Day 19: T Williams

This guy is a coo kid. No no, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant like dude is literally cool. Dunno why I’m emphasizing that… Maybe cos I didn’t expect him to be a cool dude. Okay, enough about us cool folk. Hear (read) Mr Tobi…


Soooo, I was actually just going to copy and Paste the lyrics to J-Won’s this year and call it a day but I couldn’t find it on Metrolyrics , also checked rap Genius but when I searched J-won I kept finding that J-Kwon rapper, I wonder where he actually is now.

First 2013 actually went by ridiculously fast it was almost scary, personally it was a year stained with the loss of loved ones, not sure if it’s because we are reaching a stage where everyone is in that dreaded red zone or it was just one of those things. But I’ll rather not focus on the negatives; it was a great year, like the year before it and the year after.

This year I have no goals, just hope. I hope to continue growing my business, I hope to continue great at work, I hope to become a better person but not too good, because that’s how friend zone starts, I hope to get closer to my family, I hope to find God, I hope for joy around me, I hope to finally meet Alexis Jordan, i hope to marry her, I hope to have three kids with her called Jason, Oliver and Rudolph, I hope to be on the cover of ThisDay style with the caption “Nigeria’s Pharell, all the ladies Get Lucky”

Ok, enough of my hopes. To you guys, I hope its your best year thus far. Ignore the negatives, focus on the positives, find love, and make jollof rice for that love like you’ve never made jollof rice before .

Before I stop typing this oh so educational post, I think its weird most of the people on Twitter have followed each other for years. I’ve actually seen some of you go from petulant Uni graduates to work and well some of you are into “Oil & Gas”

Apologies for the lack of cohesion in the post, I’m still hungover and I went shopping for prostitutes last night, like yes they actually have prostitutes in a show glass with price tags; it’s legal so it’s so great, and you can sample the goods, I might never leave this country. But yeah take care and have a great year.

Btw, I didn’t buy anyone I love my girlfriend and she is life….and stuff

With Love

2 comments on “Day 19: T Williams

  1. Dosh says:

    There is a playful depth to it that I really like.
    Prostitutes with price tags brings Almost Human to mind *shudders*


  2. hahishaa says:

    I like this


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