Day 11: Delaney

I am a simple man. all I need is enough sleep for two men, enough whiskey for three, enough women for…… Alright, I seem to be getting way ahead of myself. I’ll try this again later…

Seeing as this is not a review of the past year, I will not bore you with details from my life in the past year. Looking at the progress I made in so many aspects between 2012 and 2013, I harbor a lot of hope for the year ahead. Maybe for the first time in my adolescent life, I am bubbling with positivity.

I personally don’t recall any standout events from ’13, but seeing as almost all events I can remember from the last 5 years are negative, I take that as a good sign.
I made a simple resolution last year, and with hard work and a lot of luck, I did better than that. With this momentum, I set up objectives for myself.
There’s schoolwork. “Not much to talk about, just get the three points”, I consistently tell myself whenever the matter pops into my head.
I want to be a better person to and for my mother. If there’s anyone who has always been there for me, come rain, come shine, it’s her. She was my reason for picking this date (It’s her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMA!). This year, I’m going to be a better son in any way I can.
Still with family, I always despised the idea of responsibility, but now, the boy is a man. Basically, I want to be a better bigger bro, and a much better ‘man-of-the-house’.
I hope to develop and have a better relationship with Jah.
I hope to learn to be more open and accessible. I hope to know who my real friends are.
I hope to procrastinate less. I hope to accumulate as much, or even more wisdom than I did last year.
I hope Arsenal wins the league this year (14 was the jersey of one of the greatest ever. Gooners everywhere, this is our year).
I hope to grow out a full and glorious beard (I’m looking at you, Tokunbo).
There’s a lot of hope flowing around, and all I want to say is, May God, in His infinite wisdom, guide us all.
I am a simple man. With simple habits and methods. With simple goals and dreams.
Last year, my resolution was “Don’t fuck up”.
This year, my resolution is to “Grow visibly”.

2 comments on “Day 11: Delaney

  1. enajyte says:

    I hope Arsenal wins the league too.

    All the best with growing. Shalom!


  2. frankices says:

    Happy Birthday to ur Mom.

    And Good luck.


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