Dusk 4: Wande

Wande is a vet and a blogger. (Na wa o, dentist/writer earlier today, now this) She’ll probably claim she’s no longer a blogger but she just doesn’t know yet that the words are goin to force themselves out of her if she doesn’t willingly let them out this year… ( ._.) Okay, I’ll quit speaking for her…


*music playing*… It’s my birthday so you know I wanna ride out even if we only go to my house sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch…

I wasn’t sure I could pull this off, I stopped writing and blogging for some weird reason but hey I just had to do this. Last year was a great year, I had my life planned out, goals written and my dreams in 3D. Life decided to throw at me coffee beans guess what I have a lifetime supply of cappuccino. I cleaned up nice, quit drinking even my liver is still in shock. I dropped two dress sizes. Love found me, love is struggling to hold on to me. I became a nicer person (which is completely draining trust me). I laughed hard and cried senselessly. My real G status doubled, even Tupac would be proud of me.

I fought for my place in my profession, my gifted hands and smart ass has taken me to places I couldn’t have imagined I would be in 2015. I have met people and animals and I’m pretty sure I touched their lives. I mentored a little over twenty rookies and interns, nothing better than someone telling you I want to be like you in a few years. So much I wanted in 2013, so much more I got, so much more I achieved.

This year I will keep it simple, living life one step at a time, enjoying love one ventricular contraction at a time, nursing one cup of cappuccino at a time, loving my adrenaline rush one burst at time.

I will probably go back for my masters or residency , that’s one part I dread, I’m not sure I really want to go back to school. But right now it feels like I have seen a lot, the craving for something more challenging keeps pushing me. I plan to mentor more rookies, interns and students, nothing feels better than giving back to people.

I hope to start off my foundation for kids with autism soon, I’m a bit too engrossed in chasing my career but I hope I find someone that can help me, push me hard enough to get my chubby ass out there to do something for kids with autism .

Love found me, I honestly want to open up and enjoy every second of it, I hope at the end of the year I’m not gonna go Adele on y’all dropping heartbreaking songs and shii (God forbid cos mehn my real G status will drop seriously) .

All I want this year is to enjoy the little things of life, I want to love the luxurious things of life, I want to wear my pretty smile, I want to be a better person, I wanna ball so hard motherfuckers will wanna find me and will be like… That shit cray.

*Otis scream*.

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