Day 28: Vanessa

Vanessa, my dear friend, does something truly unique and admirable with today’s post…


So I see Tokunbo tweeting some dates and go on BBM to ask what the dates are about. Then he gives me a brief sermon about faith, prophesying… and for a moment I wonder if people in the “blogging world” would actually want to blog about faith and their New Year resolutions. In my head I’m like “Huh? Did he say ‘challenge’?”… It all sounded pretty cheesy to me at that moment. I sha picked a date, but asked for a sample and was quite inspired by Miss ChyChy’s post. I saw this as an opportunity to share with whoever cares to read, ways in which we can all make our 2013 a wonderful year and not just my resolution rants … Hi! 🙂

2012 was a truly amazing year for me. Despite the various challenges it presented, I was able to pull through and stand tall. I lost friends, gained some, ran away from some, but in all very grateful for the way things turned out. I have a mentality that as a child of God, all things work together for my good. I carry the consciousness that where ever I find myself, lines will always fall in pleasant places for me. Basically, I live a life of faith. I can’t begin to tell all the testimonies I’ve encountered here, but trust me! They are a lot! Some of them can’t be comprehended by the ordinary mind, but in all are very great. I expect nothing less in 2013.

I know people have the “grace to grass” or “frying pan to fire” experiences, but I can’t be shaken. I’m not shaken because I live this extraordinary life of praise, worship, prayer, gratefulness, humility and above all, a life of studying & practicing of God’s word. In this year, I intend to worship and praise God, pray to God, study and practice his word like never before! The law of diminishing returns does not apply in the things of the spirit, and so I strive to give my all to Him this year.

There might be things I’ll have to forfeit this year that may seem hard, but I know He deprives us of certain things to enable us grow in His grace and glory. It might be losing that friend who always seems to have the latest gossip or not having the time to watch my favorite shows or soccer matches… *sniff*. But those might be the things I need to lose to clear my mind and thoughts for greater ideas :D. I may face challenges that could seem “out of this world”, but I’ll always have the mindset of a victor and would definitely always emerge victorious! I say these things not because of pride, but because I’m very conscious and confident of who I am.

If you still haven’t figured out who I am, then I’ll let you in on it…

I’m a Christian. Born of the word and spirit of God. I have the overcoming life of Christ in me. I boldly declare who I am, because I am very grateful to God for his everlasting Love upon my life. I’ve heard so many people attempt to define love, but then the basis of my wonderful life is Love. So here’s my definition: “God is Love” (1 John 4:8).Simple.

It’s impossible to express true love without the presence of God in our lives. I urge you to accept God into your lives and show more love in the year 2013, as it is a wonderful foundation for a great and overcoming life on earth.

God bless you!

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