Day 18: Olumide

Olumide is one of my favourite bloggers… when he blogs *side eye* I’m honoured he’s blogging here. On his birthday for that matter. Many Happy Returns, homie.


In all honesty I completely forgot I’d put my hand up and requested to be part of this. I’ve had a weird week, withdrawn and not my normal flirty, smiley self. Oh well.

In my review of 2013 on Efe’s blog I said I wouldn’t make resolutions or plans for 2014, that I wouldn’t try to second guess what the year has in store, and yet I agreed to, mostly because you get to read my entry on my birthday and leave cake in my comments.
Okay, down to serious stuff. I don’t have a list. There are a lot of things I want and need to do this year, but only two that I know will ensure that I leave 2014 fulfilled and all that jazz.

1. Make music. I’ve already started this, and some of you might have heard some of my stuff, or not, but this year I need to reside in the studio and get this great big concept out of my head and onto the the internets.
There’s no way of telling how successful I’ll be, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that it’s better to push on and get fucked up than to stay put considering all the pros and cons. So yeah, I’m pushing on, and the first single is one session away from being ready. Boo yah!

2. Be happy. This has over the years become the most important thing to me. I’m no hedonist, I’m not looking for flights of pleasure or gratification, I want to be able at the end of each day to smile, to tweet random shit, to post infinite selfies on Instagram, to just be me. Nerdy, awkward, flirtatious, crazy, cute me. (I’m cute, don’t argue)
I want to be a happy person. Not just this year, but for all my days. When I leave this tiny planet, I want people to remember me as a happy person, and as someone who shared his happiness.

That’s it. There are many other things I’d like to do, many things I’d like to change, many things I’d like to improve or do away with. I want to be fit fam, I want to finally figure out what my relationship with God is, I want to finish this damned masters course, I want to fall in love and lust and everything I between… but see ehn, people in hell want ice water. Ā I’ll be grateful enough if I make music that features on people’s playlists, get paid for that, and live happy.


Oh yeah. Wish me happy birthday. Thank you.

14 comments on “Day 18: Olumide

  1. Ibukun says:

    Happy birthday, Olumide! Waiting for that single šŸ™‚


  2. yenekeap says:

    Love the sarcastic happy-go-lucky pessimism of it.. “see ehn, people in hell want ice water?”… Lol! (okay that cracked me up good and proper..)

    Wish you the very best of 2014… and if t0xic puts up a link to your music when you’re done, I’ll pay it on my list, and raise a glass. Happy birthday*.


  3. Ebun Oluwole says:

    Happy Birthday šŸ™‚ God bless!


  4. Dodo says:

    Happy birthday ā€¦ {~} <- enjoy your cake


  5. Tomboxe says:

    Thank you Toxic, thank you very much for washing me, and for tackling me mid wash! šŸ˜„


  6. cocoblaq says:

    Happy Birthday, boss.


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