Day 6: Notey

Notey and I have a friendship that began in an interesting manner. We attended uni about the same time and generally rolled within the same circles but were somehow, strangely never introduced. Then we bump into each other again after we are both graduated and only then do we become friends. Here she goes…


It is my birthday today!!!!!!!!!! *insert loud cheering, mad jubilation, lotsa confetti and cake* and I am so thankful, to be here, to be me, to be alive and well.

2013 was a year of learning and growth, more so than 2012. It was the year I learnt a tough lesson in forgiveness; the year a close family member went through a surgical procedure and emerged stronger (Amen); the year I came to truly understand the importance of reaching out, to share my fears, to seek good advice and to trust more.

2014 definitely has to be super. I found this beautiful image online at  and it speaks my aspirations for this new 365 days of opportunity and beyond.


I hope you find your magic in this New Year as well. Bless!

3 comments on “Day 6: Notey

  1. January child,,,,
    happy birthday to uuu olatoxic!!! I wish you long life, prosperity and God’s blessings
    May u live to fulfill God’s will for your life, today and always such that when people see you, they see his will and his ways in you.
    Hope u had fun and don’t forget to send some cakes here oo..
    I said ‘Cakes’ not “cake’ 🙂


    • 0latoxic says:

      Lol. It wasn’t my birthday o. It was Notey, who was guest writing on here. Hehe.


      • as innnnnnnnn…gosh!!! covering my face. You need to see my face and embarrassment when I realized I had gotten the post all wrong and that was yesterday.
        Almost got tempted to tell you to delete it.
        Could you?
        And u don’t have to laugh @ me u know…(lol)
        thanks in advance.


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