Day 14: Tunrayo

Tunrayo is (still) the sweetest heart. And I just love the optimism and sunny attitude with which she wrote this…


I participated in last year’s 30 days of hope.

Friends like family

Friends like family

First, I will either agree or disagree with the progress of my 2013’s 30 days of hope.
Well, yes i agree that I’m the cutest, sweetest thang. Huhu. (What is ‘thang’?)


With the niece

2013 was indeed different. I made it through NYSC stronger and more mentally agile. Hehe. This girl is on fire. I survived working 2 jobs, one as an editor of the amazing IMBUE magazine, check us out and second as Civic Education teacher at GSS Nyanya-Gbagyi, Nasarawa state for my NYSC posting. In addition to this, I also started my own mini-business with costume jewellery and most recently a contributor on Sizzelle blog. The thought of 2 jobs freaked me out, I ended up with 4.


NYSC struggle

I did study the Word more this year. Every day, I learn something new.

Concerning my shopping habits, let’s just say I still need a bit more self-discipline.

2013 was good. I made my first really big purchase, hello Xperia. Learnt a lot about friends. Knew my Heavenly Abba better.


Last selfie of 2013

Ugh, I’m bored already, let’s talk 2014.

There’s this peace I have in me right now that nothing can compare to, I’m just gonna trust God and let Him do His thing with me in 2014.

I’m really legal today, January the 14th. So whoop! *discoes to Katy Perry’s Birthday* lol. Whatever.

I’m passing out. *END OF NYSC* No more CDS! Yas! I’ll miss my kids at school though. RIP to my NYSC uniform.


I have a feeling I’ll be getting some good news in March. Abs will be back with vengeance. Fitfam forever.

Probably change cities in April.

Adapt to a few changes, May.

June, July, August. Let God’s will be done.

September. Momma’s birthday!

October. Tfk’s birthday!

November. December. Halfway done with MSc. Fro at bra-strap length! Whoop!

I dunno, I’m not a soothsayer or anything. But this year, it’s all Hebrews 4:11a for me.
‘Let us therefore be zealous and exert ourselves and strive diligently to enter that rest [of God, to know and experience it for ourselves]’

I’m resting in the fact that, no matter what, God’s got me.

All I know is, when 2014 is over. I’ll be a better me. Not like I’m not perfect already.

Cheers to a better 2014. Tighter bond with the fam! Stronger friendships!

Stay awesome!


On a final note: I love you butt

4 comments on “Day 14: Tunrayo

  1. dasweetthin says:

    I love it! Not too flowery but an enjoyable read. 😀


  2. frankices says:

    I love you, butt??



  3. ajreads says:

    Funny! Hope 2014 lives up to your expectations


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