Dusk 9: Jyte

Jyte has a beautiful personality. I know this from her tweets and blog posts. I know I’m right. See the proof…


I have a plan; a list, written in my journal with sections and sub-sections and tasks broken down into months and weeks and days (motivational speaker style). This is the first time I’m writing down my plans in any sensible order. Usually I just leave them in my head. 2014 is different.

I’ve spent the last two years talking. Being a guide even when I felt lost a lot of times. Teaching even when I felt ignorant most of the time. It’s been beautiful.

I was always prone to depression. I experienced the mother of black holes in late 2012. I woke up one morning, packed my bags, put off my phones and ran off for two weeks. I’m not sure if I quit or was fired after that. One of the highlights of 2013 was my former boss asking me to be his daughter’s godmother (so, yes, he forgave me finally).

When I returned I volunteered with a youth NGO in Otolo-Nnewi (Anambra State) because in a bout of self-righteousness I felt this need to give back. It’s been a humbling experience. It’s also been one of the best times in my life.

I’ve never had to look for a job and always followed the path of least resistance (I’ve just been blessed that the path always leads somewhere good). At some point last year I understood that I was hiding. As much ‘good’ as I was doing, I was shielding myself from rejection. I was afraid to put myself out there. I had carved my small corner and didn’t want to leave.

That’s all going to change this year. I’ve handed in my notice. I’m pressing the button.

‘Follow your passion and financial rewards will follow.’ 2014, I’m going to make sure it does.

Finances: This is a big one. I racked up some debts in 2013. I put it down to my inability to say no to family and friends. I’ve made a repayment plan. I’ve also started an untouchable savings account. I didn’t know saying no could be so hard but I’m on it.

Relationships: “Is he the one or shall we wait for another?” I laughed when my friend asked me this in December. Serial dater that I was (I never had my heart broken, thank God); someone and I met towards the end of 2013. We make each other laugh. We annoy each other too. It’s beautiful. We’ll make it better in 2014.

‘My phone is not landline. I will return missed calls when I see them.’ I’m going to be a better daughter, half-sister, sister and friend.

God and I: My walk with God has been up/down since I left school. I still have questions and I’m finding answers in 2014. Studying and living the word of God every day is my top priority. So is shutting up and listening to God.

Miscellaneous: I am going to read one book per week at least; allow my hair grow out; cry when I want to cry; volunteer at a home for kids with learning disabilities (still trying to locate one in Lagos); explore Western Nigeria; buy more books; cook more; procrastinate less; write more – I discovered my writer-self in 2013. In 2014 I am going to find the secret to writing stories of 1000+ words.

2014: I am going to live, love and learn.

19 comments on “Dusk 9: Jyte

  1. This is lovely Jite, but its not even half as lovely as you are. 🙂
    Yeap, press the button girl, step into the Jordan and see the path open right before you.

    Here’s to 2014, it shall definitely be your best year yet.


  2. Famous Isaacs says:

    great plans you got here… and I’m glad you set priorities this time. you did not plan to attend church regularly but to study the Bible regularly… that’s very lovely. but there’s one goal that makes me guilty: to read one book every week. hmmmmm. I’m jealous. obviously i m not reading enough. I need new books but I don’t have them. I love this goal. just wishing I could set it too. okay…my goal this year is to be the original me God made me to be…not just to realise my dreams, but to actualise Gods purpose for my life. everything else could follow.



  3. This is beautiful, may God help you to live up to it.


  4. tyvfunny says:

    Jyte is a phenomenal writer. I still remember how thrilled I was when I read one of her short stories for the first time.
    Its in you oniovo…just don’t hold back. 2014 and indeed the future is pregnant. More grace!


  5. SingingCoach says:

    Great plan. Nothing about IT though…


  6. cocoblaq says:

    Oh, my! I envy you already and I don’t even know the half of it. I wish I had my year planned out. I know what I want if course, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get there.
    Thank you for this.


  7. Way to go Jyte!!!!

    Here’s to a fabulous, remarkable year characterized by new depths and higher levels of multi-faceted expressions of the YOU!


    P.s; otolo nnewi? You don’t say!… Its a town I know too well. Some rich experiences you got there ma’am! Enjoy!


  8. frankices says:

    Good for u! (Y)

    All the best.


  9. Notey says:

    Try Hearts of Gold Hospice in Surulere or Modupe Cole Memorial Home in Akoka. There are lots more children’s orphanages in Lagos and Nigeria. Reach out! Have a fab year


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