Day 7: Lade

It’s still a bit scary when I remember how old Lade was when I ran into her online and we became friends. I was a tad alarmed at how someone that young could be relating so well with folk so much older than her, some twice her age, especially online! She’s coming of age nicely, I hope not too fast. But nicely all the same.

Lade received a beautiful testimony through doing this last year. I pray I receive more of such reports, from her and others, this year.


Dear Abba,

Hi. I’m feeling great. I know You know that.

I know our relationship isn’t what it used to be before.

I’m going to try harder this year. I’ll read my bible, pray and talk to you. I need your help with that.

You’ve made me promises. I know that. I know them. I understand Your word.

So one day at the end of 2013, after a particularly bad day, I decided to stop over-thinking everything and give all my burdens to you.

Plus I need to find a good church. Around school preferably.

I started university yesterday. I also want to take Cousera and Edx courses.

I’m also doing a reading challenge. 365 days.

And this book business, how far? I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this. Book reviews? Editing? Bookshop? Library? Write one? Show me the way please.

I’m looking for a good and decent hostel/apartment for school and until I find one, I’m going to school from home. And that’s not an easy journey. At all.

I also want to take dancing, coding, language and driving lessons. Do yoga and exercise.

I should be more physically fit. You gave me this nice body so I have to take good care of it.

I have JAMB. Again. And CIPM membership exams.

Oh and I’m turning 18 in October. I want a party. I want cake. 18 cupcakes that spell out my name.

I want to help. I want to teach. Volunteer. I want to work. Intern at Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba.

I need Your help, strength and the grace to do all this. Plus I have this little issue where I’m judgmental and I need to stop it.

Also, can we throw Calabar Carnival and a road trip around Eastern Nigeria somewhere in there?

Your daughter.


Last year was an experience. Not a fun experience but an experience nonetheless.

The last week of 2013, I learnt some lessons that I only knew in theory. I realized that God has plans and He does the things He says He’ll do. He does everything in His time and for a reason.

A reason I might learn later on or one I might not find out about ever but it’s okay because He created me and He knows what’s best for me.

So I’m going into this year hopeful and trusting and knowing that God has my back and He is never far away.

To a fulfilling 2014.

12 comments on “Day 7: Lade

  1. Wow. So much to do. May Abba bestow mercy and grace upon thee, Lade.


  2. enajyte says:

    Good going. You’re off to a great start. It’s going to be a full year for you. You’ll find the strength you need when you need it.



  3. spacyzuma says:

    I love this: “I want to help. I want to teach. Volunteer. I want to work. Intern at Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba”

    You are unique and amazing, and I’m shocked that you’re not yet 18. From your tweets, I thought you were in your early 20s.

    Have an amazing 2014.


  4. hahishaa says:

    Godspeed and Strength. 🙂


  5. dejidope says:

    if you dont mind my asking what are cousera and edx courses?


  6. you can take online courses from accredited universities around the world for free. and


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