Day 15: Kofo

Kofo is my fellow Kappa Floreat Sigma sorority member. All round good guy and a fuzzy teddy bear (he thinks he’s immortal. *scoffs*), he shares his hopes and dreams too…


So yeah, 15 days into 2014

I think I’ve finally decided on the list of things I want for this year

I discovered the major theme was HAPPINESS

I kinda drifted through last year; I achieved stuff but overall it was flat like a bottle of coke with no gas

Killed myself for a job I finally left because I was not appreciated

Abandoned projects and the important things

So this year will be achieving the things that will make me happy 😀 . I will try and keep it short and sweet

Finally finishing my master’s thesis so I can finally leave that bloody school

Buying a camera and shooting regularly. Talent is nothing is you do nothing with it.

Losing weight. Summer body gats load this year. I have a running bet with certain individuals I do not intend to lose

Getting my project management certifications.

Being a better person to my family. Being aloof to almost everyone doesn’t help

Sate my wanderlust. Abuja-Calabar-Jos-Ghana and maybe beyond by God’s grace.

The most important however is repairing my relationship with God. I’ve run away for too long. The urge to come back into His fold is getting louder everyday. This year will be me lifting all I am to Him and Him guiding my ways.

See? Short and sweet. I’ve realized that sometimes too many targets reduce your efficiency. Hopefully by mid year I’d have achieved all of these so I can write a fresh list

Have a great 2014 guys

4 comments on “Day 15: Kofo

  1. Vunderkind says:

    Short and sweet. Daddy Immortal (not weird at all), go and be great, fam.



  2. frankices says:

    I just Love the way everyone wants to get closer to God this year.
    #Winning (ˆ⌣ˆ)


  3. NIRO says:

    Oshey the immortal one.

    I share the same vision. Might travel farther. Who knows?

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Ibukun says:

    Cheers to a better relationship with God 🙂


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