Day 4: Rolayo

Rolayo is a dentist in training and a writer. There’s something about female medical students who are writers. I know so many of them and they’re all brilliant writers. I haven’t told Rolayo this yet, but I was really inspired by the Love in God’s House series she ran on her blog last year (this is me telling you now o :p ).

Over to her…


The year looks good already. At least it is from where I’m standing.

Pardon my manners please.  Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Thank you Olatoxic for this platform. I’ll be brief.

It’s just the fourth day of the year and someone special to me has lost a brother. Every day is a gift and a plan to live each day of the year with that thought looming in my head. Thankful and making the most of the gift.

I have two major examinations this year (yeah I know I said this last year too, blame ASUU or FG, which ever one rocks your boat), I know God’s got me and He will make the little I know more than enough.

I hope to start a small business this year. After 3 years of “planning to start”, I know the time is right. I’ll be smiling to the bank this year instead of standing of ATM queues to withdraw the little I have left.

I’ll be writing more and better. Last year, God opened doors for me, it’s my job to actually walk through those doors so I’ll be doing that this year. I hope to tell His stories through my words. I also hope He opens wider doors(with pay) this year.

I hope my family is restored to God’s perfect plan for our lives. And I get to bond more with my future family. I hope my little brother gets his admission into the university. My baby becomes a doctor and gets a good appointment for his housemanship.

This year really, I just want to give thanks and back in all that God has already provided and done.

My mantra: Careless in His care.

4 comments on “Day 4: Rolayo

  1. teleola says:

    Care less in His care. I am holding this word.
    I pray you get all you have asked.


  2. Reblogged this on Heartstrings and Keynotes's Blog and commented:
    This was written by me. I’m reblogging it for keepsake 🙂


  3. tunrie_ says:

    Wow. Careless in his care. Amazing.


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