Dusk 27: Olayinka

Olayinka (she refuses to be called Yinka *rme*) and I kept running into each other at different places until we didn’t have a choice but to say hi and introduce ourselves to each other. Her turn now…


I saw @0Toxic’s tweets about 30 Days of hope and without thinking, I said I was going to join.
I am supposed to write about 2013, yeah? Let me remember 2012 a bit.
2012 was about work,work, work, work, work. I didn’t take a moment to stop and smell the coffee. Funny that I ended the year losing the job.
I avoided every possible hang out with friends for no reason.
I learnt that loyalty to the ‘wrong people’ is over – rated.
High point of 2012 was going for #ChristmasOnTheStreetz. Thank you Ada and Maddy.
I want to trust God and pray more. I wasn’t faithful to God last year even though He was more than faithful, I’d want that to changethis year. I also need to pray more and not just when life is rough.
I need to stop, smell the coffee and also drink the coffee.
I want to be selfish and to always think about myself first.
I want to truly love people. I want to say it and mean it.
I am going to hang out with friends whether I like it or not and maybe make new friends.
I am going to genuinely forgive my father and try to talk/see him more than once like I did last year. (the divorce’s been 5years, I should move on).
I want to be patient, really paient. I am probably the most impatient person I know.
I want to trust people.
I need to learn how to ask for help.
I want to do more charity work this year.
Re: work… I am handling 2 new projects this year, I am scared and excited but also trusting God for directions.

2 comments on “Dusk 27: Olayinka

  1. hahishaa says:

    Yaaay! That’s my G!!! Amen to all, Amen!! God help us!


  2. owgee says:

    1. ‘Loyalty to the ‘wrong people’ is over-rated’.

    2. ‘I want to be selfish and always think about myself first’. Many more people need to realise this.
    I like this… a lot. I hope things get better with your dad.


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