Day 1: Toxic

Ladies, gentlemen, Nostalgians, welcome to 2014.

There will always be highs and lows in any given year. My prayer is that by the end of this year, all who are reading this will have far more highs to remember than what lows there may be. And that these lows will be few and far between.

I once again had the privilege of reviewing my life in the previous year over at 19th street. You can read that by going here.

And now, here begins the #30DaysOfHope 2014. If you still do not know what this is about, I’ll give a brief summary.

I have come to learn that there is power in words and especially the words of proclamation. With these series, folk get to write down (it will be a great idea to speak them too) the things they hope for, aspire towards, are expectant about and/or aim to achieve within the period of 2014. Writing it down is that first step which translates these hopes and dreams and goals and resolutions from mere intentions to actions taken towards actualizing them. These written words will also serve as inspiration to readers and observers, reminders for the writers/guest bloggers and reference material for the people who they hold themselves accountable to. For a more detailed introduction to #30DaysOfHope, please go here.

Now, I would usually take the easy route and save my entry for last, drawing inspiration from the beautiful people who will grace this space in the next few days and weeks. However, I believe it’s time there was some shift from what has come to be the norm. I will be more proactive this year, learning to be more leader than foot soldier. And so, I’m leading the charge with this one.

I don’t exactly know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to be far more consistent with Art Stories in 2014. I guess the obvious direction would be better planning and more networking to get more folk involved. And oh, there must be some sort of collaborative project. I already almost feel like I’m setting myself up but this is how we’re going to develop our wordsmithship and artistry to the level we’re looking towards. We must write book someday soon.

I’m thankful that the wanderlust I’ve always had has begun to be satiated. But man, we gats travel more this year. Gosta add at least 3 more countries this year. So help us God. Amen O:)

A tiny little pot is beginning to poke its face out of my midsection. For logistic reasons, I really couldn’t attend to it until now. Well, now has come and logistics have been set right. Time to pump those six-packs, amongst others, back into place.

I’ve always believed inside hustles, multiple sources of income and in fall back options. For a believer, I’ve been rather faithless in that regard, seeing how these are presently just ideals and not realities. Before the end of February, something has to have been put in place.

Finally, last year, I took a small step towards achieving an education in the field I’ve always dreamed of working in. And that was it. I didn’t follow up, I didn’t begin doing what was necessary to achieve this dream. This is me setting a deadline of March to reinstate the correspondence required and someday make something of that dream.

Of course, there are bigger things I hope for and dream of. But these are the few I choose to share here. The rest, I will hold a little closer to my chest for now. By God’s grace, at the end of 2014, I will once again do a review of how the year ending turned out and this time, I pledge to benchmark my progress against this post directly, so help me God.

Please support the #30DaysOfHope project by following/subscribing to the blog and by liking, sharing and commenting on the posts you enjoy and/or resonate with you.

Have a mighty blessed 2014.

2 comments on “Day 1: Toxic

  1. Terdoh says:

    These words shall be your legacy.
    Goodluck Bro. Even though you don’t need it.


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