Day 16: Nengi

Nengi is here. I love her name, sounds so exotic. I’ll find out what it means. In the mean time, please enjoy her entry…


I once saw on a friend’s display message ‘At the end of the day, let more be done than said’. I’ve decided to adopt that as my watchword for 2014.

2013 was a good year. I achieved some of the goals I set out for myself. The goals I failed to achieve were mostly due to a laid back attitude I seem to have adopted sometime in the middle of the year. So this year, I have made up my mind: Discipline shall be my watchword too.

So what are my goals for 2014?

– Be a better person: A better daughter to God. Talking to Him more, being the type of girl He can take pride in. I plan to be nicer to people, going the extra mile when I can. But I also need to learn it is okay to say No sometimes. I want to be true to myself.

– Take control of my life, my happiness. Set boundaries in my relationship with others.

– Get a life! Sitting at home in front of the TV won’t get me connects…

– MANAGE MY TIME BETTER! This means having a set time for TV. Doing things on time and not last minute as I have grown accustomed to.

– More Exercise, Less Junk! These extra kilos need to go. Boils down to discipline, I guess 🙂

– To be a better wife and mother (when that happens). I plan to start making lunches for my husband as I used to in the early days. Ensure my house is clean at every point in time, not waiting for Saturdays. 🙂

– Be financially Independent! So search for a job and get a good one.

– In 2014, I need to increase my knowledge. I plan to read more books, at least 1 each month.

– It would be nice to stop biting my nails too 🙂

So this is me, making a public pledge to hold myself accountable. I hope when I revisit this list on the 31st of December, I will be satisfied.

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