Day 23: Funto

Funto reminds me of myself a few years back. Sent into the unknown to discover only God knows what… *smh*


It’s 2013,


New Year. New Me.

Who am I kidding?

It’s same ol’ me.

The one who reads into everything, the one who is rather confused most of the time, the one with the problem of decision making, the one who leaves everything till the last minute.

Still me, same ol’ me.

This year, most of it, I’ll be undergoing the NYSC program here in Abuja. It’s my first time here. Feels like I’ve been dropped in the center of a maze and I’m to find my way. But I think I really need this, you know. Being away from people I have always known, making friends, losing friends, surviving in unknown territories.

Getting lost to get found.

This year, I want to read a little less into things, there is a difference between worrying and thinking. It’s time to Live a little.

This year, I have two major exams to write and I need to pass them, well.

I’m a cake lover so it won’t be a bad idea learning how to bake a good cake this year. Any teacher out there should, biko, get at me. I’ll pay.

I’d want to buy a bicycle just because. I never had one.

I want to plant a tree, just so I can see something that has life grow and know that I made that happen ^_^

This year, gats kiss someone special in the rain, you know. I mean, it always looks good in the movies. So why not?

I hope to improve on my writing and blog, take it to a whole new level, make some impact. I mean, what’s the point of writing if people just read it and forget about it after closing the page.

I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DANCE 😦 .. Like, I can’t dance to save my life. I just know the normal ‘left to right’ church dance. Don’t blame the omo pastor.

I want to open up to more to people, share. Get closer with my family, be friends with them, be family. The ones that really matter. Take them out, all on me B-)

I want to know God. Even more.

I want to be a better friend, to my friends.

I know that the fact it’s a new year doesn’t just automatically bring out a new person, but then, it’s time to work on myself. I mean, ‘man don dey old’. Read more.

This year, I’m going with the ‘Just do it’ mentality, I watched this NIKE ad that made a whole lotta sense. Procrastination never made things easier, it’s time to just get it done. Just do it.

This year, I’d rather have a life of O wells than one of What ifs. I want no regrets. Everything that I do, I’ll do because I want to and enjoy it. Take decisions, regret nothing.

Oh, one more thing… I want to drink Palm wine. Never had it. I want to try it.

For now, that’s about it as it comes to mind, hopefully, in all of this, as this year goes by with each passing day, things make more sense, have more meaning.

I guess it’s time, I finally found out the meaning to “Getting lost to get found”.

In God I trust.

5 comments on “Day 23: Funto

  1. teevazmind says:

    “This year, gats kiss someone special in the rain,
    you know. I mean, it always looks good in the
    movies. So why not? ”

    loooool. iWant to do this too.

    Still the same witty Funto, all the best this year!x


  2. I want to learn how to ride a bike too. And swim


  3. oreoluwa odutola says:

    Very interesting Funto. Omo mi!


  4. obafuntay says:

    Reblogged this on obafuntay and commented:
    2013 #Hopeful


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