Day 2: Pulchae

Pulchae is my friend. This might not seem like such a big deal to say, but she and I fell apart previously and fully reconciled in 2013. I’m just happy to be able to say, again, that Pulchae is my friend.


I remember calling Toks that I couldn’t write yet and he labelled me onigbese. That one alone spurred me into action; plus he didn’t ask me anyway, I volunteered to write.

You see while everyone was having a great year end, my family hit a storm and I’ve hardly slept in days, so to say that I’m emotionally and physically drained is putting it mildly.

Here goes nothing…

He deserves first place and in everything I give thanks. I had an amazing 2013 because I learnt to put Him first and even when the road got bumpy, He is my peace. God has been good to me and that’s why my main goal is to improve my relationship with Him.
Matt 6.33 – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you.
Who is giving me the ideas now, He is – my words are flowing because of Him, He knows His baby is not an onigbese. Lol.

I plan to improve on my arts this year – music, sketches, dance etc. I’ll even start dance classes. I also want to improve on my communication with people and be better character wise. Lol.
I intend to travel this year. Where, don’t know yet but it’s in the works.

Lol. A few changes are in the works in this department and hopefully, it will pull through. If you see me in Google working, don’t hold your breath. Fingers crossed.

Above all I plan to have an amazing year, travel, live, go out more – just have fun in God and work on my foreign languages. It’s definitely going to be a fab year.

Finally, watch out for 2014 review on Efe’s blog this year. Highlander, this is me booking a slot for this year’s review. Lol


4 comments on “Day 2: Pulchae

  1. janusaneni says:

    True that..need to book a slot on the 2014 review. Def have a lot to say come end of year..

    Happy new year, Pulchae


  2. Aarinolaoluwa says:

    God Bless the work of your hands!! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  3. Vunderkind says:

    Sweet…whew. Dunno if the storm your family went through at the end of 2013’s still raging, but I have faith that 2014 is a year you will fondly remember in years to come.

    Happy New Year, Pulchae…


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