hope because I hate sharing feelings and thoughts.

Soundtrack of 2012 for me was Broken and Beautiful by Mark Schultz”.

2012 was the year a few things fell into place. I made my most grown up transformation yet. It was a journey of living with self doubt one minute and assuring myself I can handle the situation the next.

I cried a lot in 2012, though most were tears of frustration and anger. I laughed some and wore my mask of strength so well that no one knew the depth of my struggles.

It was the year I learnt the true meaning of patience… my daily routine includes people that would try the patience of a saint.

Having a formal education can never be over emphasised

My hopes for 2013 are pretty simple, and yet, complicated.

* I want to share more. People closest to me have been complaining for years that my emotions are always kept at bay.

* I want perfect health for my mum. She has steadily been scaring everyone for two years now.

* That I be happy on my birthday this year. I always have this thing where I evaluate my life a few days to my birthday and always cry for things I thought I’d have achieved by now. And this year is a milestone year so I want to be able to give myself a mini-pat (at least) on my back.

* I’ve gained a few kgs in the past few years and I’m not very happy with the way my body is at the moment. I’m hoping at the end of the year my body would be in sync with what my mind wants.

* Also that more people buy water. 😀

* I want to give more of myself to the people in need. Being at #ChristmasOnTheStreetz made me realise just how fortunate and blessed I am. And that the feeling of being the reason for someone’s smile is indescribable.

* Get better in my relationship with God. Enough of the “humpty dumpty” relationship. It doesn’t pay off at the end.

* Be a better daughter, sister, friend and lover. And that I never take any of these relationships for granted.

* That the new venture I’m entering with my sister succeeds. And also that we don’t kill each other in the process.

* Finally I want to always find a reason to DANCE.

I’m looking forward to what is going to happen this year. I’m looking forward to some surprises this year *hint hint*.

So help me God 🙂

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  1. wanted to inform you that ive changed my blog addy
    its now


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