Dusk 18: David

David is one of those folk that came from out of the blue. A blog reader who isn’t on twitter (anymore) I’m honoured, sir.


How the morning of January 1 2013 begun is still vivid in my mind. After the hullabaloo of “crossover night,” I was awake in bed when I received the first of many posts inspired by Olatoxic’s self challenge. I don’t remember the content of any particular posts, however, I was deeply impacted by the shared thoughts in a way I didn’t recognize at the time. My name is David Kowontan and 2013 was a year to remember. I remember having an internal dialogue that January morning, and there was an unanswered question: how had I gotten to this point where I found myself? The answer came 4 and half months later. In the years prefacing 2013, I had chosen to study chemical engineering at the University of Lagos and in 2008 via diploma I gained admission. Looking back at my secondary school experience at Command Ikeja, I remember electing literature over geography. Even though I was a science student who struggled with understanding chemistry and physics and further maths, I was most excellent in literature classes to an extent of writing my own poems and proverbs. My literature teachers, Mrs. Eze and Mrs. Kalejaiye, testified to this excellence. The former once said to me: “Wole Soyinka would be proud of your write-ups.” I was 15 years old at the time. When I went back for my SSCE certificate some years later, Mrs. Kalejaiye was teaching a class and as I passed by the corridors, she pulled me in and showing off to the class said “this is one of the best literature students I ever taught.” So how did I end-up in chemical engineering and what happened to my zeal for literature?

I was persuaded within myself that I could see through the 5 years of chemical engineering with a little more attention and my 2nd or 3rd highest score in the Diploma entrance exam (for my dept.) gave me extra conviction and burnt any leftover doubts I entertained. I decided to concentrate on being an “engineer” and the interesting but burdensome Technical Drawing class/assignments ensured I had no time or creative energy to expend on literature or writing. 5 years later and on the morning of January 1st 2013, I had lost out on both fronts. My burning desire for literature was gone and I was at the beginning of an extra year in a course I hardly understood amidst other life crises. Nonetheless, by the end of January and Olatoxic’s series on hope, I also dared to hope for a new start in life. I drifted through the first 4 and half months of 2013 very much unchanged but one night in the month of May, God was finally ready to hand me that fresh start I was desperately in need of. And he did it in the most unconventional manner through an experience that radically transformed my consciousness. That experience was powerful enough to take away all the emotional distress, pain and suffering I had endured for a long time, perilously close to my limit. It was supernatural without any drama and at once, all the load and weight I carried was taken off me. The next morning I awoke to such beauty as I have never seen in the world before. From then on, my character and relationships with people and nature took a new dimension; 3 miracles happened –the protracted ASUU strike is one of them; and I found my purpose.

So when the 30days of hope for 2014 came around, I saw an opportunity not only to write about my hopes for the new year but also a chance to encourage Olatoxic’s readers about the efficacy of tapping into the idea either directly through sending a post or indirectly through reading other peoples post and running with the objective idea of the series; of Hope. Sometimes, another person’s fire or the flame of a hopeful collective people might be enough to ignite your own hope-candle and light up your 2014 in the most unexpected ways. Most especially, Trust in God and an honest desire or expectation is important.

Now, I cannot write about my hopes for 2014 without a referral to how I spent the last 7months of 2013. Those months I spent in solitude away from society, meditating, researching the subjects of spirituality and success, living and developing a long-term life plan. I asked for a fresh start but God gave me a new life altogether and I’m determined not to mess that up. In 2014, I faithfully hope for only one thing: to run a successful blog however challenging it might be. Yes, I have started writing again and this time I have a life changing experience with a lot of research wisdom to share with the world. It is the first part of my life-plan. And success in this challenge is all I hope for in 2014.

As we start this New Year, “let us remember: it is more important to know where we are going than to get there quickly; don’t mistake activity for achievement.” To have patience and a clear vision or dream goes a long way in Gods intervention plan for your spiritual and material welfare. This year, be willing to slow down and work with God. In the words of Augustus, “be willing to make haste slowly.” I hope to read your personal miracle in the 30days of Hope for 2015. Stay hopeful. Happy New Year. P.S my Blog starts on or before 20th January please visit. http://www.inspiritexcellence.blogspot.com …spirituality beyond religion.

3 comments on “Dusk 18: David

  1. Dodo says:

    Hello David,
    Really nice write up … an inspiring one at that.
    I am pretty sure we’ve run into each other, given that we were in the same set and the same faculty.
    More grease to your elbow … gonna bookmark your blog now.
    P.S : are you by any chance Habeeb Kowontan.


  2. FunmiFatona says:

    Loooove this post! Now, I think I’m ready to write my 22…


  3. enajyte says:

    I thought I had read some inspirational posts here, but this, this blew me away. Maybe because it reads like my story (studied Chem Eng, which I didn’t understand and ended up with an extra year during which I found graphics and with it new purpose).

    This just serves to remind me how God sometimes takes the reins from our hands and redirects us.

    You’re a blessing.


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