Falling From Grace

The Nigerian cyberspace is abuzz. It was taken by storm last night with the confessions by a woman of her illicit affairs with her former pastor who pastors a ‘big church’ in the FCT, Abuja. Needless to say, this is going to have a huge ripple effect and you can be sure that this will go from blogosphere, where it started, to social media, which it is presently already on, to the offline media, where the waters will undoubtedly get really murky, and then out into the world. It’s pretty easy to see these are the latter days considering all the scandals that keep rocking the church in general, especially now that ‘big men of God’ seem to consistently be coming under… and falling all by themselves into fire.

I choose not to discuss the details of this particular mess or direct traffic to the blog. Real names are mentioned, personal details shared, the lady’s face is plastered on the background of the blog, lives and livelihoods may be at stake. I would rather not contribute any drops, no matter how little, to that raging ocean. I’ll briefly summarise though…

A lady joins a church but against the advice of her friend, joins the work force of the church after encouragement from the senior pastor himself, who, according to her story, singled her from the crowd. After serving for a while, she goes abroad to further her education, but not before exchanging contact details with her pastor. They keep in touch. He comes into town eventually and invites her to his hotel room and after cajoling and “manipulating” her, gets her to sleep with him… everyday for an entire week. Pastor is married and constantly speaks out against adultery and fornication. When, in confusion, the lady asks how he manages this, he says “I will teach you a level of grace that you don’t understand.”  At some other point, he claims to have dreamt that he saw all that is happening now in a dream and warns her that the bible says “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”. Wow. Such effontery. *sigh* Naturally, after this whole episode, the lady is thrown into much turmoil. She speaks to friends, leaders and eventually, someone under whose authority the pastor is supposed to be, and in all of this, the issue is not addressed. She finally resorts to telling her story from the mountain top to the whole world.

Naturally, from the comment section of said post, several believers were concerned for the salvation of younger christians and how this may hurt their belief. In all honesty, I was tempted to toe this line of thought also, but then had a rethink. The bible does say “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42 KJV. It is easy to push this lady to the side of the fence of one causing others to stumble, sin, go astray, disbelieve and/or leave the church. But then again, she can very easily also be seen as one who has been led astray herself and is dealing with it as best she can. She repeatedly claimed that even though she was not forced and doesn’t believe she was jazzed and even admits complicity in all of this, she was manipulated and abused by a person using the authority they wielded over her. She clearly states she showed no interest initially or leading on to these happenings and did not seduce the man of God. Off course, this all only her very well told side of the story. She also claims to have evidence of all this.

Now, in all of this, I don’t particularly support the calling out from the mountain top, but at the same time, I admit that this kind of treatment is needed sometimes, possibly even in this case. There are too many such situations that end up getting swept under the rug. Yes, this may discourage young believers. Yes, this will provide much unneeded fuel to the church-, christian- and christianity-bashers. Yes, this is not guaranteed to provide much needed closure for the lady in question. Also, at the end of the day, the lady is certain, in this judgmental, largely chauvinistic society of ours, to get the shortest end of the stick.

BUT at the end of the day, there are certain pros despite all the cons. It offers her some sort of solace. It serves as a wake up call to other spiritual leaders who are guilty of these sorts of travesties to repent and change their ways; if not for the potential spiritual consequences, then at least to avoid the disgrace that comes with being called out like this. And most importantly, it serves as a reminder to believers, old and new to be wary in their walk of faith. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” ‎Matthew 7:15 KJV

Perhaps, the biggest issue for me personally about this whole issue is the man of God using and twisting the scripture and bible teachings to perpetuate and defend his misactions. Yes, we are all sinners. And yes, grace abounds, but Paul asks “…Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” Romans 6:1&2. I have a serious issue with folk who have an issue with admitting their mistakes or wrongdoing when confronted with them, within or outside the church. I understand that we each have our own flaws and pride might not be as much an issue for me as it is for some, but if we all know just how much trouble and furor can be avoided by just saying “I was wrong.”, “I’m sorry” and “I will not do this anymore”. That last one more to self than anyone else.

I’m not perfect but I’ve found something that works for me when I’m trying to not do the things I’m tempted to but I’m sure to regret later… I think “What will people say?” Many a time, I’ve looked upon a beau and wanted to misbehave, knowing without doubt that my advances will be welcome… And it is the thoughts of the message I have decided to stand for and how that will be affected when the word gets out (which it always eventually does) that have kept me the most. And oh, lest I’m beginning to actually sound self-righteous, I’ve also been in that position and grossly misbehaved, time and again. Indeed, the grace of God abounds. But for how long? Eventually, even the grace of God runs out if continually taken for granted. Will one wait for that time to go in search of repentance and turn away from indiscretion? I choose not to wait for that time. So for me, that is one major way I have ‘kept’ myself. As someone who grew up under and has served in ministry, I would certainly prescribe it to others.

I know one who has repeatedly taken grace for granted and has become a terrible hazard to himself. I can count no less than fifteen friends of mine who he has attempted to ensnare, a number of them concurrently, with “I’m a man of God and God has told me you are the one I’m to marry.” Fifteen girls. And this is no exaggeration. Trust me, I counted. And all these before he even went to seminary, where he’s supposedly at right now. He would even go on to actually date two of them that I know of. And distance is no barrier either. From the UK to the states to Canada to different corners of Naija, bros was/is writing poetry, tweets and blogposts dedicated to and preaching his way into multiple ladies’ hearts. And the modus operandi when he got found out was/is always the same too. He would ‘become remorseful’, break down and cry over the phone, then say “See, I’m crying. I’ve never shed tears for anyone in my life. That’s how much I love you. Only you”. When this doesn’t seem to work, he would cut her off, delete her from twitter and bbm, block her, etc. Sometimes, when he’s anticipating a really big mess, he’d even delete the twitter account he’s using at the time. But this is usually only for a small while before returning when the dust has settled, sometimes with another account. Then when he hears the lady has moved on and is seeing someone else, he would attempt to reconnect and guilt trip her, usually ending up ranting about how she’s a heartbreaker before he cuts her off again. This has happened countless time with countless ladies.

I’ve reached out to bros, he acted remorseful, said he was changing… and then he cut me off too. LOL. And now, I’ve heard from at least two more ladies who he’s been making advances to and using the same ol’ tired modus operandi. *sigh* This leopard and his spots sef. For a long time, I threatened to call him out and was constantly asked by the ladies he’s tried his stunts with not to bother with all the inevitable drama. Apparently, he’s excellent at picking his targets, which I’m guessing is the only reason none of them has called him out yet. I realised though, that the longer no one was calling him out on this issue, the more he went around trying to sweet talk la ladies. This one just don’t stop, does he?

Bros, I sure as heck hope you’re working on yourself and are taking the example above seriously because, in due time, all your hard work and the ministry you’re helping build will come tumbling around you… if you don’t change. I’m not the one who’s going to name you, for now. But apparently, no one having publicly disgraced you is the only reason you keep doing these things, worse still using the authority placed upon you by the ministry in which you serve. A time comes when you will have to be held accountable for your atrocities. I hope you’ll be prepared.

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  1. frankices says:


    How did I miss all this? Oh wait. I know.

    Dm me the link pls. (-_____-)


  2. oluwatosin says:

    i actually read the story before now and i feel the phrase which says “the evil men do lives after them” is fast wearing out….it actually lives with them now. thank God the Poor lady was bold enough to speak out, if you av passed through this same phase and you are still keeping mute SHAME ON YOU……


  3. Sirkastiq says:



  4. Your post resonates within me.
    “What will people say? What will God say?” I think about this all the time when I am doing or about to do wrong.
    When I saw the comment on her blog about her leading people astray, I paused and thought that the commenter was quite right but then, these things NEED to be said and exposed. Apart from him twisting the scriptures, my other major problem is the notion or idea that this does not look like a one time oh-I-fell-into-sin-forgive-me-oh-God thing for the pastor. If the blogger is right, then this is a deliberate, planned and thought out scheme by the pastor to have access to girls to sleep with. There was just one comment on that post that said something about when COZA started in Ilorin and the other 2 pastors “used to arrange girls for the him”.
    This is a terrible thing to be happening but it must all be for a reason.



  5. […] Falling From Grace. […]


  6. Ore says:

    I am a Christian and I will say this: I DO NOT SUPPORT WHAT SHE DID.

    I don’t say this because he’s a Pastor but because he’s a Christian and a fellow human being. Let me explain my point of view before I’m eaten alive.

    Like you rightly said, this is an allegation because it’s from her side only and we’ve not heard heard from Pastor Biodun himself. Plus she claims to have proof that we have not seen. Therefore, it’s still fallible.

    Secondly, I will state that I do not condone abuse, especially of this kind, in any way shape or form. Nonetheless, her method of dealing with this issue, if it happened, is not the best. She claims it’s a therapeutic release for her.How? Did it not occur to her that the amount of backlash she would receive would worsen the effect of the “abuse” that only ended about 6 months ago based on her story? Did she give any consideration to the Pastor’s family? His congregation? Her own family? I’m not saying she should only focus on that and not herself but the truth is, a lot more damage could have been averted by her handling it better. Did she seek help outside the other Pastors Coza? There are a million and one other mature Pastors or elders she could speak to that would give an objective solution. You don’t expect a Pastor of a church to condone or accept something he would believe is a rumour about his head, the same way you won’t condone a rumour about your boss, colleague etc. She could have sought help elsewhere and dealt with this better.

    Thirdly, I really get upset with Christians when things like this happen. We don’t seem to follow the biblical way of dealing with issues. Christians are quick to air their dirty laundry out. You don’t hear muslims, buddhists etc speaking of issues pertaining to conflict. The Bible says when an issue arises, you approach the offender on a one to one basis, call the elders if they don’t listen. If the person is till adamant, you leave the person for God to judge. I’m not saying that you let the person continue to wreak havoc but things can be dealt with within the church. I’m sorry, but this is certainly not Christ-like

    Just because you have a quarrel with a family member of yours’ doesn’t mean you go burn the whole house down. This lady claims she was trying to do good but did negatively affect the whole of Christianity. You say we should give the possibly new Christians the truth but Romans 14:13-23 says we should not cause another brother to stumble. You can enlighten them but bringing another Christian down in the aim of “telling the truth” is not the way to go.

    In my opinion, this didn’t happen because according to 1 Cor. 13, love believes the best of all things. However, if it did happen, I will not throw stones because David was an adulterer and murderer and still a man after God’s heart. Pastors a human first before their roles and humans fall but we thank God for grace.


    • silentblare says:

      We favor the cover up in Nigeria. The elder is always right even when he is not. The next thing to be said is that she seduced the man of God. I bet if she approached the so called other respected men of God they would also recommend the cover up as well. I’ve seen wives been beaten by deacons in churches and when they bring it before the senior pastor the issue becomes the wife’s “provoking” her husband to anger and ends with her being chided while uncle deacon is told little with regard to his degrading his wife before his children. If the story is true, oga pastor should repent publicly and ask her forgiveness and the forgiveness of those who looked up to him so that we can see the grace of God at work as it actually was in david. Something tells me this would never happen.


    • Resquared says:

      Just to address a few of your points here. Your 2nd point was that she should have gone to look for Pastors outside the church because Pastors of a church can not possibly condone “rumours” about their “head”, then your third point is that she did not go about it the Biblical way which, according to you, is to approach the person, call the elders (which I presume would be the other Pastors at this church, no?), and if nothing, leave the person for God to judge?

      Firstly, where would she have found these other Pastors from? Just walk into another church and start telling them about this man? Secondly, Matt 18:15-17 actually says after talking to the person, taking witnesses to talk, etc, and the person doesn’t listen, TREAT THE PERSON LIKE A PAGAN OR TAX COLLECTOR. Methinks she followed the scripture to the tee.

      And, to your point about considering his family before doing this, you can’t possibly tell me that sin should be covered because we all have families? When we sin, we should be the ones thinking of our families, not the ones we sinned against.

      Finally, I’m not sure I understand this causing another to stumble. How does a woman telling you about her experience cause you to stumble. Yes, there would always be people who are looking for reasons to bash the church and Christianity as a whole, but what of those people who are stumbling because they are not strong in their faith, and look to their leaders as their directors in the faith. Should they not know that this kind of thing is wrong? That other people have experienced something similar? Lest they feel like they have to indulge this behaviour for some unfathomable reason.


      • Coolbree says:

        “….Causing others to stumble” I am still confused about this statement. If any stumbles as a result of this, then they need to do a “check of their faith”. Which ground are you standing on?


      • Ore says:

        If you read what I wrote without trying to pick at it, you’d see what I was trying to achieve. I’ll try to help you out.

        The first “Pastors” is referring to the Pastors in the body of Christ. Other leaders in God that are in other bible-believing churches that she can open up to. The second one is referring to the Pastors in his church.

        Calling the elders of the church obviously include both the Pastors, deacons, ministers and other people in authority that she could approach. It also includes Pastors outside her local church, if she’s willing to go that extent because church in the Bible includes both the local church, the individual church and the universal church at large, depending on the context it’s written in.

        Where should she have found the other churches from? Oh maybe on earth? How did she find Coza? Her friend told her. So this her wonderful friend could not point her to another one? When you’re looking for a doctor, don’t you walk in to a clinic first? If you need a 2nd and 3rd opinion about a diagnosis, don’t you go and look for it? So why is it rocket science to find another Pastor for you to speak to?

        Treat like a pagan or a tax collector doesn’t mean you go and start spreading everything the person has done. I’m taking a big leap here thinking you’re Christian. If you are, our ways are not the world’s ways. Everything we do has to be done from love. We all sin and sin is SIN. So if you’ve been approached several times when someone doesn’t like the way you treated them, would you like it if the person goes around spreading what transpired between you too? Treating them like a tax collector doesn’t mean you still don’t LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF because that person still is. In addition, treating the person like a tax collector doesn’t mean you take the person to the press after all as Christians, we shouldn’t let our issues pass the church and get to unbelievers to judge, which is what our fine lady has done.

        In her case, if it is true, she needs to seek counselling first before anything and she will need alot of healing time. While this is going on, the issue will be tackled within the church. Disciplinary measures will be taken. If the church now decides not to deal with it, it will catch up with them, after all, God is not mocked neither is He a fool.

        Causing another to stumble is pretty simple. It’s not her telling about the experience but the method she applied in doing it. In the world, its a “dog eat dog” atmosphere. In Christ, is a “love your enemies and pray for them” atmosphere. As she has done this, she’s prevented a lot of people from coming to Christ and created more skepticism about Christianity as a whole. The whole point of Christianity is to become closer to God by His Son Jesus Christ. How do we do that? “be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Rom. 12:2) and by the way repent also means “change your thinking” in the amplified version. What’s the point of being a Christian if none of that is taking place?

        I know that my words will still be picked at but I’ll stop here. I believe he’s innocent and if he did, I know he will seek counsel, be forgiven, still be a man of God I respect and mostly, a child of God. After all, if David was a murderer, and adulterer etc and still called a man after God’s heart and Jesus is referred to as the Son of David, many times in the Bible, who am I or any other person to judge?


    • Coolbree says:

      So, am really hoping this “Ore” isn’t the one i know.(

      In all the responses i have seen to this recent “gist” people are yet to even say anything about the “Man” in question, or even the sinful nature of the act itself. So, if she had kept this to herself and (God forbid) the unrest on her inside had led her to commit suicide (am just saying o), what would you all have said? Wouldn’t you have said “haba she should have spoken out”. Why is it that people never want to use the media to address pertinent issues we’re facing, but would rather use it to celebrate lasciviousness eh? I 100% support what she did! Which is worse? To be exposed here on earth when you have the opportunity to repent or in heaven where it would be too late. She did her best to address this on a small scale, but obviously he wasn’t remorseful (based on her own side of the story). This i believe is what would have caused her to feel tormented knowing that she is/was a part of the evil that is truly abounding in our society now. If the people of the world can be exposed and they find the grace to give open apologies, as an act of their remorse, i don’t see why we as Christians, who should be leading the world, would rather do otherwise. In fact the society is the way it is now all because of covered sins.

      The only question i would have her answer is why she didn’t go to his wife. Yes, to an extent i agree that she didn’t exhaust all avenues of release, but she did what she felt would soothe her best. If you’ve ever been filled with intense guilt, trust me you would use any medium what so ever to ease it. Plus i cant even begin to imagine the turmoil/pain she would have been going through in the months leading up to this time. If this act wasn’t committed in the first place, we wouldn’t be writing about this. If he had been remorseful the first time they talked (instead of trying to “reach out” for her AGAIN) we wouldnt have had to hear this. His unrepentant nature is the cause of all this. Its usually never easy for anyone to own up to such and publicly for that matter.

      “To whom much is given, much is expected”. We all have to be careful. “Let he who thinketh he stand take heed lets he fall”. The good Lord will continue to help us. Its time we all realize that these pastors are human (the pastors will need to admit that for themselves as well) and they need our prayers because some are genuine, but some “agents of darkness” come after them. (I wonder what the wives have been doing).

      At the end of the day, we are only saved by Christ and for Christ. We will all answer that call when the time comes and stand before our creator to give account of the life lived here.

      God help us all!


      • Ore says:

        Halo, I actually hope I’m the Ore you know. Anyway, kindly refer to the top for my response. Thanks and have a great day\!


    • Sirkastiq says:

      Actually, you don’t “leave the person for God to judge” … In 1 Corinthians 5:12-13, we see that God passes this responsibility on to the church family: “It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning. God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say, ‘You must remove the evil person from among you.’ ” (NLT)


    • bridalflares.wordpress.com says:

      You are just all over the place with your POV aren’t you. You strike me as the judgmental type that would blame a woman in case of domestic abuse/rape/anything she just because the other party is someone you “respect”. Your whole comment reeks of ignorance,you either choose to be blind to what Ese’s account of things or just a kiss-ass christian that adores anyone in a leadership role in the church. At what point did this pastor’s family/reputation and whatever else you listed become the babe’s concern? You’re implying she’s some kind of stone with no feelings or reputation to protect.. SMH I pity all you christians kissing leadership’s arse to the point you cannot call them out. As you are now, your pastor cannot do wrong (although you counter yourself at the end of your post).
      And on your other points of why you are not in support of Ese, my dear your basis are quite foolish (sorry, but not really, to say). Did you even read her post? Did you comprehend anything she wrote because it’s either that or you’re adamant with just sticking to what you think (close-minded) and already made up your mind from the get to counter-point everything she said. If you read her post, you will know that she’s already addressed all these mess you listed as point. Yes you are at liberty to either agree or disagree or better yet be indifferent, but don’t come on the world wide web and start making idiotic points… go back and re-read Ese’s post, therein you will find the answers to those useless reasons you posted up here. KMT.


  7. Tonianni says:

    You forgot to read Romans 5:20, for where sin abounds, grace abounds much more. Make no mistake, Gods grace DOES NOT end. Nothing in scripture suggests that it does.
    You make mention of someone ‘twisting’ scripture while doing the same yourself.


    • silentblare says:

      You should read your bible more. I won’t even quote anything. But surely you’ve seen something about willful sinning and crucifying the Lord all over again to open shame. I don’t want to even believe you are trying to suggest that the pastor in question is well within his boundaries as a christian.


    • 0latoxic says:

      I admit my error. Though my error was more of a clarification issue than twisting scripture. Let me clarify now…

      What I meant was that the ‘grace’ which covers us from exposure in our wrong doing can eventually be ‘removed’ if taken for granted for too long. Sure, God’s grace abounds and is unending but if remorse is not shown, we may get exposed/punished even right here on earth. A clear example is David and Bathsheba losing their first child even despite their remorse. Another example, in the new testament this time, is that of Ananias and Sapphira. In this case, if all the allegations made are true, if the pastor in question had only admitted guilt to the people who had confronted him and shown remorse, things would never have had to reach this magnitude.

      So certainly, grace may abound, but we can very easily run ourselves to ruin despite God’s abundant grace made available to each and every one of us.


    • Saint:Sinner who fell down and got up says:

      So shall we then continue in sin and ask that GRACE abound??????


  8. Yve Nimi says:

    I am no longer (quite) in church but as one who grew up in it I can say I saw A LOT of this silliness. One thing that always resonated with me was the head pastor saying, we should not be naive & the word of God should be studied outside of the church.

    I have found we can be truly like sheep & not in the best sense of the word. Always looking to the shepherd, however they completely lose sight of the word of God, completely relying on the word of man. Believing he (a Pastor/leader in church etc) is the ultimate and therefore going completely on what he says. Because they are (sometimes) so engrossed in church & church environment, they forget we (man) live in the world & therefore succumb to worldly things, worldly sins.

    I don’t know the story, infact it was this blog that alerted me to it but there are too many stories like this. A smart woman would not truly fall for this (unless she’s deceiving herself) in the world so why is she falling for this in the church. Is it because she believes a man of God is incapable of sin, is it because she truly believes his words…either way this shows extreme naivety & also shows that she does not go out of her way to study the word of God herself. The bible like any other book can be interpreted to suit the agenda of whoever is quoting from it and born again Christians really should start being aware of this especially women, they seem to be the most vulnerable in these situations.

    With the amount of Pastors in Nigeria, how many of them are truly called & how many of them have churches as money-making ventures. Being born-again should not turn people into naive folk that just follow, they should even have the spirit of discernment more than those in church.

    I’ve had a pastor of a prestigious ministry proposition me, try to tell me fornication was not really fornication in a relationship while he was married (apparently getting a divorce). Like I said I’m not really in church anymore, I do what I do & enjoy it, however for a ‘pastor’ to tell me that & try to use the bible which I know to prove his point truly saddened me & brought home the fact that there are so many men like him out there, preying on people.

    I am not placing all the blame on the woman at all, if she is being genuine, I will not be surprised if she was sweet talked, encourage, manipulated but let’s not take away the fact that even her basic morals, without the born-again bit should have told her it was wrong & she continued…for a week


  9. Owgee says:

    I see COZA squad here. Have you been abused before? If no, please keep mute. This lady did the right thing. I don’t think she did this for any sort of publicity. It feels like she needed relief from the burden. I pray she finds the strength to go thru’ this. The people saying she shouldn’t have done this are the reason many serious issues go unchecked in these parts. We can’t continue playing dumb to these things. I applaud her courage, biko.


  10. rhaiharnah says:

    LOOL. Its a gheun. How did half of this become about this mysterious Mr bros tho??


  11. 1livewire says:

    I think a major difference between Christians and adherents to other forms of faith/doctrine/religion is our ability to question in order to achieve better understanding. Unfortunately there are two sides to the coin tho’, but this serves to point out what a Christian or Christian body (i.e. Church) should not be. Perhaps her going live could help others to understand when a ‘Prophet’ is going out of the norm, and dissociate in order to save themselves.


  12. Rufus says:

    “Many a time, I’ve looked upon a beau and wanted to misbehave…”

    Torh are you coming out bro?


  13. bharyour says:

    I keep telling any of my friends who care to listen, don’t throw away your brain because you’re a Christian. If you didn’t need a brain to be saved, God would have relieved you of it when you got born again. The Pastor is not Jesus, he is not God, there is a man in the role. Understand that, A MAN. And being human he can be wrong – he can sin, he can manipulate, he can do pretty much anything that any man can do. It is grace, and that walk that keeps us all from degenerating. But the beast is very much alive.

    More often than not, because of the idolization that exists, folks start out enjoying this kind of attention – Pastor is singling me out, he’s relying on me, he’s trusting me with stuff. Truly it could be genuine, but my people, don’t lose your head. Know where to draw the line. When the handshake reaches beyond the elbow, na groping be that. Be careful.

    I’m sad sha, that once again another one bites the dust. All I knew about COZA before this was that it was the church to be in Abuja, I can’t begin to imagine what this will do to the believers out there. But it doesn’t all have to end badly, we all have issues. This Pastor has been called out, if it’s true, he has a problem and should address it. He should apologize too – he would have let so many people down. Of course he will have to deal with this with the God that called him as well.

    Let me stop talking. This whole matter has left me with all sorts of emotions – anger, sadness etc. Let’s be wise. God help us all.


  14. toonii says:

    You sound to me like u have already believd a story u hav no proof is true. Your one-sided approach also shows that u may not hav had som exposure frm d otha end… Where women seduce their pastors to no end. I do…. So I can look at it frm a balanced point of veiw.

    I don’t doubt that she might be right and I will never side wth a man of God to have committed such a wrong! Let us correct our men of God because they sincerely need to be checked, not simply becos a lady woke up 1 mornin and wrote something and has presented no proof. We are not children of yesterday….let’s not act like we are. I agree wth evry valid point u hav made from the standard of God’s word. But let’s also be careful…. Because u don’t kno she’s tellin d truth, nor do u kno she’s lying. She has also posted a letter 2 Jesus somwhere online… She keeps losing me wth evry foolish move she makes… And my final submission is that … A silly girl is still silly! Wether she claims som1 used authority 2 abuse her or not…. She’s a silly girl. And her story does nothing to make me see her “predicament” because she wasn’t in 1. All she needed was “Pastor, I am not doin again! Or I am not doin at all!” If she had trouble puttin an end to it,then it behooves me that she can actually claim to have been abused. Becos she is afterall, a grown woman.
    Nways….that’s even in d event that she was telling the truth. I don’t excuse any man of God for acting wrong….God will deal wth such men trust me…very seriously sef. But let no girl whose integrity is calld to question by the very details of her own story, hold the rest of us to ransom by claiming she was “abused by an authority” wen she possibly was in agreement all the while, and could have put an end to it even after the very 1st night it happend.

    If the tone of her story was “I confess and repent of this act,and that’s y am writin about it” I’d probably give it a real thought. But she hopes to hide under being abused and point fingers at the man?? That is SILLY! And btw, her letter to jesus…didn’t need d “airplay”!

    And please stop saying she was vulnerable…. She is sposd to be christian enough to walk away from sin jus as the pastor is. Infact wot I would appreciate,becos that is wot is fair….is to be quiet till we truly understand the truth in all this…..we have all jumped out wth our self-righteous garments again…. And have probably achieved nothing because as usual, nigerians love to address “claims” and ” speculations” as truth. Am stil waitin for the other side of the story….
    And for those that havnt noticed, people are bein careful about their comments and lash-outs agnst the pastor for obvious reasons…he carries the anointing….I would want to be sure he is guilty b4 I lash-out,bcos wot if, Just wot if he isn’t?? Evn David killed the man that had the efontery to thrust King Saul through to kill him….and saul WAS very guilty. But David neva thot it His place. Think about that, and wait to be sure.


  15. oluwadunni says:

    I just wanna comment on the grace part. You’ve spoken well on what has been bothering me most- how people take advantage of God’s grace. Jude 4 (NIV) says ”godless men who change the grace of God into a licence for immorality…”. Many people focus on Romans 5:20 without reading Rom. 6:1,2. May God help us rightly divide the word of truth.


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