Day 30: Nathalie

Day 30 of 30. It’s been a long beautiful journey. I’ll be back later to round the series up but for now, please read Nathalie (with her very lovely name)…


2012 was a year that gave me a fresh start and a new perspective on an astounding amount of things.  I took the time to discover many things about myself which prior to the year I would never have known… *crumples page, starts over*


Every second in our lives is filled with opportunities to learn, grow and become whatever we want to make out of our lives.  Mine was quite eventful. I got to take a year off university (not counting the ICP entrance exams in December ’11, the French Grammar exams in May or the ICP stint in the first few months of ‘12),travel, see new things and discover that I love textile and dress design as well as influencing the finished product that is a work of art -thanks to becoming a muse for Nike Art Gallery’s Rotimi Gbadebo’s Art. We love you ‘Timi! #Tangent.

I realised how important God’s will is in all that I do and that love is not the only reason for life but is the reason to hold on when things break you.  Also, I learnt to understand that the reason you like or respect people must not affect your ability to assess character; as character defines who they are without that thing that you like.

2013! *now singing Trybe Records transformer song*

As at 29/01 I’m in the library staring out of a glass window into a dark night…

Why am I telling you this?  Well I’m just realising that inasmuch as I chose day 30 so that I would have lived out most of January, I still am unaware of what the future holds.

However, I have the following goals.

1.    Trust And Obey. Not just trust and try to compromise on some issues that are iffy for me but obey His Word in spite of how hard this must be for me.
2.     Work hard and graduate this year with a result that makes me happy. Not people, but me. Why? In the end, if you are not happy with it, their opinion does not count.
3.    Write more. My blog has suffered from my neglect enough.
4.    Read more- Academic and literary.
5.    Keep in touch.
6.    Love with all my heart.
7.    Ask all those who can’t just be happy with my success…

To “Show some love to a neighbourhood transformer today”.

To as many of us as still wonder how to set out goals in our own lives, try what I do. Work to beat a realistic set or assigned deadline. As many of them as you can beat this year will count towards one or more of the beautiful things that the gift of life has enabled us all to achieve come this time next year.

And to all, I wish joy and peace as we await the morning that is the future.

Bises (kisses),


6 comments on “Day 30: Nathalie

  1. Mr. Mel says:

    Ok.. Your points on self betttermen got me realising I have a few things I left outta my list for the year.. Thanks for putting me on track with this. Awesome piece Nathie…


  2. Msdeey says:

    Pls write more…


  3. Msdeey says:

    Pls write more often…pls


  4. oshomah says:



  5. Thank you all. I’ll write. I promise. xo p.s Read the Toxic 1’s blog. Diamonds are everywhere. 🙂


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