Day 13: Kelvin

KevinWithAnL is… Sorry, I meant Saka is a… Wait, it’s ‘hoodedsaint’ these days, ainit? Sigh. This dude is just confused. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…



I don’t know how I got to writing this since I had earlier decided to give the writing a rest. Yes, I’m lazy. That’s not even news. I mean, I successfully co-wrote “ROUNDS” on TNC for at least 50 out of the 52 weeks in 2013 but yeah, you can call me lazy.

Here I am tho…

Hopes for 2014?

I feel like I want just one thing but then again, I realize there’s that other one and oh yeah, that one and the other. It’s quite a muddled up something ey? Yeah, I feel you feeling me. This should help you understand that I’m in a quagmire of sorts regarding what I hope the year holds in store for me.

But where is this store?

And why did the year decide to hold stuff up in there?

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Are the answers anywhere within my grasp? I know not

Matter of fact, I know nothing.

But isn’t that a fallacy or tautology? How can I claim to know nothing?

Isn’t ‘knowing’ nothing proof that I know something which some may describe as ‘nothing?’

My train of thought is quite the cocktail yeah? Sometimes, it’s like a never ending loop with fresh ideas taking the place of not-completely-formed ones and so I find myself starting a conversation or statement and then derailing midway into another because…

That’s just the way love is.

Oh look I did it right there.

But if you look closely, you’ll discover I actually dropped some rare gem sturvs there. But then again, don’t look closely. Didn’t your folks warn you about staring closely at screens?

If you get to read this, it’s probably because Tokunbo could somehow see the need to put this gibberish up. I however cannot categorically tell you why because, I mean, there is nothing hopeful about this post

Or is there?

What is hope?

First thing that comes to my mind is the picture of a man wearing a green and white ‘agbada’ chucking up what we now know and refer as to the ‘deuces’ sign (but was formerly and originally known as the peace sign). This man had the “Hope 93” slogan brandished somewhere on the picture in my mind.

It’s ok, I know I’ve lost you.

Some of us were however born by 1993 so we know I’m talking about Chief Abiola.

So is that what hope is?

Or is hope that thing we desire that we have no idea how it’ll come to be?

Is hope a description of seeming impossibilities that our mind somehow believes to be attainable?

Or is hope a well tarred street named after some Adeola dude in Victoria Island?

My niggas…

It’s ok to realize that I’ve lost you.

I’m also lost myself.

See why I decided to put the writing to rest for a bit?

Anyway, I’ve discovered over the years that I really can’t make plans for a new year. Even having hopes is quite the task. You see, God has quite the sense of humour. You make plans, lay them before Him and ask that His will be done.

He’s however there like, “how about you keep your plans to yourself and allow me do the exceedingly abundant things that I’m capable of doing?”

This is not a rule. It has just worked for me. Maybe I’m also lazy to ask (let’s not forget that)

Thing about having plans, hopes and what not is you tend to measure how good your year is/was by the attainment quotient of these things and probably fail to see how many awesome ‘little’ things (which weren’t in your plans or goals) you were able to achieve.

Look, last last, don’t mind me.

I really don’t even know what I’m saying. If you like, have plans, If you like don’t have. If you like, have hopes and expectations, If you like, don’t have. Na you get yourself.

Then again, no be you.

I should end this. But then again, this has been one disjointed ramble; I might as well ignore giving it any structure whatsoever. Go with the flow nshit

Ah well, enjoy your 2014 you bedafflled doodledors (yes I just made that up)

May the year give you reason to rejoice and all that… Oh and yeah, let’s pray this campaign won’t be the last we read from this writer seeing as he is the Modern dictionary definition of the word ‘lazy’.

13 comments on “Day 13: Kelvin

  1. obafuntay says:

    This has been a lesson I’ve come to learn just this year. Ended 2013, with all my plans for 2014 looking all prim and proper and then, I came to know of God’s sense of Humor. Lol. Man, only but proposes.
    It’s really all in His Hands now.


  2. The_411 says:

    Nice one.
    We are nothing but pencils…


  3. frankices says:

    Lol. Wat did I just read??



  4. Intoxyka says:

    when you work with God tho….. Make your plans but be on standby for His….
    Good to hear from you again Kev…and Great one Mr. Toxic


  5. sleekgirl101 says:

    Have you really deactivated your account *sniff*. Come back! 😦


    • Sirkastiq says:

      LOL…I didn’t deactivate o. The account is there up for grabs for anyone who knows the new password. Sadly, I don’t 😦


  6. cerebrallysaturated says:

    Is hope a description of impossibilities that our mind deems attainable??
    Anyways, Have a great year ahead


  7. hahishaa says:

    I see what you did here… “Or is hope a well tarred street named after some Adeola dude in Victoria Island?”. Loool Crazy!


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