Dusk 15: Abigail

The friend of my friend is my friend, therefore Abigail is my friend. Hi Abigail… 🙂


I have thought of a million ways to start this post (well, not literally). I had thought that by now something major would have happened on the home front, but I am grateful that the answer is wait. I have waited 11 months, a month or two or even three won’t kill me. If He says wait, I shall wait.

I have moved a step from doubting that God cares for me. If Manaseh who did on a grand scale what was bad in God’s eyes got forgiven because he kept humbling himself and repenting; if God has promised that even if our sins is a scarlet he will make it white like snow, then I have no further need to treat myself with so much disdain. I say to myself: child, do not believe the devil’s lie, Jehovah cares for you. For indeed, you are worth more than many sparrows.

I hope to write two mini books this year. Story books for children. I am already half way through the first. It’s almost unbelievable, but yes I have five chapters out of ten of the first draft and I started January 1!

I’m hoping to publish all the poems in my blog in one ebook before the middle of the year and to complete “Another Side Chicks Tale 2” which I abandoned. I’m hoping to also make this into an ebook. So help me God. And if God wills, I will start off with the production of a TV show for children. I don’t know where I will find the strength for all this but where there is a will, there is a way right?

I want to make a friend or two this year. Female friends. There are a few people I will like to get closer to but I keep holding back. Maybe I will finally let go this year, maybe.

I am hoping for a miracle before June. And such a miracle as that when people hear about it, they will bless Jehovah. A miracle that will remind everyone of the God who made a way when the Israelites were caught between Pharaoh and the Red sea. Right now, I stand between Pharaoh and the Red Sea and I believe that my God will part this sea. And I will finally be free (Let me have an amen please)

So this year, I have no resolutions, as usual. I just have a number of things I would love to accomplish if God says yes. But, if he says no or wait, I am rest assured that He knows best what will be to my advantage.

4 comments on “Dusk 15: Abigail

  1. Lady of Wealth, Platinum Member, 'siddon look' twitter says:

    “Another Side Chicks Tale 2″ which I abandoned” YES PLS!!!! We have started growing grey hair…
    I pray God comes through for you in a BIG way this year, Cause outstanding unexplainable Joy to flood your soul, give you great peace and perfect EVERYTHING that concerns you ! AMEN!!! 🙂


  2. resquared says:

    Awww I really like! Congrats on being halfway done with the book and a big Amen to your groundbreaking miracle. We await your testimony!!


  3. Ivy says:

    Jeremiah 29 vs 11.
    Relax, God is in control. I will always include you in my prayers.


  4. enajyte says:

    Amen! The Lord will certainly perfect all that concerns you.


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